Playing in the rain with Seo Ji-hye in TV Chosun

October 31, 2022October 31, 2022

Playing in the rain with Seo Ji-hye in Television Chosun’s Red Balloon
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The 1st teaser has dropped for Television Chosun’s new weekend series Red Balloon, featuring the key cast: Seo Ji-hye (Adamas), Lee Sung-jae (Show Window: The Queen’s Home), Hong Soo-hyun (Police University), and Lee Sang-woo (Uncle).

At the center of the melodrama is Jo Eun-kang (Seo Ji-hye), whose dream is to come to be a complete-fledged teacher, but has miserably missed the reduce at just about every certification exam. While she’s frequently not fussy and has a relaxed character, she has a tendency to come to be blindsided by her passions – pushing almost everything else in her life into the backseat.
Her finest buddy is Han Ba-da (Hong Soo-hyun), an understanding and sort character who does not like to hold grudges. When her family members lost their wealth, Ba-da deemed calling off her wedding. But her then fiancé convinced her not to finish their partnership and she now struggles to preserve a fantastic partnership with her in-laws.
Sharing her discomfort is Ji Nam-chul (Lee Sung-jae), who married into the very same family members and is a brother-in-law to Ba-da’s husband. He comes from a humbler background, although, and was offered 1 of his father-in-law’s companies to run. But in actuality, he’s a lot more of a figurehead and has no authority in its operations.
Ba-da’s husband and Nam-chul’s brother-in-law is Go Cha-won (Lee Sang-woo). Regardless of not feeling suited for the field, he became a dermatologist due to his family’s expectations and spends most of his totally free time coming up with new business enterprise ventures. As a gentle spirit, he does not do properly in conflicts and struggles to arbitrate the tensions involving his mother and wife.

The new teaser starts with Eun-kang decorating for their upcoming celebration as she exclaims that balloons make her satisfied. We then hear the ominous query throughout 1 of the celebration games, “Have you ever felt attracted to a person other than your companion?” As Eun-kang shares a charged moment with Cha-won, the accompanying text screens study: “The secret want that has been increasing inside my heart.”
We then jump to Nam-chul consuming with a young lady – amused by her remark that he has a cute smile – just before the teaser returns to the celebration. As Eun-kang and Ba-da have some exciting in the rain, Ba-da gushes that Eun-kang is her most cherished buddy and a flashback requires us back to a related moment throughout their higher college days.
As the present scenario escalates for our leads, Cha-won tries to place up boundaries when Eun-kang asks if he has some time. The appearing text screens introduce the production group: “Master of family members dramas, writer Moon Young-nam,” and “Detailed directing by PD Jin Hyung-wook.” The two are also hailed as a hit-combo for this new weekend miniseries and the teaser then comes to a close on our heroine, who appears up at an escaping red balloon.
Directed by PD Jin Hyung-wook (Born Once again) with scripts by Moon Young-nam (Revolutionary Sisters), Television Chosun’s Red Balloon will be coming to our screens in December.

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