Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10


Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-ten

This week is complete of secret dating hijinks as our key couple tries to navigate an workplace romance below their teammates’ noses. Meanwhile, our lovable chaebol lastly gets a taste of what it genuinely implies to be poor and proves himself far more resilient than his family members anticipated.


Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

Considering that our couple cannot look to kiss in private, they’re caught red-handed by a pretty drunk Manager Gi and Wa-wa. Fortunate for them, Manager Gi is so drunk that he thinks Sang-shik and Na-rae are fighting once again, and Wa-wa has his suspicions but is as well drunk to argue considerably. Somehow, our couple is in the clear.

But Na-rae is now militant about maintaining up pretenses at operate, so Sang-shik comes up with this ridiculous “secret code” blinking method that tends to make them each appear like they’ve got a negative case of eye twitching.

Even though Sang-shik and Na-rae operate to preserve everybody from discovering their partnership (let’s be genuine, the only genuine threat is Hyung-mi who does not miss a issue), Ma-tan feels the financial struggle for the initially time. Now that he’s been reduce off from the family members cash, he has to spend all his bills with his meager paycheck like a regular individual.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

Regardless of the setback, Ma-tan is obtaining as well considerably entertaining becoming a commoner and mastering life lessons to run back property – except for a no cost meal. At his parents’ property for dinner, we meet his fiancée Ro-ra who acts all sweet and accommodating but schemes to get Ma-tan back behind the scenes.

Ma-tan appears completely uninterested in Ro-ra and flat out refuses when his father tells him to get a move on marrying her. Chairman Baek warns Ma-tan that he superior not be obtaining some romance with a fairly, poor, hardworking Candy (LOL). Of course, that is specifically what Ma-tan hopes to do.

He’s off to a rocky start off right after his unfortunate technique of confirming his feelings ended with Kang-mi producing Ma-tan watch a video she created on sexual harassment at operate. Even even though she can clearly take care of herself, Ma-tan cannot enable worrying about Kang-mi. He spends the bulk of his salary on streetlights for her street, but he buys lights as added as he is and virtually blinds the neighborhood.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

Ma-tan is not the only a single who can be a small added. As soon as Na-rae lastly accepts the circumstance and agrees to completely date Sang-shik, she’s all giddy grins and finger hearts. She even tends to make (inedible) lunch for him. Sang-shik is thrilled at this turn of events, but it tends to make their partnership even tougher to hide. Hyung-mi is hot on it and guesses that Sang-shik is the neighbor Na-rae has been speaking about dating.

Meanwhile, Manager Gi is shooting for a promotion and tries to win his group more than so he can get very good functionality critiques. Wa-wa and Moon-hak recommend a rebranding, so Manager Gi begins doling out compliments and speaking softly, creeping everybody out.

He’s such a terrible folks manager that I cannot muster up any sympathy for him when he does not get the promotion, but he is touched when he sees the nicer-than-he-deserves critiques from his underlings. Perhaps he’ll quit taking everybody for granted and be a far more caring boss.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

Elsewhere, Chairman Baek tends to make a surprise Television look exactly where he announces Power’s subsequent project which is essentially a carbon copy of Ma-tan’s project for Gaus. Director Choi has been feeding Chairman Baek data in exchange for a job chance, although Senior Manager Wi and Gaus’s chairman attempt to thwart their plans. Energy appears to at the moment have the upper hand.

Chairman Baek hopes to lure Ma-tan back more than to Energy with the project and even states on Television that Ma-tan will make a public look quickly. Till now, he’s under no circumstances had a public debut, therefore how Ma-tan was in a position to slip into Gaus.

In a entertaining improvement, Ma-tan decides his finest bet at hiding from his father and solving his housing problem (he cannot afford his “studio” any longer) is to move in with Sang-shik. Of course, Sang-shik is good adequate to let him remain there, but Aziz is a tough no till Ma-tan provides to enable with rent. Then, Aziz goes on a mini energy trip by establishing the property pecking order exactly where Ma-tan is the hoobae and hence have to share his high-priced garments and enable with Aziz’s side jobs.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

Ma-tan is there for all of 5 minutes when Ro-ra shows up at the door and informs him she’s currently paid off Kang-mi to preserve her distance. Ma-tan rushes to Kang-mi who hilariously believed that Ro-ra was becoming super good by gifting her a pack of overall health drinks she about has a heart attack when she sees that the box is filled with cash rather.

Ma-tan requires this chance to confess his feelings for Kang-mi … and is quickly flat out rejected. HA, I didn’t see that coming. She bluntly tells Ma-tan he’s as well puny to be her variety, and he’s far more like her weaker small brother. Poor Ma-tan has his initially taste of heartbreak and pitifully cries it out in a cab.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

To no one’s surprise, Sang-shik proves as clueless in dating as he is in anything else. With Ma-tan staying at his spot, Na-rae invites Sang-shik into her apartment and tries hinting that it’ll be sooo crowded at his spot overnight. I do not know why she tries implying something with him. She has to spell out that she has a double bed that can match two folks for him to get it, but he lastly does.

They’re each giddy at operate the subsequent day, hunting forward to applying Ma-tan as an excuse to devote the evening with each other once again. But their content bubble is swiftly burst when they locate the group gathered in a conference area hunting at workplace CCTV footage. We finish on Sang-shik and Na-rae lunging to cover the screen with their bodies.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

I’m fairly certain that Sang-shik wouldn’t give up on the partnership even if it comes to light, but I’m not so certain about Na-rae. She’s been hesitant this complete time about an workplace romance, so I do not know how she’ll manage everybody getting out.

Apart from the probably partnership reveal, we’ve also got Ma-tan’s inevitable identity unveiling. I cannot wait to see everyone’s reactions to mastering their aloof maknae is a effective (heh) chaebol heir. Then there’s the fate of our marketing and advertising group below the duplicitous Director Choi and the Gaus energy struggle. There’s pretty a bit to wrap up in the final week, but I have self-assurance that the drama can give us a satisfying ending for our endearing hot mess of a marketing and advertising group.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10


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