Blind: Episodes 13-14


Blind: Episodes 13-14

The killer’s cover may possibly have been blown, but catching and securing proof against mentioned killer proves to be a further matter totally. He’s constructed his internet nicely, and it is difficult to inform just how numerous men and women he’s currently drawn into it.


Blind: Episodes 13-14

In-sung looms more than Sung-hoon’s hospital bed. Ahead of he can try the murder a second time, an individual else enters the area, and In-sung slips out. That is not significantly improvement for Sung-hoon, nonetheless, since his new visitor is Moon-kang (who feigned insanity to get out of police custody).

Now conscious that Sung-hoon is #11, Moon-kang demands facts about Yoon-jae, once more resorting to strangulation when Sung-hoon refuses to answer. The only point that saves Sung-hoon is that Moon-kang belatedly pieces with each other who he just saw leaving the area. He rushes out to the hallway, but of course In-sung is lengthy gone.

Sung-joon is relieved that Sung-hoon is awake, but although his suspicions are cleared, he would like an answer for Sung-hoon’s secret-maintaining. Sung-hoon explains that he had to retain his cards hidden so he could catch the killer, and confirms that In-sung — A.K.A. Yoon-jae — is the 1 they’re just after.

Blind: Episodes 13-14 Blind: Episodes 13-14

Meanwhile, the restaurant ajumma cooks breakfast for In-sung. Although the cracks get started to show in In-sung’s act (maybe on objective), the ajumma desires to think he’s her son so badly that she ignores the red flags. Even when Sung-joon tries to convince her that In-sung is hazardous, she insists that she knows her youngster and a DNA test is not essential.

Sung-joon has the test performed anyway. As anticipated, In-sung’s DNA does not match the ajumma’s, but it is comparable adequate to a lately unearthed skeleton to conclude that the deceased girl was Yoon-jae’s sister, Yoon-jung.

Not lengthy just after, In-sung vanishes — and along with him, the ajumma, Eun-ki, Eun-ki’s mom, Sung-joon’s mom, shaman juror Kyung-ja, and Police Chief Ki-nam. That tends to make eight men and women like Moon-kang and PD Bae Chul-ho, who have been currently thought of missing.

Blind: Episodes 13-14 Blind: Episodes 13-14

Eun-ki, as we see, was lured by a photo of her mother in captivity. In-sung instructed her to take a taxi (driven by Charles, who appears to have a deep, private attachment to In-sung) and not to let the police know. But she nonetheless left a clue, which leads Sung-joon and Sung-hoon to the property exactly where Ki-nam assaulted Yoon-jung.

A bomb is clearly visible by way of a window, and In-sung gleefully tells Sung-joon more than the telephone that the moment he opens the door, the property will explode, killing the prisoners. But it does not take Sung-joon lengthy to deduce that no 1 is essentially right here — In-sung is just maintaining the police busy.

Blind: Episodes 13-14

Certain adequate, the missing men and women are in the Hope Welfare dungeon. As soon as all eight wake up and take in the scene, In-sung announces that a (genuine) bomb will kill them all in ten minutes if they do not opt for 1 of their quantity to die rather. Oh, and by the way, an individual amongst them has to do the killing, also.

Eun-ki tries to explanation with the other folks to perform with each other, but she’s outvoted. Rather, they devolve into a savage argument more than who’s committed the most, and worst, sins. Horrible secrets tumble out left, suitable, and center, and when they all — Eun-ki integrated — in the end turn on Moon-kang, he decides Eun-ki has gotten in his way adequate. Just as he raises his knife, Eun-ki’s mother blurts out that Eun-ki is Moon-kang’s daughter.

Blind: Episodes 13-14 Blind: Episodes 13-14

That stuns absolutely everyone to silence, specifically Moon-kang. Even In-sung appears shocked that no 1 else knew. But they’re interrupted by a blaring horn from outdoors: Sung-joon is right here! In-sung runs away to watch through cameras, elated that he can kill Sung-joon alongside the other folks. He presses the button to detonate the bomb… but nothing at all takes place.

Back in the dungeon, he finds the prisoners gone and each Sung-joon and Sung-hoon waiting to arrest him. Sung-hoon stands impassively as Sung-joon handcuffs In-sung and In-sung begs Sung-hoon to assist him.

Blind: Episodes 13-14

Now that they’ve got In-sung in custody, the challenge becomes proving that he’s the Joker Killer. They do not have difficult proof, and In-sung knows it. But 1 point does look to get to him: hearing Sung-joon contact Sung-hoon “hyung.” In just about every ensuing conversation, Sung-joon and In-sung toss the phrase “my hyung” back and forth in a subtle but pointed claim of ownership.

Sung-joon brings Sung-hoon in to assist, but that complicates issues in worrisome strategies. In-sung seems to strike some sort of whispered agreement with Sung-hoon, and hints at fears of betrayal. When Sung-hoon shares adequate of In-sung’s hints for Sung-joon to come across video proof of In-sung’s killings, In-sung retaliates by triggering memories from Sung-joon’s forgotten childhood.

Blind: Episodes 13-14 Blind: Episodes 13-14

In-sung (nicely, Yoon-jae) intentionally triggered Sung-joon’s memory-wiping accident and then created him think he was Yoon-jae. When Sung-joon confronts Sung-hoon about letting it come about, Sung-hoon says he was scared and wanted to guard Yoon-jae, but that he’s often noticed Sung-joon as his genuine brother. And Taecyeon kills me with his puppy eyes.

But In-sung laughs at that notion. As he’s marched by way of the police station, he breaks cost-free lengthy adequate to shove Sung-joon down a lengthy flight of stairs, triggering much more memories: each Yoon-jae and Sung-hoon planted Yoon-jae’s memories in Sung-joon, telling him he’d be abandoned if he told any individual.

Blind: Episodes 13-14

I each really like and hate that we nonetheless cannot be certain of Sung-hoon’s motivations or the level of his involvement in In-sung’s revenge. Like Sung-joon, I was tearing up at their brother-to-brother speak, and realizing that at least some of these words have been lies definitely stings. Probably it is just as naïve as the ajumma ignoring warnings about In-sung, but I nonetheless want to think there’s much more to the story and that the genuine lie is what In-sung desires Sung-joon to consider — that Sung-hoon does not and by no means cared about him as something other than a practical pawn to use.

At initial, I was shocked that In-sung was caught so rapidly. But with so significantly else to wrap up — the complete truth about Sung-hoon, bringing absolutely everyone involved with Hope Welfare to justice, and so on. — I’m glad the show didn’t attempt to cram anything into the final two episodes.

Blind: Episodes 13-14

Like numerous elements of Blind’s storytelling, the dungeon hostage sequence wasn’t a new idea by any implies, but that didn’t detract from its effectiveness. These sorts of scenes usually finish in rescue and/or a fakeout, but Blind managed to pack this 1 with so significantly intensity (and so numerous volatile characters) that there have been moments I genuinely believed 1 or much more hostages may essentially finish up dead. Which only created the release of tension that significantly much more satisfying when In-sung’s major sadistic moment fell flat.

I also appreciated that we followed that uber intense episode with a somewhat quieter, significantly less action-packed 1 so the characters could try to method all the new facts they have been bombarded with. In specific, I loved the moment among Eun-ki and her mother, exactly where her mom created certain she knew that, although the situations of her birth have been horrific, she was often loved and wanted. It is a far cry from the messages Sung-joon has received from his household actually all his life, but hopefully it is a signal that, with time, some of these horribly scarred men and women can at some point come across healing.

Blind: Episodes 13-14

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