May I Help You: Episodes 3-4


May possibly I Enable You: Episodes three-four

Most typical folks will not think a particular person who claims to see ghosts. And though our heroine is currently an professional in operating errands for her not too long ago deceased consumers, it is not an quick process to rope our resident errand boy for the living into coming more than to the non-living side.


May I Help You: Episodes 3-4

Choosing up from final week’s adventure in the closet, it turns out that Dong-joo was on a ghost errand to search for a one hundred million won verify. Following Butler Kim recovers from the shock of seeing her in the dead man’s closet — and unwittingly joins her to turn the home upside-down in search of it — he assists to provide the verify to the man’s widow. But he can not aid but wonder how Dong-joo knew about the verify. Fortunately, Butler Kim met the deceased man not too long ago as a substitute driver, so it does not sound strange to the wife when he also delivers the man’s final words to her.

Turning in the verify is a large image booster for the Dime a Job guys, and small business picks up once more for them. A grateful Butler Kim gives to treat Dong-joo out, and they lastly place a rest to the ghost dad small business. The two of them grow to be somewhat friendly, and Butler Kim reintroduces himself to Dong-joo as KIM TAE-HEE (which I will now start to contact him by).

May I Help You: Episodes 3-4

Dong-joo will quickly grow to be mates with the rest of the Dime a Job crew just after she moves into their constructing for a month. Her excuse for moving out of the home is that she desires to take her research seriously, but truly, it is simply because Dad is this close to acquiring out that she nonetheless operates as a funeral director. And Dad in turn agrees to the move simply because he has to operate the evening shifts at his safety guard job for that month. Father and daughter are such adorable tiny liars, and it is cute how they each want to defend every other from receiving hurt.

The Dime a Job males are excited at the prospect of getting a female neighbor, and police officer SEO HAE-AN (Song Deok-ho) falls in crush with Dong-joo at initially sight. (I erroneously introduced this character as Sung Deok-ho final week, but that is the actor’s true name.) Hae-an tasks Tae-hee and Vincent to be his wingmen in wooing the new neighbor, but Tae-hee hasn’t run into Dong-joo as a neighbor however — simply because the male lead is generally the final particular person in the know when it comes to conditions like this.

But Tae-hee is the initially to discover out that Dong-joo can see ghosts just after a pregnant lady is murdered. Her husband falls into despair and fearing that he’ll take his life to adhere to just after her, she requests Dong-joo to speak with her husband. But that is when Tae-hee enters the powder space at the funeral dwelling on an errand, and pales on seeing the corpse resting on Dong-joo’s shoulder. And of course, he thinks Dong-joo is nuts when she tells him she was just speaking to the woman’s ghost.

Tae-hee is kinda repulsed by Dong-joo’s actions and when they lastly meet as neighbors, he tells her to move out and quit following him about. But Dong-joo corrects him and says that he’s the a single who is undertaking the following about. Following all, he was the a single who stepped into the powder space suitable in the middle of her ghost conversation, and she couldn’t hear the concluding components of the message. Now the husband is missing and they do not know his whereabouts.

Whilst Tae-hee is not actively hunting for the missing husband like Dong-joo is, he can’t aid but be concerned about the man – even even though he finds Dong-joo’s concept of seeing ghosts ridiculous. But when he hears a story more than the radio that has comparable components to what Dong-joo mentioned about the pregnant ghost, he starts to rethink Dong-joo’s ghost seeing potential.

It turns out that shortly just before her death, the lady sent in a story to a radio broadcast and she told Dong-joo that the story consists of a message for her husband. Dong-joo in turn reached out to the radio system to please study that certain message in hopes that wherever the husband could be, he’ll hear how substantially the wife loves him and banish all thoughts about following just after her.

May I Help You: Episodes 3-4

Genuinely, though the message is becoming study, the husband is producing his way to the bridge exactly where they shared their initially kiss. Tae-hee arrives just in time to quit him from jumping off, and stays by his side as he grieves. Afterwards, the husband returns to the funeral dwelling to execute the final rites for his wife and promises to be united with his family members a single day. Sigh!

I truly didn’t want these depressing variety of situations but now that we’re in the middle of it, I’m torn. On a single hand I want the drama to dive deep into the stories of the deceased. (Simply because this lady could have died of all-natural causes, but why was she murdered? Was it a serial killing? Revenge? A random act of violence?) But on the other hand, I’m not so confident I want to know any extra than we are told about the ghosts. The handful of hints right here and there are adequate to tug at my heartstrings, so what would transform if we got complete background data?

May I Help You: Episodes 3-4

There are twelve requests left on Dong-joo’s ghost contract, and it is fairly apparent that Tae-hee will be tied to every a single of them no matter whether he likes it or not. I imply, he has currently been involved considering that final week’s cab driver ghost. And he could have even been involved from the starting, seeing how he dreams about Dong-joo’s initially ghost asking why he killed him (which is a bit shocking simply because Tae-hee does not appear like he could hurt a fly).

Then once more, not everybody is precisely who we anticipate them to be. Like, I was hunting forward to seeing the funeral home’s new interns, but I was not expecting them to be elderly males. That was a significant chuckle moment for me this week. Anyway, I hope we get to see these ajusshis living their most effective intern lives — and get extra insight into the small business of funeral solutions as it is such a exceptional and unexplored profession in dramaland. Regardless of the sad ghost stories, this drama nonetheless has an all round light-hearted tone, and I’m optimistic that this balance will be maintained going forward.

May I Help You: Episodes 3-4

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