Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8


Undesirable Prosecutor: Episodes 7-eight

Our poor prosecutor effectively puts one particular poor guy behind the bars, but just how quite a few far more does he will need to take down to expose the truth? Following his leads and (actually) fighting his way via, he’s capable to uncover far more of the internet of corruption at the prosecution.


Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

As Ah-ra confronts Tae-ho about his corrupt schemes, a stoic Jung listens in on the conversation, definitely feeling the betrayal reduce deep. But he’s swift to brush it off so he can face Tae-ho and grab the recording.

Searching shocked at initially, Tae-ho confidently says that Jung can not use the recording against him, simply because it was acquired illegally. He demands the recording, but Jung basically smirks. When Tae-ho abruptly gets a contact, we understand why: the recording has been uploaded in their business notice board. Jung plans to use the public opinion against Tae-ho. Oof!

The subsequent day, Jung swaggers back into the prosecution workplace. Meeting him at the entrance, Do-hwan is prepared to arrest Jung. But immediately after calling Tae-ho, he gets the order to leave Jung alone. In a private meeting, Do-hwan gets a extreme dressing-down from Tae-ho — and even a teacup thrown at him. Ouch. His new master blows up at him, claiming that though Jung’s actions could hurt Tae-ho, it will kill Do-hwan. But just ahead of he leaves, Do-hwan sees Chairman Seo calling Tae-ho.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

Elsewhere, Jung and Ah-ra are searching for a strong piece of proof that can get Tae-ho indicted. They’re tracking the healthcare examiner who fabricated the autopsy report of the late Deputy Chief Lee. The healthcare examiner is a frequent visitor of a gambling den, so they will need to play a couple of hands though maintaining a lookout.

Although Jung has poor luck at poker, an inexperienced but fortunate Ah-ra plays winning hand immediately after winning hand. Regrettably, just as she’s about to win the greatest pot prize, Jung spots the guy they will need to catch. So he flips the table and the game is lost. Oops, sorry, Ah-ra! And she was just about to win for an all-in play!

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8 Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

It is not all for naught, simply because at least Jung is capable to catch the healthcare examiner. They interrogate him and even guarantee plea bargaining just to get him to stand witness. But the poor guys’ hold on the healthcare examiner is sturdy. He says he did it all alone, and no one particular produced him do it.

Although Jung and Ah-ra rethink their technique outdoors the interrogation space, Tae-ho arrives with Do-hwan, claiming he just allegedly identified out that the healthcare examiner fabricated the autopsy report, so he insists that Do-hwan take the case. Wise move there for Tae-ho.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

As the healthcare examiner is taken away to the detention center, Jung runs up to them to plead that he confess, warning him they could kill him for what he knows. This move appears so clear and desperate that it could make you query why Jung even attempted to do it. But that clear and desperate move is performed to give the 3 siblings time to set up an interception, exactly where they pretend to assassinate the healthcare examiner so Jung can come in to save him. A really Jung program.

Right after arriving at a safehouse, Jung and Ah-ra are capable to tease out the truth from the healthcare examiner. A person currently visited him: it is Do-hwan, threatening him with his family’s lives if he does not take the fall for the fabricated autopsy report. “Don’t underestimate governmental authority. We can make any person appear guilty,” Do-hwan told the healthcare examiner, and is not that what this show is all boils down to? (And D.O. parkouring and acquiring a lot of action scenes, of course.)

Jung and Ah-ra guarantee to hold the healthcare examiner’s household protected so extended as he stands witness against Tae-ho. Their all-essential witness lastly agrees. Hooray!

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8 Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

After he learns that the healthcare examiner got away, Tae-ho begs for support from Chairman Seo. Although the chairman lets Tae-ho know just how displeased he is with him, he does supply support by ordering his guys to get the healthcare examiner killed. Oh no.

With Chairman Seo’s help, Tae-ho is capable to confidently meet Jung in individual to demand his resignation. If Jung resigns, he can make sure the security of Ah-ra and the healthcare examiner.

Meanwhile, just as Ah-ra is about to get the confession recorded on cam, Chairman Seo’s minions arrive at the protected property. Ah-ra fights back, but the healthcare examiner is caught, so she’s forced to leave him behind. Wait, what??? They will need him, so why would she leave him behind? She later reveals that she did leave her telephone in his pocket, so they can track him once more. The show produced it appear like it was a wise move, but it is not. For the reason that what if they just killed him on the spot? What would Jung and crew have performed?

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

Nicely, the plot armor is also sturdy right here, simply because Jung and crew do arrive just in time. The mysterious masked man who stabbed Jung is currently there, setting up the scene to make it appear like the healthcare examiner took his personal life. A fight ensues, with Jung, Chul-gi, and Eun-ji beating up the minions and Ah-ra and Joong-do hiding in the auto. This distinct fight produced me understand the camera perform is fairly cool for the duration of the action scenes.

Amid the scuffle, the masked man gets to the healthcare examiner, stabbing him and practically throwing him more than the ledge. Scrambling to get the healthcare examiner to security, Jung and crew permit the poor guys to get away. But it is all aspect of their program, simply because the healthcare examiner has been wearing a bulletproof vest underneath his clothing — and a pack of meat to make the stab appear genuine. One more really Jung move, LOL. So barging into the prosecution workplace with the witness, Jung arrests Tae-ho, who is unable to do something but go along with it.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

Meanwhile, poor Do-hwan loses a further master. He gets investigated by the internal inspection division of the prosecution, and his workplace is even ransacked for proof. But he denies any involvement in all allegations against him.

Obtaining desperate, Do-hwan turns to a new prospective master: Chairman Seo. (He just keeps on jumping ships, no?) Earlier, immediately after possessing Tae-ho followed to his meeting with Chairman Seo, Do-hwan gets caught, but is basically offered Chairman Seo’s small business card.

But he is not capable to meet the chairman straight. He does not have sufficient leverage for that but, says the chairman’s son and heir Ji-han. Do-hwan demands to be vetted initially ahead of a meeting can take place, and that is Ji-han’s job. But that swift meeting offers Do-hwan the precise leverage he demands: he notices Ji-han playing with a fidget spinner — which triggers anything in Do-hwan’s memories.

Upon returning to his workplace, he testimonials old footage he acquired for the duration of the really initially murder case he took more than from Jung. There, he sees a man walking away from the murder scene, playing with the identical fidget spinner. It is Ji-han! Do-hwan has his significantly-required leverage, and he sends it to Chairman Seo to set up a meeting with him straight.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

Meanwhile, Jung and Ah-ra continue to stick to their leads. The subsequent one particular on their list is the purchaser of the drug utilized on the late Deputy Chief Lee: Chairman Seo’s chief secretary TAE HYUNG-WOOK (Kim Hieora), who Jung believes is the murderer. They barge into Kangsan Law Firm to meet her, and they get welcomed by Ji-han alternatively. In his usual brusque manner, Jung demands to meet the chief secretary, and Ji-han calls him rude, although he is forced to contact Secretary Tae immediately after Jung implies they can open an investigation if they continue hiding her due to affordable doubt.

As they lastly face every single other, Jung asks her what she was carrying out on the day of Deputy Chief Lee’s death, and Secretary Tae says she was in the fitness center and she can even supply proof. Jung is forced to let her go — but not ahead of he tests her reflexes. She does not flinch even with a sharp object ideal on her eye, which tells Jung that she has expertise in combat. Standard folks do not stand nonetheless like that they flinch, Jung tells Ah-ra.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8 Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

Jung is all prepared to continue investigating, but they’re forced to take a break simply because Mom is calling. So Jung and Ah-ra head to his mom’s BBQ restaurant, exactly where Mom lays out a generous spread of meals, searching content Jung lastly brought household a girl.

Right after Ah-ra insists she join them out of politeness, Mom sits down and asks her concerns. The two girls flatter every single other, so significantly so that Jung is not even capable to consume something. And he’s the one particular who does the dishes in the finish. Poor guy, lol.

On Mom’s guidelines, Jung gets a cab for Ah-ra, and on the way, Jung opens up to Ah-ra about his dad and how he witnessed his auto accident. Suffering from trauma and guilt, Jung says if only he could’ve held on just a couple of seconds longer, his mom wouldn’t have to cry so significantly. For the reason that of that, he promised that he wouldn’t let his loved ones cry any longer, which is why he operates so difficult for justice and righteousness. Ah-ra tells him his father would’ve been proud of him.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

The subsequent day, Jae-kyung is confused why there are so quite a few folks at the Civil Affairs Division workplace. For the reason that aside from Chul-gi, Eun-ji and Joong-do are currently hanging out there.

Right after Jae-kyung demands to know who they are, Chul-gi powers up a presentation to introduce Eun-ji (the daughter of an infamous gang leader, who is effectively-recognized in her personal ideal) and Joong-do (a self-proclaimed genius hacker, but just a mediocre one particular that does the job effectively apparently). And all collectively, they are Jin Jung and Mates, LOL.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8 Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

Obtaining ideal back to perform, Jin Jung and Mates critique the footage displaying Secretary Tae in the fitness center, but Ah-ra notices there’s a discrepancy with the time. Ah-ra also hands more than the plate quantity of the masked man’s auto, which she noted down though hiding for the duration of the fight ahead of. Impressed, Jung smirks at her: “Can I like you?” to which Ah-ra only says she’ll feel about it. They ignore Eun-ji and Joong-do’s protest. LOL.

They do have to continue investigating, so the really like line is pushed aside for now. Eun-ji and Joong-do are tasked to get confirmation Secretary wasn’t at the fitness center for the duration of the hours of Deputy Chief Lee’s death. Although Joong-do is scared of the buff fitness center employees member they will need to interrogate, Eun-ji basically gets her gangster minions to make the employees member speak. Which he does immediately after getting threatened to be buried alive. Whew.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

Meanwhile, Chul-gi finds the plate quantity via the CCTVs about the roads. When he gets its final place, Jung and Ah-ra are capable to track it down.

When they ransack the auto, Jung finds a boot with blood on its sole — one particular that matches the footprints when he was stabbed. So he draws some of his personal blood and he asks the anatomy professor to run a test to see if his blood and the ones from the boot match. It does.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

Jin Jung and Mates get collectively once more at the Civil Affairs Division workplace to consolidate their new information and facts. Searching for his wooden sword, Jung rummages about Jae-kyung’s desk, exactly where he finds the yellow envelope, the identical one particular with the essential-searching MP3 player that Deputy Chief Lee hid and died for.

All this time, Jae-kyung has been generating his personal moves. Right after getting the MP3 player from the late deputy chief, Jae-kyung has visited Tae-ho in prison, instructing him to send the message to Chairman Seo that he has the MP3 player. Regrettably, the message has not produced its way to Chairman Seo, simply because he’s been refusing Tae-ho’s calls.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8 Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

Demanding an explanation, Jung asks Jae-kyung what the MP3 player includes, that so quite a few folks had to die for it. But his superior does not want to answer. Alternatively, Jae-kyung tells Jung his household died, disguised as an accident, and that was the consequence for him attempting to fight against the poor guys. He adds that this is not a game and he demands to do this alone, so that Jung and his buddies can remain protected.

But that is not how Jung does factors. He can not turn a blind eye immediately after mastering about this. So when Jae-kyung returns to the workplace, he finds Jung and his crew gone — and the MP3 player replaced with a dummy.

Jung calls Secretary Tae, telling her he has the MP3 player they want. They meet at the location exactly where Deputy Chief Lee was murdered, and there, Jung confirms that the masked man is truly a she: it is Secretary Tae. They fight to get ahold of the MP3 player. Secretary Tae runs up to the rooftop, exactly where she ambushes Jung with a depressant-filled injection, generating Jung really feel dizzy and shed his motor abilities. Oh no. We have to wait for a week to know what takes place to him?!

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

Points have moved significantly far more speedily this week, and we’re seeing far more components of the entangled internet of corruption at the prosecution. Tae-ho was place behind bars, and it feels like he was primarily written off towards the latter half of this week. But it is in all probability to permit far more time to discover the correct villains of the story: Chairman Seo, who appears to even have some sort of connection to Jung, as hinted when he stated he felt like he remembers our poor prosecutor from someplace.

We’ve recognized given that he initially appeared that in spite of his look and demeanor, this super chill-searching old man has been controlling quite a few components of the justice program, specially in the prosecution. We also know that he has been the one particular ordering folks killed. But we lastly confirmed who precisely he’s been ordering: his quiet, aloof secretary. Anytime the chairman has a scene, Secretary Tae has usually been in the background, but she’s so quiet that you can barely notice her. It turns out she has been actually in the background of quite a few scenes as the masked lady, planting proof and killing folks on the orders of the chairman. We discovered that she’s a former military operative, but I wonder how she ended up operating for Chairman Seo — and so loyally, also.

We also understand a tiny far more about the supporting characters. We saw the background stories of Eun-ji and Joong-do, although not how they met Jung and ended up assisting him (we just know Eun-ji is in really like with him and Jung is holding Joong-do’s circumstances more than his head). The one particular we got the most insight on is Jae-kyung and how his household died immediately after his pursuit for justice. His story appears like a warning for Jung: that if he continues on this path of righteousness, his loved ones could finish up in danger — the precise issue he fears as he has confessed to Ah-ra. Although Jung in all probability will not finish up in any danger, at the price the show is going, it appears that Jae-kyung will take that fall alternatively. He could finish up sacrificing himself to save Jung or an individual he loves, simply because he’s got absolutely nothing left to reside for now. Nevertheless, Jung has grow to be close to him, and he would in all probability finish up blaming himself if anything takes place to Jae-kyung. There’s nonetheless a lot of concerns burning in our minds, but we do have 4 episodes remaining, and a lot could nonetheless take place.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 7-8

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