Reborn Rich in the 1980s, Song Joong-ki is out for vengeance

October 29, 2022

Reborn Wealthy in the 1980s, Song Joong-ki is out for vengeance
by stroopwafel

As we inch closer to the premiere date for Reborn Wealthy, the newest promo drop is a video teaser laying out the tangled fate major man Song Joong-ki (Vincenzo) need to deal with.

Adapted from a net novel, the fantasy drama is shaping up to be an epic tale of revenge and rebirth. Our protagonist Yoon Hyun-woo (Song Joong-ki) is each and every inch the firm man in service to the highly effective Soonyang Group. Having said that, his loyalty is repaid with betrayal, and when on a mission for the clan that owns Soonyang, he’s framed for a crime and murdered. His death sets into motion a reincarnation, and in his second life he finds that he’s been thrown back to the 1980s and his new kind is Jin Do-joon — the youngest grandson of the Jin household. From chaebol firm man to chaebol grandson, he’ll have to outmaneuver the ruthless persons he after served to resolve the mystery of who framed him and ordered his death.
The teaser provides us a appear into the the lives of Hyun-woo and Do-joon, and Kim Kang-hoon (When the Camellia Blooms, Racket Boys) requires on the function of young Do-joon. Lee Sung-min (Shadow Detective) will play nemesis and grandfather, Jin Yang-chul, founder of the Soonyang Group. Jin Yang-chul’s life story is a accurate rags-to-riches tale but even even though he’s reached the apex of the monetary globe, his thirst for dollars is unquenchable.
His oldest grandson, Jin Sung-joon will be played by Kim Nam-hee (The Law Cafe). We also meet Shin Hyun-bin (Monstrous, Hospital Playlist) in the teaser. Her character, Seo Min-young, is a prosecutor with the anti-corruption unit. Although she hails from a household with generations of lawyers and judges, she has a passion for justice all her personal. She’s extremely dogged when she senses unfair dealings so considerably so that she’s earned herself the nickname “Soonyang’s Grim Reaper.”

The teaser begins with a voiceover of Yoon Hyun-woo introducing himself as he walks out to meet a gaggle of reporters. He’s a group leader in charge of asset management at Soonyang. An additional voice jumps in, describing Hyun-woo as the type of particular person who does not need to have to be told twice to do one thing. Essentially, if Soonyang says jump, Hyun-woo will ask how higher. The reporters are not there for him even though, they’re desperate to catch a glimpse of the chaebol in their midst: Jin Yang-chul. And taking a web page out of the Chaebol Fake Apology handbook, Jin Yang-chul is acting frail, covered up in a blanket and relying on a wheelchair (it is a large hint that some shady dealings have come to be public expertise).
The teaser shifts to show Hyun-woo browsing for one thing. We get a swift reduce of Hyun-woo meeting with Prosecutor Seo and he appears smug in contrast to her dismayed face. The scene shifts to her throwing down a file in aggravation. Although Hyun-woo strides away from her workplace briskly, his face betrays some be concerned.
He’s actually a jack-of-all-trades troubleshooter, which is emphasized when we see Hyun-woo installing and cleaning a fancy bidet cover. We hear oldest grandson Sung-joon mockingly ask in voiceover, “I heard you only completed higher college. Is not this the proper location for you?” An additional man’s voice agree that Hyun-woo is uncomplicated to boss about. Abruptly it is like we’re watching “Chaebols Gone Wild” and Sung-joon smashes aquariums with a golf club, drenching Hyun-woo in the method and leaving him with a bleeding reduce on his face. (Will not an individual assume of the fish?!) We see Hyun-woo bow once more and once more, and we linger on a frame of him bowing and shaking hands with Sung-joon.
Hyun-woo is then asked a query that will alter his life: “Do you have a passport?” And with that, he’s told to go overseas and retrieve funds that have been siphoned away. He smiles as he accepts a limitless firm credit card. We get a shot of a foreign locale and the chaos of Hyun-woo’s mission is unveiled. He’s produced it overseas but some thugs are chasing by means of the city streets. There’s no escape and he’s brought to the edge of an oceanside cliff. He demands to know who they are and who sent them. The answer comes in the kind of a single bullet and darkness.
The darkness lifts and when Hyun-woo opens his eyes, he’s in the backseat of a vehicle. A man and ladies who ask if “Do-joon” has woken up. It appears not possible, but he’s back in Seoul — and it is 1987. When the vehicle stops, he’s arrived at an awards ceremony to honor Jin Yang-chul for his contributions to the company globe. Anything comes to a quit as he realizes the complete Jin household stands just before him. Young Do-joon wanders about a large fancy household in the course of a post-award congratulatory celebration and stops quick when he sees himself in a mirror. When he spots a household portrait hanging nearby, a piercing screech sounds in his ear as he realizes he’s in the household portrait. Young Do-joon stands in front of the Jin household after once more as we hear Hyun-woo assume to himself, “The particular person who killed me is standing right here.” As the video ends, adult Do-joon (formerly identified as Hyun-woo) stares into our souls.
I have concerns. So quite a few concerns. I’m often drawn to actors playing several roles in dramas so I’m excited to see what Song Joong-ki will do and how the drama will (or will not) visually differentiate involving Hyun-woo and Do-joon. But does that imply we’ll see an adult Joong-ki dressed as a kid when in-drama persons will see his kind as Kim Kang-hoon? Will we be obtaining largely Kim Kang-hoon when we reside by means of the ’80s once more? The possibilities are endless and my want is that the show goes bold and wild in how they show us these two souls.
Jung Dae-yoon (I’m Not a Robot, W—Two Worlds) will be directing with scripts becoming handled by Kim Tae-hee (Designated Survivor: 60 Days, Sungkyunkwan Scandal) and rookie Jang Eun-jae. Airing Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, Reborn Wealthy will premiere on November 18 on JTBC. (Sidenote: I am in complete assistance of JTBC’s initiative to make a 3-day weekend a Factor.)

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