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The very first ever function film created by the Hong Kong Baptist University, “Pretty Heart” is a timely discursive take on the increasingly much more competitive arena of education. In contrast to Nattawut Poonpiriya’s “Bad Genius,” even so, which is a razor-sharp, heart-thumping romp on the nuts and bolts of students’ modus operandi and motivations behind wholesale cheating, “Pretty Heart” dissects the stress to excel by humanizing all the people today involved in preparing the city’s secondary college students for a test that will considerably influence their future.&nbsp

Fairly Heart is screening at Asian Pop Up Cinema

The film interweaves 3 storylines, that of in between English literature teacher Chloe Lee and the estranged partnership she has with her father, Lee Lung Kei, a principal of a cram center, her blossoming romance with her father’s best tutor K.K. Ho, and the partnership they all have with the little ones they teach, especially that with Shu Ting, a student who embodies the travails of much less than-privileged Hong Kong youth who have to face each academic and private hurdles.

What enriches these stories is the larger context of the complexities of education from a pedagogical point of view to its politics. It is impressive how the film, directed by Terry NG Ka Wai and whose script was the winner of a competitors organized by the Academy of Film, serves each as a commentary on the diverse and even clashing approaches of teaching by schools and cram centers and as a film that emphasizes the pertinent part of educators as their students’ help method.

Because the film offers with household dynamics and private ailments even so, with Chloe suffering from a heart illness, the film at instances can border on the mawkish. It is the partnership in between Lee Lung Kei, who becomes a parental figure and father of sorts to Shu Ting, whose financial status tends to make it much more difficult for her to just concentrate on her research, which pulls in much more emotional heft without having becoming trite.&nbsp

Getting stated this, Jennifer Yu Heung Ying, who plays Chloe, and Vincent Wong, who plays the charismatic tutor K.K. Ho give affecting performances as teachers who just want to do their greatest to make positive their students succeed. They also have palpable chemistry. Hugo Ng, who plays Lee Lung Kei, is capable to complement and transform his acting into techniques that are diverse and one of a kind adequate to define his different relationships with his daughter, his most prized employee and a student who has also turn out to be like an additional daughter to him.&nbsp

The production design and style of “Pretty Heart” does the trick for capturing the eccentricities and intriguing culture of tutors becoming treated as rockstars and looked at as pseudo-celebrities by students. It could have been good if the identical was executed to illuminate the tension and anxious atmosphere of the all-crucial examination day.&nbsp

“Pretty Heart,” also co-created by one particular of Hong Kong’s most renowned directors, Fruit Chan, is a film which tries to speak of the ethos of Hong Kong’s education method and culture. It is an try that is light, but frank at the identical time. The mishmash of storylines, even so, holds it back from possessing the most strong landing, but the relevance of its theme is irrefutably resonant. 



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