Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 13-14


Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 13-14

For years, our heroine has been carrying a substantial load of guilt, and this week we’re invited to share in the complete weight of her grief and longing. Meanwhile, particular present-day secrets are about to be dragged out into the light.


Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 13-14

Jae-min ultimately tells Bo-mi about Ha-min and what occurred to him. Obtaining just arrived at the door, Jin-young watches as Bo-mi reaches for Jae-min’s arm in help. Then he turns and leaves them alone. By this point, Jin-young’s feelings for Bo-mi are undeniable, and although he’s hurt to see her with Jae-min, he does not want to hold her back from the individual he believes she seriously cares about. He officially breaks off their partnership, and Bo-mi goes along with it even although her feelings are a lot much more difficult now.

But then points get even much more difficult, due to the fact Jae-min and Sun-hee overhear them speaking about the fake partnership. Especially, they hear that 1) Bo-mi lied about liking Jin-young for Sun-hee’s sake, and two) that Jin-young is particular Jae-min does not like Sun-hee back and thinks Bo-mi should really give it yet another attempt with Jae-min.

Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 13-14 Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 13-14

Sun-hee is furious, Jae-min embarrassed, and Bo-mi devastated as she watches her friendship with Sun-hee crumble. It would have been upsetting sufficient for Sun-hee to understand that Bo-mi had been lying all this time with out the added jab at her feelings not getting reciprocated — appropriate in front of Jae-min, no much less.

So even though Jae-min is swift to accept Bo-mi’s apology, Sun-hee’s forgiveness does not come so simply. She offers Bo-mi the cold shoulder, and ends up sort of joining Jin-young’s small pal group just due to the fact they generally look to discover the similar detours to stay away from awkwardly operating into Bo-mi.

Only now that her strategy has blown up in her face does Bo-mi recognize how incorrect she was. As she explains to So-mang, she believed she was getting considerate — but seriously, she was getting selfish. She was afraid that if she and Jae-min dated, she and Sun-hee may drift apart. Now she wishes she could go back and make superior options.

Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 13-14 Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 13-14

Her words take So-mang back to that final, horrible argument with Ha-min, causing her to visualize how points may have turned out differently if she’d gone appropriate back to the rooftop and hugged him. Or if she hadn’t missed his text message asking for help. Or if they hadn’t been observed in the art area. Or if they’d by no means met at all.

But what ifs do not adjust something, she tells Bo-mi. The mess has been created — all Bo-mi can do now is attempt to choose up the pieces and start out more than. And So-mang is speaking just as a great deal to herself as she is to Bo-mi. When Jae-min gave her Ha-min’s diary, he asked bluntly why she didn’t remain by Ha-min’s side when he required her most, and she nonetheless does not have an answer. Worse, reading Ha-min’s personal words about how profoundly their partnership had impacted him has reawakened the overwhelming sense of guilt that descended on her as quickly as she heard about his death.

Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 13-14

These feelings are additional exacerbated when she meets her former classmate and bully, who shares how she discovered out about So-mang and Ha-min’s partnership even though they had been nonetheless in college. When she badmouthed So-mang out of jealousy, Ha-min referred to as her out, creating it clear he’d finish the friendship if she kept it up. Now, the girl tells So-mang that she does not feel Ha-min would want her living in the previous.

Lastly, for what seems to be the initially time, So-mang requires a private day to stop by Ha-min’s grave. She tells him all about becoming a student teacher and meeting Jae-min, breaking down in sobs as she apologizes for not getting capable to help Jae-min as a great deal as she’d hoped to.

But points are about to get even worse for each her and Jae-min. As she heads back to the college, a person leaks a photo of the two meeting up at the art studio right after hours — and with it, the accusation that she is dating a student.

Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 13-14

Apart from a handful of scenes — the majority of them imagined scenarios that we know didn’t and will not ever come about — we see just about nothing at all of Ha-min this week. As an alternative, we’re left to really feel his absence as keenly as So-mang and Jae-min do. We encounter every single heartrending moment along with So-mang: locating out he was gone, processing the reality of his funeral, and reliving that final conversation more than and more than, wishing it could be changed. It is extremely strong, but it is also extremely painful — I feel I cried much more more than these two episodes than the complete rest of the show combined.

I appreciated the point about what if concerns not altering something, but I feel there’s yet another point to make along with it in that these forms of concerns just cannot be answered, at least not entirely. Hindsight may perhaps be 20/20, but it nonetheless cannot definitively inform us what would have occurred had diverse options been created.

Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 13-14

If So-mang had gone back to the roof that day, possibly she could have saved Ha-min. Or possibly she couldn’t have — possibly despair would have gotten the superior of him some other day. That is not to say it would have been pointless for her to attempt, but rather that what in the end killed Ha-min was far much more complicated and deep-rooted than that 1 argument.

Ha-min required much more than just 1 individual supporting him. He was failed repeatedly by so several folks in his life that when the 1 individual he’d place the final of his hope in inevitably fell brief (due to the fact she’s human), he had nothing at all else left to cling to. That is why I’m glad Jae-min was ultimately capable to confide in Bo-mi, due to the fact — as I feel they’re about to discover out — So-mang attempting to be Jae-min’s major supporter like she’d been Ha-min’s wasn’t sustainable or in the end all that healthful.

As for Bo-mi, I’m glad that her secret is out, even if the way it came out wasn’t best. She appears to have discovered from the encounter, and she does genuinely care about Sun-hee (and each boys), so here’s hoping that she’ll be capable to choose up these pieces and stay away from creating the similar blunders once again.

Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 13-14

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