Kang Haneul is ready for his close-up in KBS

October 28, 2022October 27, 2022

Kang Haneul is prepared for his close-up in KBS’s Curtain Get in touch with
by tccolb

With the premiere now just days away, KBS’s Curtain Get in touch with has been pushing out their final round of promos, like a wonderful new poster and video teaser.

At the center of the poster is our story’s head matriarch Ja Geum-quickly – played by Go Du-shim (Our Blues) – who achieved wonderful points throughout her extended life except for one particular desperate dream. When fleeing throughout the Korean War, she was separated from her husband and kid, and to this day she hopes of seeing her lost family members once again.
This brings us to Kang Haneul’s (Insider) Yoo Jae-hun, a struggling theater actor who is approached one particular day by Granny Geum-soon’s aide – Sung Dong-il (If You Want Upon Me). Though it is not a traditional acting job, Jae-hun’s heart (and wallet) can not refuse the supply. All he has to do, right after all, is basically make Granny pleased by becoming her extended-lost grandson for just 3 months. What could go incorrect?
In the meantime, Granny’s actual granddaughter Park Se-yeon – played by Ha Ji-won (Chocolate) – is operating tirelessly to preserve Granny’s legacy. But her most significant obstacle is eldest brother Park Se-joon – played by Ji Seung-hyun (Why Her) – who is at present the biggest shareholder and is seeking to sell. (On a side note, I’ve by no means noticed one particular of Ji’s characters smile that broadly just before and I do not know regardless of whether to be smitten or scared.)

The new  teaser opens with our hero explaining his new “acting” job, helpfully giving Granny Geum-soon’s backstory. But when Jae-hun is presented to the family members, the ever suspicious Se-joon orders a background verify – top us to the mysterious Noh Sang-hyun (Pachinko).
With Jung Ji-so (Hellbound) acting as Jae-hun’s wife, Granny’s aide confirms that she and Jae-hun are basically short-term guests. We then jump to chaebol businessman Kwon Sang-woo (Important X) who re-seems in Se-yeon’s life. But Se-yeon’s eyes are only on Jae-hun and the video teaser ends on her hope that Jae-hun will stick about.
Written by Jo Sung-keol (The Target) with PD Yoon Sang-ho (Jinxed at Initially) at the helm, KBS’s Curtain Get in touch with premieres this coming Monday on October 31, following The Law Cafe in the Monday-Tuesday slot.

By means of Maeil Kyungje, News
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