[Friday Flashback] Who Are You?


[Friday Flashback] Who Are You?

Released: 2008

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Melodrama

Synopsis: When Son Il-gun died, his daughter, Young-in, inherited a mountain of debt, and in a desperate try to make up for his shortcomings as a father, Il-gun started possessing Cha Seung-hyo’s physique and abusing the younger, richer man’s credit card to shower Young-in with highly-priced meals and gifts. As Seung-hyo tries to make sense of his current blackouts and figure out why he’s drawn to Young-in through the gaps in his memories, he begins to piece collectively the events the lead to Il-gun’s death, which had previously been ruled a suicide.

[Friday Flashback] Who Are You?

Why You Should really Watch (Or Shouldn’t) Who Are You?:

It is Spooky Season (my preferred time of the year), so I believed it would be enjoyable to revisit the initial ghost-themed K-drama that I ever watched. Who Are You? — not to be confused by the 2013 drama of the very same name and genre — is a (mainly) lighthearted story that has stuck with me more than the years. I’ve viewed as it a lengthy-time preferred, but I haven’t rewatched it considering the fact that my initial viewing. So this certain Friday Flashback function was a accurate test of my nostalgia. Would Who Are You? reside up to my memory and expectations? Or would the rewatch leave me cringing from the realization that this was the type of romance story I gushed about when I was in college?

I’m not going to beat about the bush, Beanies. I’m feeling a wee bit embarrassed. Now, that is not to say this is an awful drama that ought to be avoided at all expenses, but — and perhaps this will come as no surprise to you primarily based on the drama’s synopsis — I swear the the writers looked up the definition of “father complex” in a psychology textbook and believed, “Yeah, that sounds romantic, but what if we added a ghost?”

[Friday Flashback] Who Are You?

Like all Candy-centric K-dramas, our story opens with a crash course in our top lady’s monetary scenario, and it ain’t quite. Son Young-in (Go Ara) is a higher schooler on the cusp of graduation, but as an alternative of celebrating and seeking forward to college, she’s burdened by her father’s debt and hounded by loan sharks who threaten to take her physique as payment for what they’re owed — Yikes! And this is exactly where the “daddy issues” start out to come into play for the reason that, when Young-in was operating away from debt collectors, her content-go-fortunate father, Son Il-gun (Kang Nam-gil), was ballroom dancing with his girlfriend.

While it is unclear if he’s paying for mentioned dancing lessons with cash he has no small business spending (provided his crushing debt), his carefree activity is a jarring contrast to his daughter’s harrowing knowledge, and currently his qualifications as a father figure come into query. A single would hope, provided the significant function Il-gun plays in the ensuing story, that he’d be likable sufficient to hold us invested in his character development and redemption, but getting a nicely-which means and loving father does not wholly negate the truth that he’s irresponsible.

[Friday Flashback] Who Are You? [Friday Flashback] Who Are You?

So what does the drama do to counteract his immaturity and supply Young-in with some stability? It inserts Young-in into a adore triangle with not a single — but two — drastically older guys. Admittedly, Shin Jae-ha (Jin Yi-han) is not really a genuine contender for Young-in’s affections for the reason that, as we promptly find out, he had an indirect function in the accident that brought on Il-gun’s death. And if aiding her father’s murderer wasn’t a massive sufficient strike against him, he’s also masquerading as a Daddy Lengthy Legs variety of character in an work to endear himself to Young-in and find Il-gun’s missing paintings, which sky-rocketed in worth appropriate ahead of his death.

The other man vying for Young-in’s focus is Cha Seung-hyo (Yoon Kye-sang), a perfectionist corporate raider with OCD, and to his credit, he does not set out to woo a lady eleven years younger than him. Rather, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her for the reason that, unbeknownst to him, he’s getting periodically possessed by her father’s ghost. In looking for an explanation for his blackouts and his uncharacteristic behavior, he becomes entangled with Young-in — and the mysterious situations of her father’s (supposed) suicide.

I mentioned there have been some daddy challenges, but fortunately, this drama does not blur the line amongst Seung-hyo and Il-gun so a lot that it feels like she fell in adore with her dad’s ghost (ewww), but there are some quite awkward moments exactly where the writers do play about with this not-really-incestuous arrangement to produce some (debatably) humorous dramatic irony. And just when you believe the secondhand embarrassment cannot get any worse, Il-gun’s girlfriend figures out that Il-gun’s spirit is sometimes hanging out in Seung-hyo’s physique, and the two ladies — who never ever got along to commence with — start out competing for Seung-hyo’s time.

[Friday Flashback] Who Are You?

There’s absolutely a basket complete of craziness going on, but in rewatching this certain story, I also couldn’t enable but evaluate it to the much more current Ghost Physician (for clear factors). There’s a lot of similarities in the characterizations and physical comedy, which tends to make me really feel pretty confident in saying that Who Are You? partially offered the inspiration for Rain and Kim Bum’s iconic bromance.

If writers are nonetheless referencing this drama, does that imply it has stood the test of time? Nicely, I believe it is protected to say it did not reside up to my memory, but I nonetheless enjoyed the re-watch for the reason that Who Are You? has reached the point that it is so terrible it is superior. I wouldn’t advocate watching this drama if you are seeking for a high-quality story, but if you are the variety of viewer who can watch trash Television and laugh at its absurdity, then I believe you can sit via this drama and have a superior time. If you are nonetheless on the fence, even though, I recommend watching the initial episode, and no matter if or not you are amused by the comically timed Truck of Doom will be a quite superior indicator of how a lot you will get pleasure from the rest of this certain K-drama.

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