The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

It is time to say goodbye to our wacky law cafe lawyers and baristos, but like all morally guided heroes and heroines fighting for justice, our characters need to face off against the villain prior to they come across their happily-ever-afters. And provided our undesirable guy’s flair for the dramatic, he’s not going to go down quietly.


The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final) The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Given that final week’s penultimate episodes ended with Jung-ho on bended knee providing up a diamond engagement ring to Yuri, it is fitting that our final theme-o’-the-week is focused on the ups and downs of marriage — or, much more especially, the downs. And to kick off this distinct motif, Yuri rejects Jung-ho’s marriage proposal.

Despite the fact that Yuri — in accurate Yuri style — serves up a number of logical rationales for turning down his proposal (e.g., it is rushed, divorce prices, and so on.), her two major causes for rejecting him are rooted mainly in emotion. For 1, she does not like the concept of producing promises that neither of them can assure they will be in a position to maintain (much more on that later), and second, she is not prepared to turn out to be a member of his family members simply because, nicely — *gesticulates wildly at Pyun-woong, who is, at that pretty moment, attempting to commit patricide.*

The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

The final confrontation among Pyun-woong and Byung-wook is rife with Pyun-woong’s usual brand of chaotic unpredictableness, but at the core of every little thing he says — sincere or disingenuous — is his unremitting childlike need to be acknowledged by his father. Of course, each father and son are far beyond the point of any sort of reconciliation, but Pyun-woong’s passionate declaration that his only regret is his current liver donation suggests he’d nonetheless carried — till pretty lately — a genuine lingering hope that his father would acknowledge him as his son following the transplant surgery. And when faced with the reality that he was practically nothing much more than a practical organ donor to his father, he laments providing up a literal piece of himself in hopes he’d be referred to as “son.”

Nicely, that or he’s just bummed he didn’t let Byung-wook die of liver failure when he had the likelihood. So now he has to kill Byung-wook in a much more direct manner — by choking him. I’m much more inclined to think his regret stems from the aforementioned strand of hope that Byung-wook crushed, but either way, the finish outcome is Pyun-woong’s attempted murder of his father. Fortunately, Byung-wook is wealthy and has a property complete of servants that rush to his help and make certain he survives the attack, but Pyun-woong evades capture with a tiny assistance from his most loyal goon.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final) The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Even though CEO Hwang freaks out, fearing he’s going to be Pyun-woong’s subsequent target, Jung-ho remains surprisingly calm, so we can assume Yuri’s prior requests for space and trust have lastly taken root. As an alternative of clinging to Yuri like a koala, he channels his power into locating his uncle, but sadly his undercover operation as a gigolo was much more amusing in theory than execution. It also turned out to be a waste of time simply because Pyun-woong was 1 step ahead of them, and he had currently vacated his hideout prior to Jung-ho and the police arrived.

Ultimately, Pyun-woong comes out of hiding on his personal terms, but initial he kidnaps Yuri’s mother and locks her in a cold storage unit. With directions that Jung-ho should really come alone — or else — Pyun-woong lures Jung-ho into his trap. Desperate to rescue Yuri’s mother, Jung-ho follows Pyun-woong’s directions and meets him at a church, exactly where he passively enables Pyun-woong to punch him repeatedly till his hands are sore. Meanwhile, Jung-ho is just biding his time till Pyun-woong leaves him alone with his loyal goon. When he gets the likelihood, Jung-ho convinces the goon to inform him exactly where they’re maintaining Yuri’s mother so he can pass along that info to CEO Gil and the search group.

As soon as Yuri’s mother is situated protected and sound, Yuri, Seo-yeon, and an whole police job force corner Pyun-woong on the outdoors methods of the church. He holds Jung-ho hostage, a knife to his neck, and Pyun-woong is downright gleeful to see Yuri. He explains that his fascination with her stemmed from what he perceived to be hypocrisy. How can she take the law, which has never ever been on her side, and use it to save other folks?

The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Pyun-woong’s whole kidnapping program was intended to place Yuri into a circumstance exactly where each her mother and Jung-ho had been in problems, and Pyun-woong wanted to force her to pick out among them. He was curious to know how she would react. Would she nonetheless attempt to save them according to the law? Or would she toss aside her ethics when backed into a corner? Fortunately, she didn’t have to make the option, but Pyun-woong nonetheless tries to force her into a complicated position even although his original program has fallen via. In exchange for Jung-ho, she has to guarantee she will use the law she loves so significantly to defend him.

Even though Yuri pleads for Jung-ho’s security and promises to abide by Pyun-woong’s request, Jung-ho jumps in and tries to wrestle the knife away from Pyun-woong, but he’s stabbed mid-heroics. A police sniper then shoots Pyun-woong in the leg, and as the rest of officers converge and arrest Pyun-woong, Yuri rushes to Jung-ho’s side. Prior to he collapses in her arms, he confirms with Yuri that her mother is protected.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Despite the fact that there’s never ever seriously been any doubt — for the audience, at least — that Jung-ho would survive his wounds, the very same can not be mentioned for Yuri. The knowledge of watching her boyfriend get stabbed in front of her has undeniably impacted her. Not only does she now fully grasp initial-hand Jung-ho’s prior fears more than her security, but it is clear that she’s also began rethinking her rejection of Jung-ho’s marriage proposal. She does not right away alter her thoughts — that would be decidedly uncharacteristic — but in maintaining with the drama’s formula, she unpacks her feelings and comes to an epiphany by assisting and speaking via her feelings with other folks.

As I’d pointed out earlier, the theme of our finale episodes is the trials and tribulations of married life, and each Seo-yeon and Jung-ho’s mother came to Yuri with their marital issues and threats of divorce. Following initial taking each ladies out for a tiny buying and pampering to clear their heads, each ladies open up about the genuine causes they’re unhappy in their marriages.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Seo-yeon mainly has a mother-in-law issue, but she also failed to communicate with Jin-ki that her current conversation with his mother left her feeling insecure and guilty that she returned to operate so quickly soon after providing birth. She fears that there may possibly have been a kernel of truth in her mother-in-law’s accusations that she has clipped Jin-ki’s wings and emasculated him by possessing him be the key homemaker and caretaker of their child. As soon as Seo-yeon, at Yuri’s encouragement, speaks with Jin-ki about what’s bothering her, although, she discovers that his opinion does not align with his mother’s. As an alternative, he wished she’d told him about the conversation sooner so he could have assured her that he’s pleased with their existing arrangement, in particular given that it enables him to invest much more time with their kid.

The circumstance among Jung-ho’s parents, nevertheless, is a tiny much more complicated. Their complete dynamic has been thrown out of whack now that Seung-woon’s involvement with Jung-ho’s maternal family members has been exposed, and neither of them knows how to speak to 1 a different any longer. The remedy: Seo-yeon handcuffs the two of them with each other. The forced proximity compels them to be sincere about their feelings and the wall they’ve unintentionally constructed, and they come to the conclusion that they should really temporarily reside apart till they can comfortably face every other. Despite the fact that it sounds like the beginnings of a separation, there’s an optimistic thread to it, as although they program on beginning anew.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final) The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Following assisting Seo-yeon and Jung-ho’s mother with their respective marriages, Yuri is practically prepared to admit that she desires to marry Jung-ho. Aside from her hesitation to turn out to be a portion of Jung-ho’s family members, the most significant hurdle Yuri faces is her unwillingness to make promises that can not be kept, and marriage vows are the forever type of promises. Her insecurities about this distinct situation are rooted in her father’s death. He created promises to her mother — like usually getting there for her — that he wasn’t in a position to maintain.

I imply, it appears a bit unfair to blame a dead guy for not upholding his wedding vows, but soon after Yuri speaks with her mother, it becomes apparent that it is not seriously “unkept promises” that give Yuri cold feet. As an alternative, it is all the unknown variables and achievable strategies a connection could potentially finish. She’s afraid to commit to a lengthy-term connection with out an assurance it will final forever, but as Yuri’s mom points out, practically nothing lasts forever. However, Yuri’s fears are stopping her from living in the moment and embracing the appreciate that is in front of her.

With her mother’s blessing and sage suggestions in thoughts, Yuri rushes to come across Jung-ho, and when she locates him — wearing, I may well add, what appears suspiciously like a Squid Game tracksuit — she proposes to him. Certainly, he accepts, and from that point on, our story winds to a close.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Time among their engagement and wedding passes, and we get modest snippets of info about our characters. Yuri and Jung-ho take a look at Pyun-woong in jail and inform him to come across a distinctive lawyer simply because Yuri is not maintaining her guarantee to be his legal representation. Eun-kang and Joon continue to operate at the cafe, and soon after Joon passes the bar exam he interviews for a pro-bono position with CEO Hwang, who’s right away reminded of Yuri primarily based on Joon’s answers to the hiring committee’s concerns.

Jung-ho decides he’d rather continue operating as a lawyer at Yuri’s cafe than turn out to be a prosecutor once again, and the day prior to his wedding, he has a beer with his father and encourages him to come to what turns out to be a pretty windy ceremony. But even with a storm brewing, Yuri is unaffected by the impending rain or her guests’ frantic faces as they attempt to tie down the florals and decorations.

Usually 1 for bold style alternatives and bucking traditions, she wears a spectacular red wedding dress, and soon after they exchange vows, we skip ahead 1 much more time to see their bustling law cafe, exactly where clients need to now pick out among a “mild or spicy” coffee theme. Will they choose mild and have their legal consultation with the sympathetic Yuri? Or will they choose spicy and be paired up with the no-nonsense Jung-ho?

The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

To be sincere I didn’t take pleasure in this drama as significantly as I wanted to take pleasure in it. My initial impression — that the plot was the embodiment of the idiom “to throw every little thing at the wall and see what sticks” — proved precise, and The Law Cafe suffered by possessing as well significantly going on. Admittedly, when picked apart, the person pieces had been exciting, engaging, and — in some situations — groundbreaking, but none of them had been provided the interest they deserved. As an alternative, they competed against 1 a different for air time, leaving us with awkward pacing and a dissatisfied sense of what could have been.

I’m not certain how I would have doctored this drama to have created it much more palatable, although. The apparent option would be to take away the Massive Terrible Villain plot line simply because it is the easiest to lift out of the story, but I enjoyed possessing Pyun-woong’s chaotic evil deliver a foil for Yuri’s lawful superior. When Pyun-woong faced off against Yuri on the church methods and revealed that he’d wanted to test her unwavering faith of the law by inserting her into a higher-stakes situation exactly where she’s forced to pick out among her ethics and a loved 1, it created me wonder what the story would have looked like if that line of conflict had been prevalent from start off to finish.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final) The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

In some strategies, Yuri’s positivity and hyper-focused faith in the law had been unrealistic and borderline annoying, in particular when you recognize that it is uncomplicated for her to take the moral higher ground when she’s only represented — to our expertise — clientele who have been victims. I’m all for her fighting for the underdog and sticking it to the man, but her private practice of only defending the innocent appears at odds with her supposed straight-edged faith in abiding by the law, which also states that absolutely everyone is owed the proper to legal representation. So even although it is absolutely understandable that she wouldn’t want to defend Pyun-woong simply because of their private history, I also come across myself curious to know if she could set aside her private morals and defend a really guilty celebration.

I guess it is superior, then, that Yuri opened up her law cafe and has the capability to be a tiny much more selective of her clientele, but sixteen episodes later, I’m nonetheless shaking my head more than the absurdity of this small business model. But what do I know? Absolutely practically nothing about getting a lawyer or operating a cafe, so perhaps a genuine life law cafe would operate out improved than a K-drama that functions 1.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

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