Shadow Detective: Episode 1 (First Impressions)


Shadow Detective: Episode 1 (1st Impressions)

Beginning off with just the proper dash of humor, Shadow Detective introduces us to our tenacious and competent hero with a slightly out-of-the-ordinary day that speedily escalates into a tragedy. Am I intrigued? Most certainly.

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Shadow Detective Episode 1

In an amusing opening, police lieutenant KIM TAEK-ROK (Lee Sung-min) casually barricades a scammer in a comfort shop with a toy sword. It is the great introduction to our protagonist, who’s very observant with a keen sense of intuition. With all the blasé banality of suggesting a lunch menu, Taek-rok hands out tips to the coworkers who seek him out for aid, very easily major them straight to the heart of every single case.

Our detective may well be a seasoned veteran, but all these years on the field haven’t been effortless. Back in his cramped goshiwon area, Taek-rok requires medicine for his panic disorder, and we see a notebook filled with recommendations on how to stop dementia.

Shadow Detective Episode 1

Taek-rok is pragmatic, which suggests he’s not all as well enthused when newbie SOHN KYUNG-CHAN (Lee Hak-joo) trails just after him like an adorable puppy. Kyung-chan has just been assigned to Taek-rok’s group, and his very first mission is to stake out a drug dealer’s lair with no blowing his cover. Unsurprisingly, skittish Kyung-chan gets caught barely a minute in, LOL.

He’s saved from acquiring his eyes poked out when teammate LEE SUNG-AH (Kyung Su-jin) fearlessly storms in, wielding a chair and taking out the guys holding Kyung-chan hostage. (Kyung-chan speedily runs to hide behind her, aww.) Sung-ah tends to make speedy operate of the other lackeys, though the drug dealer tends to make his escape.

Shadow Detective Episode 1 Shadow Detective Episode 1

Of course, Taek-rok is waiting outdoors, and he offers the drug dealer a casual wave that suggests they’ve performed this possibly fifteen instances prior to. A hilarious chase scene ensues, due to the fact they’re each not really rapidly, hah. Then the drug dealer’s telephone rings with a contact — it is Taek-rok, asking him to cease for the reason that he’s out of breath, LOL.

Neither desires to cease very first, so they each finish up counting to 3. The moment they cease, they wheeze in lungfuls of air, just barely ten feet apart, and I’m wheezing as well for the reason that I can not hold in my laughter. Then the drug dealer requires off once again, and Taek-rok chases just after him but gets into a minor collision with a motorcyclist.

Shadow Detective Episode 1

That is how we get introduced to GUK JIN-HAN (Jin Gu), who asks if the escaping drug dealer is the culprit, then requires off operating just after him. Hah, does that imply he could have stepped in earlier, but decided to sit back, delight in his lunch, and watch the chase play out?

Jin-han catches up in no time, tackling the drug dealer to the ground for Taek-rok to arrest. (LOL, Taek-rok collapses to the ground afterwards, so fully spent that the drug dealer even asks if he ought to contact an ambulance for him.) His operate performed, Jin-han walks off with a casual salute to Taek-rok.

Shadow Detective Episode 1 Shadow Detective Episode 1

That really afternoon, Taek-rok and Jin-han cross paths once again — Jin-han is the new section chief of Geumo police station. The purpose for his transfer? He got demoted for speaking back to his superior, hah.

Jin-han does not mince his words with Taek-rok either, disparaging his age and advising him to retire from the field. But Taek-rok’s no pushover, and he offers as excellent as he gets. The pair may well take jabs at every single other, but there is not any hint of malice. On the contrary, they appear to come across amusement in their verbal sparring.

Shadow Detective Episode 1

Meanwhile, police chief SEO GWANG-SU (Kim Hong-pa) is organizing his entry into politics. He appears awfully chummy with his buddies, all of them wealthy guys who owe him favors. It is implied that Chief Seo has pulled strings to get his connections off the hook prior to, and I’m inclined to suspect that his path to politics will not be all that upright either.

That evening, Taek-rok gets an ominous telephone contact from an unknown quantity with no caller ID. The voice claims to be a buddy, warning Taek-rok against going to his location. Although the man’s tone is menacing, the lack of context does not give him any credibility, and Taek-rok brushes it off as a prank contact.

Shadow Detective Episode 1

Taking no heed of the caller’s warning, Taek-rok meets superintendent WOO HYUN-SEOK (Kim Tae-hoon), who’s an old buddy of his. Taek-rok cuts straight to the chase — Hyun-seok’s covering for the drug overlord Boss Cheon, is not he? The drug dealer had claimed innocence he hasn’t been in get in touch with with Boss Cheon at all, which suggests there’s a person else pulling the strings.

Hyun-seok denies it, but Taek-rok knows he’s joined hands with Police Chief Seo and Boss Cheon. Taek-rok entreats his old buddy to turn back though he nevertheless can, promising that he’ll aid take care of items.

Shadow Detective Episode 1

Hyun-seok’s expression is unreadable, but prior to he can respond, he gets a telephone contact that interrupts the conversation. Hyun-seok actions outdoors to take the contact, and when he returns, he tells Taek-rok that they’ll continue the conversation the subsequent day.

Taek-rok returns property to his goshiwon area, exactly where there appears to be a person just normally out of sight. Ever observant, Taek-rok speedily catches on, and a small sleuthing reveals that it is YANG KI-TAE (Kim Jae-bum). He’s the suspect of an arson attack who claimed he was framed, regardless of Taek-rok’s insistence that the proof pointed to him. For now, although, he appears somewhat benign, so Taek-rok lets it slide.

Shadow Detective Episode 1

Just as Taek-rok’s about to sleep, he gets an additional contact. The sinister voice tells Taek-rok to create down what he tells him, pointing out that he’s been forgetful lately. (Shivers.) His words? Woo Hyun-seok is dying.

The unknown man instructs Taek-rok to go to a cliff on Geumo Mountain, or else Hyun-seok’s death will be on his hands. With no other decision, Taek-rok sets off with a flashlight in the dead of evening.

There, Taek-rok finds Hyun-seok bleeding from a head wound. Hyun-seok barely manages to eke out an apology to Taek-rok prior to losing consciousness, and Taek-rok is so anguished that he does not notice a person sneaking up on him till it is as well late.

Shadow Detective Episode 1 Shadow Detective Episode 1

The subsequent morning, Taek-rok awakens in his goshiwon area to the sound of his telephone buzzing. It is Sung-ah, who asks if Taek-rok met up with Hyun-seok the earlier evening. She’s at the crime scene on Geumo Mountain Hyun-seok has been pronounced dead.

A appear in the mirror, and at the bruises on his shoulders, proves that Taek-rok’s practical experience final evening was really a lot actual. Then a message comes in, from that identical unknown particular person — calling Taek-rok a murderer.

Shadow Detective Episode 1

Ooh, that was a powerful premiere. It is not especially groundbreaking for a crime drama — a hero with a PreviousTM, a friendship turned sour, and a manipulated murder scene — but the drama does a excellent job of executing it. It is a lot a lot more humorous than I anticipated, offered its genre, and I hope it maintains its comedic touch even as the story turns darker.

We barely got to see a lot of their interactions, but I’m currently so invested in Taek-rok and Hyun-seok’s friendship. Possibly it is the way Hyun-seok nevertheless calls Taek-rok “hyung” — although their paths have diverged drastically, Hyun-seok appears like he genuinely treasures and misses the previous. He does not appear malicious, just a person who may well have grown misguided in his rise up the corporate ladder, and discovered himself entangled in a lot more than he could manage.

Shadow Detective Episode 1

Taek-rok’s simple, no-nonsense character is confident to have rubbed a lot more than a handful of people today the incorrect way, not to mention the inherent danger that comes with his profession. Ki-tae’s motives may well not be clear just but — all he mentioned is that he’s at the goshiwon to hold an eye on Taek-rok — but I wouldn’t be shocked if the caller recruited people today just like him, who hold a grudge against Taek-rok.

It is only been an episode, but I currently like the dynamic among Taek-rok and Jin-han. Much more barbs and banter, please! It is hard to inform exactly where Jin-han’s loyalties lie at the present moment, but it is clear he has a sharp thoughts that could rival Taek-rok’s. That gaze at Hyun-seok in the police chief’s workplace mentioned it all — Jin-han knows something’s going on behind the scenes, and I can not wait for him and Taek-rok to group up and expose it all.

Shadow Detective Episode 1
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