Cheer Up: Episodes 7-8


Cheer Up: Episodes 7-eight

We’re at the mid-way point and our show is digging into the fundamentals of household and feelings. Whilst our heroine has no problems getting truthful exactly where she stands, our male lead desires a small coaxing. As he gets up his courage, broken backstories take a front seat, and the deadly third prophecy rears its ugly head, threatening to tear apart the group that is ultimately acquiring its footing.


Cheer Up Episodes 7-8

We concentrate on a handful of significant threads this week and commence to shed light on the murky mystery pieces we’ve noticed so far. 1 concentrate is on Jung-woo and his realization of feelings for Hae-yi. We ended final week with a hug in the middle of the street, exactly where neither celebration was specifically certain what it meant. Sun-ho breaks up the hug, with the pretense of assisting Hae-yi get exactly where she desires to go, and the two leads appear longingly at each and every other has Hae-yi leaves.

Right after the subsequent practice, Jung-woo and Hae-yi are nonetheless attempting to make sense of that hug. Our generally-truthful heroine asks Jung-woo point blank if he likes her. He’s awkward and says that in other nations hugs are utilized as greetings — you can just hug any time. He demonstrates by hugging her once again. This time we hear loud heartbeats and the wall-mounted fan passes more than them just as they may well be beginning to sweat. Yoo-min enters and the two break apart abruptly. Jung-woo can barely catch his breath and it is clear this was no friendly hug.

Cheer Up Episodes 7-8

For one more upcoming festival, the Theia group divides in two, with each and every side prepping a new routine. They will compete internally prior to the occasion and whichever side wins gets to carry out on stage at the festival. Yoo-min sticks about to assist with the prep, which signifies she and Jung-woo are spending a noticeable quantity of time with each other and Hae-yi cannot assist but be jealous.

Hae-yi does not hide how she feels and reminds Jung-woo that there’s no dating permitted amongst group members. When he says his feelings for Yoo-min are in the previous, Hae-yi is like, “Well, guidelines are produced to be broken.” Haha, I like that she has no qualms about letting him and absolutely everyone else know she likes him.

1 day when Yoo-min and Jung-woo are operating alone, she says she can inform he likes Hae-yi. It is clear since he acted the very same way about Yoo-min 3 years ago when he liked her. But she difficulties a slight warning by saying she normally wonders what would have occurred if she never ever dated the freshman on the cheer group back when she was captain. Would none of the terrible issues (like acquiring hit with the stage light) have occurred?

Cheer Up Episodes 7-8 Cheer Up Episodes 7-8

Jung-woo cannot cease considering about the Hae-yi hugs and decides he desires to commence living his life far more. This is following an interview with a former Theia member (cameo by Jang Nara) who tells the existing group to “be wild” in their young lives. Jung-woo texts Hae-yi and asks her to meet tomorrow evening since he has anything he desires to inform her.

It appears clear that Jung-woo produced the date in order to confess. But as soon as the two are face to face, Jung-woo just apologizes for any misunderstandings about the hug and says it will not occur once again. When his words are not a confession, Hae-yi cannot assist but cry and leaves prior to she loses it.

What we’ve discovered is that Jung-woo is attempting to defend Hae-yi. Not only does he take Yoo-min’s words to heart when she wonders if practically nothing poor would have occurred with no dating, he’s also figured out who has been sending him these awful texts telling him to dismiss Hae-yi from the squad.

Cheer Up Episodes 7-8

As viewers, we discovered final week that the texts had been coming from one more teammate, KIM MIN-JAE (Hyun Woo-seok). Jung-woo puts this with each other and confronts Min-jae. Min-jae says that he sent the texts since he didn’t like Hae-yi, but he does not really feel that way now. (We know he was concerned about Hae-yi getting on the group only to be paid. Because she tore up her contract, we haven’t noticed any additional challenges amongst them.)

At the very same time, Jung-woo has just identified a series of images that somebody place up like an exhibition in his workplace, producing it clear that somebody is watching him and Hae-yi. We get a short image of Min-jae standing in front of these images. When Jung-woo asks him about the images, even though, he says he does not know something about them. Separately, we get a scene of Min-jae hunting by way of his personal images, a single of which shows Yoo-min in her cheer uniform with her arm about Min-jae. At their meeting, Min-jae cryptically tells Jung-woo to be cautious to not let it appear like he’s favoring any individual (the way Yoo-min was believed to be performing when she was captain).

1 day when Hae-yi and Yoo-min are in festival prep mode, they each admit that they like Jung-woo (even though, it appears Yoo-min is saying she likes him as a individual, not a companion). Yoo-min tells Hae-yi not to take their partnership any additional. We know she’s worried about inter-group dating since of what occurred to her and is probably attempting to appear out for Hae-yi. Later, Hae-yi acts smug, saying that she and Yoo-min are distinctive — she’s resilient, so there’s no have to have to be concerned. This appears presumptuous due to the fact she (and we) do not genuinely know something about Yoo-min.

Cheer Up Episodes 7-8

An additional significant concentrate this week is on household. We dig into Sun-ho’s backstory as nicely as see far more of the dynamic in Hae-yi’s household. Hae-yi tries to play the parent to her younger brother, DO JAE-YI (Lee Min-jae), even when their mother is in the space. Jae-yi tries to reject her parenting and the two finish up fighting all the time.

When Jae-yi gets into a fistfight and winds up at a police station — owing the other celebration compensation and threatening his prospects for university — Hae-yi requires the duty on herself. She desires to obtain a way to spend the compensation and get the charges dropped so he has no criminal record. Their mother also tries to come up with the income by becoming a standard day-drinking buddy of Sun-ho’s mom, Jin-hee. Even so, she cannot get up the nerve to ask for the income when Jin-hee says they’re not genuinely mates — they’re escaping the responsibilities of friendship with each other.

Cheer Up Episodes 7-8 Cheer Up Episodes 7-8

Sun-ho, with no Hae-yi’s expertise, meets with Jae-yi and cuts a deal. Sun-ho will pull his privileged strings and get the charges dropped in return for information and facts about Hae-yi. Sun-ho desires to know how to get to her heart. He asks Jae-yi what her soft spot is and Jae-yi responds that she’s weak to folks with wounds. Sun-ho goes to Hae-yi’s study session with coffee and kimbap hoping to get closer to her, but cannot open up and show any of his hurts.

We obtain out in these episodes that Sun-ho hates his father. I had wondered in an earlier weecap if Sun-ho also had an absent father, like Hae-yi and Jung-woo, but it turns out he’s just a jerk. He shows no like or concern for his wife and he appears to have fathered one more youngster (when married) with a lady he utilized to operate with. No a single acknowledges it, even though, and that youngster believes his father is the man his mother is married to. All of this provides us insight into why Sun-ho has been a player in dating relationships — he does not want to be the pathetic a single (begging for like like his mother).

Cheer Up Episodes 7-8

1 day at practice, Hae-yi is about to confess to Jung-woo and Sun-ho actions in the way. “Instead of him, cannot you appear at me?” Hae-yi is taken aback at how he’s asking her out, and Sun-ho tries to pretend he’s speaking about watching his practice moves. He’s lying, but just cannot show vulnerability. He asks Jae-yi if there’s one more way to get to Hae-yi alternatively. Jae-yi asks why he likes his sister so a lot anyway, offered he’s so well known. Sun-ho, sadly, provides an atrocious answer. She fascinates him since she functions so really hard — he’s never ever been that desperate.

Sun-ho does not appear to recognize he’s getting offensive, not only to Hae-yi, but to Jae-yi who’s sitting correct in front of him. As Jae-yi walks away, he tells Sun-ho that he’s sort of annoying — possibly that is why Hae-yi does not like him. I like this moment since it is a single of a couple we get this week exactly where even even though brother and sister fight like crazy, Jae-yi sticks up for his major sis when it comes to any individual else speaking about her. While, he gets slapped in the back of the head by their mother when he says the very same issues about Hae-yi for which he defended her against. The predicament is complex, and entirely realistic.

Cheer Up Episodes 7-8

When Sun-ho really talks to Hae-yi, he puts a distinctive spin on how he feels. He tells her she’s cool for owning getting poor and not getting embarrassed. He generally feels like he’s going to disappoint somebody and he could never ever do what she does. He confides in her that he hates his father. She tries to empathize by saying often she resents her household but it is since she really loves them. Sun-ho cries and asks why she cannot like him. Why does not any individual he likes like him back? Hae-yi hugs him to attempt to comfort him, and Jung-woo arrives at that moment to see it. Jung-woo also notices that the two are sitting in the half-moon spot on the stage, which superstition says will imply they finish up with each other.

I like that these episodes had been far more about relationships than the prophecy mystery. They felt uplifting and gave us some glue to stick this story with each other. Nearly absolutely everyone is getting truthful about their feelings, and all the possibilities of pairings really feel correct for a college campus. I just hope we get some backstory for Jung-woo quickly so we can location him far more evenly with Sun-ho emotionally.

Also, it was good to see the group acquiring tighter by operating on new routines this week. The tiny squad that remains are all folks who genuinely like what they’re performing. I’m hunting forward to seeing them carry out once again due to the fact we’re halfway by way of and have only noticed their stage game a single time. The camera is purposefully chopping up the practice routines so we cannot see them in complete. I hope this is since the show is arranging to surprise us with great complete routines later.

Cheer Up Episodes 7-8

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