BIFF 2022 – a Film Diary (part 2)

Hong Kong Household by Eric Tsang Hing Weng &#8211 The Humiliated Household Man

The initially half hour of &#8220Hong Kong Household&#8221 however promises a great deal a lot more than the film can ultimately provide. The characters are introduced, precisely and currently in a bitingly ironic tone. It&#8217s about the titular household. It consists of a father, a mother, a daughter and a son. At the starting of the film, they are just having into the automobile to go to the grandmother, the mother of the mother, to celebrate her birthday. The initially argument breaks out when the man desires to hold the basket of pastries on his lap so that it doesn&#8217t spill out in the trunk through the drive, but the lady puts it in the trunk anyway. Then it is about the reality that the man has no job and, according to his wife&#8217s thought, does not attempt tough adequate to come across a new one particular and does also tiny at all.

Arriving at the grandmother&#8217s property, the story continues seamlessly. Initial, the other son of the old lady quarrels with his mother due to the fact she accuses him of obtaining stolen cash from her and he runs away in a rage, then the husband and wife shout at each and every other due to the fact the man does not care for the lady who has reduce her finger. She threatens divorce, his fuses blow and he threatens her with a knife in his hand. This leads to a break involving father and son, who can no longer forgive the father for this scene and hence runs away from residence.

Honor, sacrifice and household are what this drama from Hong Kong is about. Sadly, neither the acting, which appears fairly amateurish in locations, nor the density of the plot reaches the so promising starting. The story drags on, it becomes really sentimental and it doesn&#8217t appear to be seriously nicely motivated. The quarrel involving father and son can only be understood to a specific extent. The son blindly requires sides with the mother and fully neglects the reality that she is by no suggests the victim in this matter.

&#8220Hail to Hell&#8221 by Lim Oh-jeong &#8211 Hell is everywhere.

Na-mi and Sun-woo are each victims of teasing and harassment from their classmates. They can&#8217t take it any longer and want to commit suicide, but the try fails. As an alternative, they initially want to take revenge on Chae-rin, who has especially hurt them and now apparently lives a good life in Seoul. So they seek her out and come across out that she is in a religious neighborhood that has supposedly produced her a much better particular person. At initially they are skeptical, but then they recognize a lot more and a lot more that this is a cult that is something but altruistic with its members.

The film requires up themes such as purification, faith, friendship and violence. In the procedure, the sphere of the youths is no diverse from that of adults. Greed, jealousy and inferiority complexes exist in each. The plot does not lead to a straightforward resolution on the contrary, it points to a vicious circle. Nonetheless, the film ends on a somewhat hopeful note. The Korean director has currently set the bar really higher with this, her function film debut. She narrates precisely, has a sense of rhythm and also irony. Her characters are multifaceted and not straightforward decals that she divides into victims and perpetrators.

&#8220Greenhouse&#8221 by Lee Sol-hui &#8211 It&#8217s tough to be satisfied

Moonjung tries to do every little thing suitable. She seeks specialist enable for her mental illness, operates for an elderly couple, and prepares a residence for herself and her son, who is quickly to be released from juvenile detention. But then an accident happens, the elderly lady, falls and hits her head. What she does subsequent sets off a tragic chain reaction.

&#8220Greenhouse&#8221 is the initially complete-length function film by the Korean director. In itself, the story she tells right here is a bit thin, but the psychology of the protagonist is cautiously created. Her mental illness is not exaggerated, not moralized. As a viewer, you also come across understanding for her actions, while Moonjung remains a stranger to you till the finish. The film deliberately maintains a specific distance from her. There are no poor guys in this story, only men and women who attempt to be satisfied and valuable in their tiny one particular.

&#8220Big Sleep&#8221 by Kim Taehoon &#8211 Two misfits

Kiyoung is a grumpy loner. He hauls boxes each day devoid of asking for a great deal. Otherwise, he requires care of the quite a few plants his mother left him and brings cash to his father&#8217s new wife from time to time. In front of his property, an apparently homeless boy has identified a location to sleep. Kiyoung lets him commit the evening. This one particular evening turns into a lot more. The two gradually develop into good friends. Kiyoung also knows the feeling of becoming lost and the indefinable inner rage that the boy has inside him.

&#8220Big Sleep&#8221 is the directorial debut of Korean Kim Taehoon. It is about cohesion, about loneliness and about a society that is frequently happy with superficial observations. The film tells of neglected youths whose self-esteem is not strengthened by everyone and who hence want to test and prove themselves in adventurous, criminal actions. Nonetheless, they are not drawn as victims. Kiyoung delivers one particular boy an option, but he can’t force him. The confrontation with each and every other, even so, nevertheless makes it possible for them to develop. The drama is calmly staged, does devoid of dramatic twists and turns and has identified two expressive actors in the two major roles with Kim Youngsung and Choi Joonwoo. The mood of the film is somewhat reminiscent of &#8220Breathless&#8221 by Yang Ik-june, in which a lonely bill collector meets a young girl and befriends her. Nonetheless, &#8220Big Sleep&#8221 is not fairly as dense and lastingly impressive.

&#8220Highway Household&#8221 by Lee Sangmoon &#8211 Household Cohesion

They reside at highway rest stops, sleep in a tent, mooch off motorists for some transform, wash up in public restrooms. For the two preschoolers, every little thing is an adventure. But the mother is heavily pregnant with the third kid, and the police are getting a lot more and a lot more calls from men and women complaining about the household man&#8217s scam. 1 of them is the owner of a second-hand furnishings retailer. She contributes to the arrest of the father, who is currently wanted for a important fraud case. Simply because she feels sorry for the lady and the youngsters, she brings them to her.

The drama is the function debut of Korean director Lee Sangmoon. He has identified a excellent mix involving tragedy and also a lot more light-hearted components. The two youngsters play surprisingly differentiated and otherwise, the performances of Ra Mi-ran, who plays the businesswoman, and Jung Il-woo as the household man disgusted by society, stand out the most. The strength of the film is that the story is not out to bring about a purification in the protagonists. Accordingly, there is no moral condemnation of their earlier choices. &#8220Highway Household&#8221 is about solidarity and household and that household does not necessarily consist of members of the identical blood, but can also be a neighborhood of wills.

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