Premiere Watch: Shadow Detective, Bargain

October 26, 2022October 25, 2022

Premiere Watch: Shadow Detective, Bargain
by missvictrix

We have two streaming service offerings this week — each dark and shadowy. But perhaps that is just what is required to balance all the rom-coms and comedies we’ve been obtaining of late?
Shadow Detective

Time slot: Wednesdays
Broadcaster: Disney+
Genre: Crime, thriller
Episode count: eight
Factors to watch: In this gritty thriller (with epic posters!) Lee Sung-min plays a veteran detective who’s poised to retire when he gets embroiled in a new case. A mysterious telephone get in touch with quickly wreaks havoc and he’s implicated in a murder and drawn into an intense psychological battle with an unknown enemy. Jin Gu also stars (why does he only choose these sort of dramas?) and joins forces with Lee Sung-min to uncover the truth. But the genuine excitement (nicely, for me), is Lee Hak-joo, who’s constantly amazing at scene-stealing.
TLDR: Lee Sung-min, Jin Gu, psychological warfare, crime, detective, shadows

Time slot: Fridays
Broadcaster: TVING
Genre: Thriller
Episode count: six
Factors to watch: This brief-kind disaster-thriller is a remake of a brief film by the very same title and stars Jin Seon-gyu, Jeon Jong-seo, and Jang Ryul. The premise is super shady, with a creepy motel, a proposition, and then a by-force organ auction. But all this hell is reduce brief by anything else: a deadly earthquake that traps absolutely everyone inside stated motel. It sounds dark and desperate, but interestingly, the PD has performed significantly lighter function in the previous, with Residence Helper and Strongest Deliveryman on his resume, so this is rather a departure.
TLDR: Cool cast, disaster-thriller, organ theft, deadly earthquake, basic mayhem
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