Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 13-14


Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 13-14

Action! Double-crossing! Triple-crossing! Issues (ultimately) get intriguing once more this week as our drama picks up the pace and begins seriously dealing with the central pillar of corruption that is been plaguing us all from the start off.


Ahead of we get to the action, we initial return to the scene exactly where Gil has quit as mental coach, and storms out of Tae-man’s workplace with Ga-eul. It surely looked like a romantic confession (to me and to everybody in-drama), but Gil insists — and most specially Ga-eul herself — that he does not feel of her like that. And essentially the rest of this week’s episodes hammer in that point, so I feel I think them. (Interestingly, Mu-gyeol and Yeo-woon are totally absent from the plot this week, which, even even though I like them, tends to make me feel the story could have been tighter with out them.)

Even if her feelings are not reciprocated, Ga-eul is positively blossoming with the self-confidence that her newfound assistance technique delivers her. When Coach Oh acts like his assy self, rather of letting the group submit to a beating, Ga-eul whips out her telephone and begins recording. It is a great insurance coverage policy, and I adore seeing her courage, but watching Coach Oh rage like a infant bull getting a tantrum is seriously old at this point. He can just go away.

Ga-eul’s courage and self-confidence also leads her to save poor Sun-ah from a equivalent fate that she herself suffered 4 years back just after her win. Certainly, the gravity of that disgusting close to-rape encounter with Coach Oh is offered the weight it deserves this week — initial when we see the huge impact it has on Moo-tae when she ultimately tells him, and second when we see the story repeat itself with Sun-ah.

At this point, in our net of flashbacks and reveals, each Gil and Moo-tae have discovered that Coach Oh gets even much more vile just after a gold medal has been won by one particular of “his girls,” and each are storming the castle searching for Coach Oh’s area. But it is neither Gil nor Moo-tae that comes to Sun-ah’s rescue: it is Ga-eul. With a fire extinguisher aimed proper in his face. Glorious! (Although the gas does not retain him down extended adequate for my liking.)

Even much more glorious, even though, is the way the girls safeguard every single other — they run, they bond, they heal more than the previous, with Sun-ah crying for forgiveness, and Ga-eul comforting her back. I adore it.

Coach Oh is a total cockroach even though, and he chases just after the girls like the villain he is only to be practically beaten to a pulp by Moo-tae (who ultimately tends to make up with his sister). He’s sent packing by Gil, who essentially tells him, “You’re gonna get yours.”

Operating concurrent to the girls’ storyline, is Gil and the No Medal Club’s operation to steal the Essential and Incriminating Foundation Documents straight from Tae-man’s workplace. This entire arc would have been far much more enjoyable if the drama didn’t insist on so a great deal asynchronous editing (some is great for impact as well a great deal is just confusing and counter-productive). Nonetheless, the initial tiny twist is that even though Tae-man and Moo-tae seem to be setting an elaborate trap to catch Gil in the act, they catch a person else totally: Dr. Park.

We see in flashback that Dr. Park has inserted herself into Gil’s operation and for the initial time in the drama I’m seriously feeling for her — she has a corrupt snake for a father, and she ultimately has to confront the murderous lengths he is prepared to go to for energy.

If Dr. Park is the initial twist (and it is not like Tae-man would react to her the way he would Gil), the subsequent twist is that Moo-tae has completed not a double-cross but a triple-cross! At initial glance we saw him go to Gil, appear penitent, give him the code to the protected, and assistance him strategy his op. Then, we see that he planned that entire factor as a setup with Tae-man. But then we see that it was a setup of a setup, and Moo-tae did assistance Gil in the finish.

So, in the finish, Gil not only has all the Essential and Incriminating Foundation Documents, but he’s gained his bestie back (thanks to the wakeup contact that Ga-eul’s assault gave her brother).

Our No Medal Club (and specially Young-to!) deserve so a great deal much more story than they’re obtaining — this will be a gripe of mine till the finish — but, as ever, they turn up just when required to assistance and assistance. Occasionally it is to consume PPL snacks and strategy epic takedowns from time to time it is to be the muscle in a fight. Thanks to them, Gil and the Essential and Incriminating Foundation Documents escape Tae-man’s tantrums and flock of baddies.

But factors speedily escalate, and the theme of back-stabbing and double-crossing continues with way larger stakes. At initial, Tae-man loses his sh!t when he realizes Moo-tae double-crossed him, but it is not till he chases down Moo-tae and learns that they’re each on thin ice with the Evil Assemblyman that we see Tae-man’s accurate colors.

The Evil Assemblyman’s goons arrive with carte blanche, and factors get hairy when they beat Moo-tae to a pulp and tie him up, about to throw him into the reservoir. Will Tae-man turn a blind eye and save himself? It seriously appears like he will, but all the even though I’m hoping not…

And certain adequate, there’s a true human bean inside him someplace! He chooses to fight the goons and save Moo-tae rather than himself, and I’m loving this. Then, it only gets greater when Gil flies onto the scene, and the 3 old teammates take on the goons. In Gil’s words: 3 national taekwondo athletes have been educated adequate to beat 5 opponents. (I do not totally forgive Tae-man however, but this is a excellent moment, and one particular the drama was primed for, so I’m satisfied.)

As the episode comes to a fast finish, our theme from earlier in the episode is hammered in. Gil narrates that, “Life is not a relay, but a extended-distance race you run with other individuals.” The value of the people today about you — pals, loved ones, group, and even foes — has been a extended-standing theme of this drama, and I’m glad they’re returning to it. Even if it implies that Gil had to give up the Essential and Incriminating Foundation Documents to save his pals. I’m certain they’ll come across a way to win subsequent week.

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