You can only pick one: Namgoong Min performance


You can only choose a single: Namgoong Min efficiency

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What’s your favourite Namgoong Min efficiency?

missvictrix: Unpopular answer is that it took me a whilst to warm up to Namgoong Min, and whilst I really like his comedic performances (even though I did miss Chief Kim, whoops!) I in fact liked him in The Veil the ideal. I do not know, I believe I just have a weakness for brutal, fearless, badass black ops agent characters with attractive scars.

mistyisles: So… I have a weird, fully irrational aversion to Namgoong Min. I’m certain he’s beautiful, and I know he’s a talented actor, so the only explanation I can come up with is that he did as well very good of a job with the back-to-back villains in Girl Who Sees Smells and Keep in mind: Son’s War. I guess I’ll choose the former as my favourite, because I bear in mind getting impressed by him there (and I’d rather neglect the latter exists).

DaebakGrits: Stove League is a single of my favourite dramas, so I’m definitely selecting Baek Seung-soo, the new common manager of the floundering baseball group the Dreams, as my favourite Namgoong Min part. I’m a sucker for an underdog sports drama, and I really like watching Seung-soo defy people’s expectations time and time once again to assist his new group rise to the leading. I believe the most attractive element of this character is his quiet self-assurance in the face of everyone’s doubts. He lets the outcomes speak for themselves.

solstices: I was possessing a difficult time deciding, and then I ultimately began watching 1 Dollar Lawyer, and I’m sold. Namgoong Min brings his usual charisma to the part, with a side of offbeat quirkiness and debonair vintage suits — it is hilariously ideal. This is promptly shaping up to develop into a single of my favourite roles of his, even even though it is only been a couple of episodes. I’m not all caught up but, but I’ve noticed clips of his acting in the flashback scenes, and colour me impressed. Versatility is a term that suits Namgoong Min to a tee, and I really like that this part permits him to show off his acting chops on each ends of the emotional spectrum.

Unit: I’m partial to dramas that make me laugh, and perhaps that is why Chief Kim sits at the leading of my favourite dramas list. Kim Sung-ryong was a wacky and chaotic character, and his brand of humor could possibly have fallen flat if played by somebody with out very good comedic timing. But Namgoong Min has that timing on a lockdown, and he completely immersed himself in the part. No holds barred, no restraints, just an actor possessing an absolute blast in bringing an currently fascinating-on-paper character to life. Kim Sung-ryong was extra than a clown, even though, and thanks to Namgoong Min’s nuanced efficiency, I was also capable to see the heart beneath his wacky exterior. Once more, perhaps it is since I’m partial to humorous characters, but for somebody who played a single of the most goosebump-inducing K-drama psychopaths I have ever watched, Namgoong Min’s total transformation as Kim Sung-ryong is worthy of getting my favourite efficiency of his.

Dramaddictally: Chief Kim! He puts his lips on Junho’s face, was there any way I was selecting an additional efficiency? I really like Namgoong Min right here for playing the zany a single whilst quite a great deal just about every character about him plays “the straight man.” Or is he just so more than the leading it tends to make absolutely everyone else appear buttoned down? In either case, it offers him lots of area for absurd antics and bringing out his vibrant smile — which is even brighter when it is paired against Junho’s angry face in their constructing bromance. The drama has an all round terrific cast, but Namgoong Min steals the show in this a single.

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