Gaus Electronics: Episodes 7-8


Gaus Electronics: Episodes 7-eight

We have a lot of pounding hearts and navigating new, unexpected feelings this week. Our leads have no concept what to do with themselves soon after their awkward encounter and default to bickering as usual. Meanwhile, our barely undercover chaebol searches for a prospective spy amongst his teammates but ends up creating a distinctive discovery. As for our hapless group, it appears like they might have luck on their side for as soon as as an unexpected improvement could be just what they need to have to keep in the operating.


We choose back up exactly where we left off with Sang-shik and Na-rae kissing. Abruptly, Na-rae pushes back and stares in shock. Aziz is lounging on the bed, snacking as he watches the show. (I’m dying.) I really like how Aziz just casually asserts himself into each and every circumstance.

He congratulates them on their new partnership, which leads to Na-rae absurdly claim she was merely greeting Sang-shik. Aziz calls her bluff by asking, “Aren’t you going to greet me?” Ha! Na-rae mentally kicks herself and plants a kiss on his cheek as she rushes out. Leave it to Aziz.

Right after all that, Na-rae and Sang-shik react as you’d count on. Sang-shik says specifically the incorrect point by texting her an ambiguous “sorry.” Na-rae’s temper and embarrassment get the far better of her, and she fires off a paragraph about it becoming a error brought on by her discomfort meds and his drunkenness.

They’re each dissatisfied with the circumstance but stubborn adequate to pretend it is all fine. They’re super awkward about every single other at operate to the point of raising Hyung-mi’s suspicions, specifically when Na-rae gets a tiny also riled up at the concept of Kang-mi setting Sang-shik up on a date with her buddy.

Unsurprisingly, Sang-shik is the very first to break and confront Na-rae about his true feelings. He’s so consumed with thoughts of Na-rae – he now sees her bathed in light anytime he appears at her – that he’s even ignoring Hae-young.

He admits that he mentioned “sorry” due to the fact it was his very first kiss and he worried he was undesirable at it. Aww. He argues that given that they had been interrupted, they almost certainly must kiss once again just to confirm their feelings. Na-rae is fast to accept his flimsy argument as logical, so this time, it is Sang-shik who eagerly kisses her.

Sang-shik is prepared to go all in on their partnership, but Na-rae is understandably hesitant offered he’s been mooning more than Hae-young for 5 years. (If a person sprained each my arms soon after flinging me off their back due to the fact their crush showed up, I’d be hesitant to go all in on a partnership also.)

Meanwhile, Ma-tan is nonetheless becoming Ma-tan and provides himself a different mission. His father appears to know all the things he’s up to, so Ma-tan assumes there ought to be a spy in their ranks. Right after hearing a suspicious telephone contact, he mistakenly pegs Kang-mi for the spy and begins incredibly unsubtly following her about soon after operate.

For the reason that he can not blend with standard folk to save his life, Ma-tan ends up finding the garments actually stolen off his back in Kang-mi’s neighborhood. He gets a tiny starstruck when she single-handedly fights off the group of troublemakers devoid of breaking a sweat. Of course, this is the obtuse Ma-tan we’re speaking about, so he later attributes his speedily beating heart to tension.

And it is accurate that everybody is below a great deal of tension. Right after the team’s a number of mishaps of late, Senior Manager Wi gets word the group is becoming disbanded. When everybody is summoned by Director Choi, they’re resigned to becoming fired. As an alternative, they’re congratulated.

In a wonderful twist, Sang-shik’s ridiculous marketing and advertising video that brought on all that grief went viral and basically raised the public’s opinion of Gaus. Everyone’s buzzing about the special marketing and advertising, specifically soon after the livestream balloon incident. HA.

Rather than give her staff their due, Director Choi unabashedly requires credit for their operate, acting like she ordered them to do these items. And it is not the very first time she’s completed stuff like this. Years ago, she threw Senior Manager Wi, an old college buddy, below the bus for her error, which is how he landed in Promoting Group three.

I really like the absurd workplace life moments this drama highlights, like when they’re all functioning on this proposal that circulates till they’re at file names like “proposal_reallyfinalfinalfinal2.” Everyone who’s completed workplace operate knows the discomfort of by no means-ending file revisions.

Amusingly, the proposal that ends up winning the enterprise competitors is Ma-tan’s proposal that Manager Gi discovered ridiculous. So not only did their group finish up marketing and advertising darlings for their accidental successes, but they also get tasked with handling the project Ma-tan proposed.

Offered their track record, everybody is nervous about failure. There’s this rumor that anytime stoic Hyung-mi laughs, a solution succeeds. So rather than functioning really hard on the project, the group spends an inordinate quantity of time attempting to make Hyung-mi crack a smile.

Hyung-mi’s poker face is legendary. She’s an infamous negotiator given that all she has to do is turn her cold stare on a client, and they undercut themselves. The greatest element is that Hyung-mi does not look to be undertaking it on objective – that is just her face. I really like how nonplussed and simple she is. She refuses to pretend one thing is funny when it is not this lady is impervious to peer stress.

Meanwhile, Ma-tan has unwittingly convinced Sang-shik that he’s a poser who’s attempting to impress men and women with his non-existent clout. Fed up with his tiny adventure in Gaus-land, Ma-tan’s father has reduce him off from revenue and sources. Now, each and every time Ma-tan throws out a casual remark about obtaining access to one thing or understanding a person, he can not stick to by way of. Even when a drunk Kang-mi announces that Ma-tan is the Energy heir to the complete group, they all dismiss it as Ma-tan bluffing once again. (Ma-tan’s luck is by way of the roof.)

Though Ma-tan is not what you’d contact subtle or perceptive, he does look to be onto one thing about a spy becoming in their midst. Not only is his father finding intel on him, but for the second time, Energy is somehow functioning on the precise exact same solution as Gaus at the exact same time. Appears like we may possibly have a mole. I’m a tiny suspicious of Senior Manager Wi given that he’s been taking fairly frequent calls from a “chairman” and becoming told by Director Choi to take care of Ma-tan.

Even with all the operate drama, Sang-shik and Na-rae are distracted thanks to their budding partnership. They start out “seeing every single other” devoid of officially calling it dating. Na-rae argues they must take it slow and actually consider about it prior to going additional. But then the second they’re alone in the workplace, they’re creating out. And for the second time, they turn to find out they have an audience: a drunk Manager Gi and teammate CHA WA-WA (Jeon Seok-chan) stare at them in shock.

Elsewhere, Ma-tan sits alone with Kang-mi and ultimately begins to suspect his irregular heartbeat may possibly be feelings of the really like type. As an alternative of reacting reasonably, Ma-tan grabs Kang-mi’s hand and areas it more than his quickly beating heart, confirming to himself that she’s the supply. We finish as a startled and slightly creeped out Kang-mi slaps Ma-tan in the face.

Now that Ma-tan has realized his feelings, I wonder what he’ll do. He described that he has a person he’s supposed to marry, so it appears like he’s got a single of these wealthy men and women marriage alliances. Given that he’s had no dilemma going against his father so far, I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes with his heart on this a single.

Not only has Ma-tan’s secret been revealed (and hilariously dismissed), but Na-rae and Sang-shik got caught prior to even beginning to officially date. I swear, no a single on this group has a subtle bone in their physique. Except possibly Hyung-mi. Does everyone else want to see her and Aziz meet? That could be an epic mixture.


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