Blind: Episodes 11-12


Blind: Episodes 11-12

One more murder hits painfully close to household for our investigative group, driving a new wedge of distrust in between them even as it draws them closer to each and every other — and to the killer’s correct identity.


Blind: Episodes 11-12

When Sung-joon reels from understanding that Sung-hoon is #11, Sung-hoon ambushes Eun-ki outdoors the children’s center. Sung-joon is so blindsided that he forgets about the prospective danger till blood splatters are discovered at the center — and no sign of Sung-hoon or Eun-ki. When he ultimately locates Sung-hoon, he’s throwing the final couple of shovelfuls of dirt onto what appears like a fresh grave.

Fortunately, it is all a significant fakeout. What Sung-hoon just buried was roadkill, and Eun-ki is secure and sound inside the property. Sung-hoon merely helped her evade the killer.

But then the true blow lands: Yoo-na, the teenage girl in Eun-ki’s charge, was nonetheless at the center when the killer arrived. Thwarted from acquiring Eun-ki, the killer murdered Yoo-na as an alternative, leaving her to bleed out in a cabinet.

Blind: Episodes 11-12

Eun-ki, of course, is gutted. And even though he does not show it really as plainly, so is Sung-hoon. What small time he spent with Yoo-na had reminded him of each his lost childhood and his resolve to reside nicely regardless of the hell that was his youth. Now that Eun-ki is once more displaced, Sung-hoon invites her to keep with him and Sung-joon.

Sung-joon, meanwhile, is hurt and angry in his personal way, specifically due to the fact he cannot shake his suspicions about Sung-hoon. As quickly as he can, he brings Sung-hoon in for questioning about his time at Hope Welfare. Sung-hoon obliges, his voice thick with emotion as he describes the horrific situations he and the other people endured and how society at massive betrayed them. Even though Sung-joon is moved by the story, his suspicions linger.

Blind: Episodes 11-12 Blind: Episodes 11-12

It is an intriguing reversal of the early episodes: now, Sung-joon is the a single convinced that his brother is not to be trusted. But this time, as an alternative of questioning along with him, we can be relatively confident that he’s mistaken — so the tension comes additional from worrying more than what the killer will do subsequent whilst Sung-joon pursues the incorrect leads.

But that is not to say Sung-joon does not have very good explanation to be suspicious. There’s a lot that Sung-hoon has kept secret or outright lied about — like how and when he got the footage of Moon-kang murdering Man-chun — and he continues to evade Sung-joon’s pointed inquiries. Plus, all the CCTV footage shows the killer dressed just like Sung-hoon was when Sung-joon saw him at the wedding-turned-murder-scene.

Blind: Episodes 11-12 Blind: Episodes 11-12

1 evening, Sung-joon tails Sung-hoon to a remote place. There, a familiar black-cloaked figure walks out of the trees to meet Sung-hoon… and stabs him. Sung-joon rushes Sung-hoon to the hospital, but even though the physicians stabilize him in surgery, there’s no assure he’ll wake up.

The incident is sufficient to convince Sung-joon he was incorrect about Sung-hoon, so back to the drawing board he goes. Therefore far, two of the 5 Hope Welfare escapees have remained unidentified: #24, who was killed in the try, and #12, who stepped in the bear trap. But now the latter actions forward to determine himself.

Pictures confirm that the restaurant ajumma’s missing son became #12, and immediately after hesitating outdoors her door, juror In-sung sits down with her to reveal he’s the missing son. He does not bear in mind significantly of his childhood, but he remembers facts about their final day with each other, and the boy in the photo is him. He even has a horrible-hunting scar on his ankle, attesting to the bear trap injury.

Blind: Episodes 11-12

Overjoyed, the ajumma throws a celebration for all their mates. But regardless of all the smiles and tears, anything feels a bit off. Prior to Sung-joon can investigate significantly, nonetheless, new proof comes out: the tip of the killer’s knife broke off in Sung-hoon’s wound — and it is a sashimi knife.

So Sung-joon drops by Charles’s restaurant to inspect his knives. When he and Charles attempt to psych each and every other out, Eun-ki calls. She’s been functioning with yet another severely traumatized Hope Welfare victim, and she’s ultimately hit a breakthrough: #24 was Charles’s brother. Suitable about then, Sung-joon catches Charles attempting to hide anything behind the counter. There it is: the broken knife, nonetheless coated in Sung-hoon’s blood.

But something’s nonetheless not suitable. Charles appears all as well eager to confess now that the knife has been discovered, and Sung-joon rapidly deduces he’s covering for a person. What’s additional, according to the knife’s maker, it was bought by a Jung Yoon-jae.

Blind: Episodes 11-12

The final clue comes from a heartbreaking spot. In Yoo-na’s dying moments, she’d written a message in her personal blood: “Jo Eun” and an unfinished character (that is not “ki”). When Sung-joon asks, Eun-ki cannot consider of any one Yoo-na knew whose name starts that way, but immediately after she processes yet another wave of grief, it hits her. Yoo-na had noticed In-sung leaving the center, and the phrase Eun-ki had applied to describe him as a “nice person” sounds the identical as the characters Yoo-na wrote.

And confident sufficient — In-sung’s adoption papers reveal he’s not the missing In-sung immediately after all. He’s Yoon-jae. At the identical moment, In-sung himself creeps into Sung-hoon’s hospital space. As Sung-hoon regains consciousness, In-sung grins down at him, either delighted or annoyed (or each) that Sung-hoon survived.

Blind: Episodes 11-12

This week took really the emotional turn. The dread of “What if it definitely is Sung-hoon?” providing way to relief, only for them to come across Yoo-na as well late, created me really feel just as angry and betrayed and saddened as our trio, due to the fact Yoo-na’s death was so unfair and cruel. I did appreciate that Yoo-na was in a position to contribute that final important clue, but I nonetheless want she could have lived.

But In-sung has shown us a lot of instances more than that he does not care who he hurts or how significantly cruelty he inflicts in the procedure of acquiring his revenge. Which is most likely why he’s providing the ajumma so significantly happiness ahead of (presumably) attacking her, as well, for abandoning the true In-sung back then.

Blind: Episodes 11-12

I do wonder, even though, if he would have killed Eun-ki had he gotten to her that evening at the children’s center, or if he had anything else in thoughts. From their initial meeting at Man-chun’s trial, he took a marked interest in her due to the fact of her hesitation to pass premature judgment. And ever considering that, he’s been functioning challenging to make her like and trust him. Which, yes, could be to guard his cover. But also, there have been a lot of instances they have been alone with each other that he could have kidnapped and/or killed her had he selected to.

Speaking of Eun-ki, I do not consider I’ve stated sufficient about her. As a character, she strikes a excellent balance in between vulnerability and strength. She has wonderful emotional intelligence and empathy, and I like when we get to see her in action as a competent and caring social worker. But I also like that we see her vulnerable side, that she has to operate via her personal traumas and weaknesses just as she aids other people overcome theirs. And whilst I do not know at this point if romance is in the end in the cards for her and Sung-joon, I’m glad they have each and every other to turn to when almost everything else is uncertain.

Blind: Episodes 11-12

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