Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) alums return for makjang writer Im Sung-han

October 23, 2022October 23, 2022

Adore (ft. Marriage and Divorce) alums return for makjang writer Im Sung-han’s upcoming project
by Jenzy

Park Joo-mi, Jeon No-min, Ji Young-san
Just after offering us with years of birth secrets and tangled like affairs, Im Sung-han (Adore ft. Marriage and Divorce), makjang extraordinaire and writer of the legendary Princess Aurora herself, is back with yet another project to bless our screens — this time with the director Shin Woo-Chul (Melting Me Softly) behind the camera. The drama is described as a time travel melodrama, and the title alone promises wacky occasions for every person involved: Durian Fairy (apparently a functioning title).
Even the behind-the-scenes PR rollout has played out like a twisty makjang episode — with the press initially describing it as a romance involving a mother and daughter-in-law (yikes) and then Im Sung-han providing a statement that that is certainly not the case. Of course, with all the hullaballoo, what do we finish up studying about the plot? Practically practically nothing as of now.
But what we do know is that Park Joo-mi (Adore ft. Marriage and Divorce three) and Kim Min-jun (Was it Adore?) are attached as the lead roles. Park Joo-mi, who is hot off the heels of her final Im Sung-han project, will be playing a radio DJ who divorced her husband soon after discovering out about his affair. And rounding out the ensemble, we have the rest of the Adore ft. Marriage and Divorce cast attached to this project: Jeon No-min (Law Cafe) and Ji Young-san (Adore ft. Marriage and Divorce three).
With all the overlap involving the two shows, I’m shocked this is not regarded as as a spinoff or pseudo-reboot of sorts, but if you had been a fan and devastated at the way Adore ended, this may be just the point that brings you closure… or sends you spiralling down yet another hair-pulling journey. Either way, it is assured to be an entertaining ride.
Through Newsen, Star YTN, Star These days, Sports Seoul
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