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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for additional (or agonizing when there was no additional), and what produced you want to throw your remote by way of the screen? Time to weigh in…



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Adore is for Suckers: Dang, this show keeps carrying out precisely what I want it to! I actually enjoyed this week’s episodes, although I’ll admit the only way I can stomach the reality Television show segments (#death) is simply because it is framed in such a way that our leads know it is a shameful mess. Jae-hoon’s confession was a small quickly for me, but I also can not complain also difficult considering that he’s utterly gentle and devoted with Yeo-reum. These Appears!



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Adore is for Suckers: This is my favourite at present airing drama, but the complete just about-marriage factor — *sigh*. I would have preferred it if they hadn’t integrated it at all, but considering that they did, I want the lead to of the breakup and the timeline of events had been far better. I wholly recognize and help Yeo-reum’s selection to get in touch with off the wedding, but — and perhaps I’m in the minority on this 1 — it didn’t really feel like a powerful sufficient justification for a full breakup. I imply, obtaining out your 1-evening-stand is pregnant is shocking, life-altering news, and I’m not positive I would have been capable to course of action that info and locate a way to inform my fiancée inside two days. So when In-woo showed up at the filming web-site and seemed to genuinely care for Yeo-reum, I essentially located myself sympathetically considering, “they must be in counseling” rather of celebrating the truth that their break-up indicates we can move onto the Yeo-reum and Jae-hoon romance — and I’m completely on the Yeo-reum and Jae-hoon ship. Admittedly, we’re supposed to recognize that she wasn’t really in enjoy with him this time about. She was in enjoy with the memory of what they utilized to have, but even with this know-how, I want there had been a small bit of a time-skip — possibly 1 that mirrored Jae-hoon’s slow recovery from depression — among the named off ceremony and the commence of the reality show filming that chronicled her coming to terms with this know-how.

Cheer Up: I’m beginning to get some Weightlifting Fairy vibes from this drama. Not just simply because it is featuring athletes in a college setting, but the general tone and humor is related. When Jung-woo attempted to save Hae-yi from the scooter-of-doom, the unexpected twist on the trope reminded me of the scene when Joon-hyung makes use of Bok-ju as a shield when a vehicle drives by and splashes water on them.

Adore in Contract: I located my focus waning this week as the enjoy triangle-turned-quartet went off the rails, but I did get exceptionally fired up more than Ji-ho’s ex-wife. Excuse me, Lady! How narcissistic do you have to be to assume your ex-husband spent 5 years in a fake marriage just to spite you? I want to retain watching this drama for Ji-ho and Sang-eun’s roommate, who has swiftly come to be my second favourite character, but I’m not positive I will have a powerful wish to watch subsequent week’s episodes when they’re released.



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Seasons of Blossom: Seo Ji-hoon! Why do you make my heart hurt each single week! T___T Recognizing how Ha-min’s story ends just tends to make it all the additional heartbreaking, simply because it feels like I’m in So-mang’s footwear, reminiscing about the previous when desperately wishing it turned out differently. The previous storyline captures such an evocative balance of heart-fluttering romance and lonely melancholy, all wrapped up in wistful nostalgia. I would’ve watched this show regardless, just for Seo Ji-hoon and So Joo-yeon, but it is currently far surpassed my expectations. I just want the present storyline was additional compelling, simply because it however pales in comparison. Even though Jin-young has gradually been developing on me, and I’m anticipating So-mang and Jae-min’s journey to healing, so we’ll see!

Transit Adore two: Have I described that I enjoy Hae-eun? She’s such a vibrant, empathetic, and lovable individual. Her emotional journey has been heartwrenching to watch, and I just hope she finds happiness. As for Hyun-gyu — how do I even commence to sum up his attentiveness, compassion, and tact? He’s so swoonworthy I have no notion how he’s actual. I really feel deeply for Won-bin, who has a tendency to place other folks prior to himself, generally to his personal detriment. I hope he’ll at some point be capable to rebuild his self-worth — he deserves so a lot enjoy and kindness! Tae-yi has normally struck me as sensitive and thoughtful, regardless of his reticence, so I’m glad the other housemates have warmed up to him. And of course, Na-eon is such a gem! I enjoy her candid maturity, refreshing affability, and sharp wit. (If you are asking yourself why I’m not commenting on the remaining housemates, I watch them on 5x speed and the rest of the show on regular speed, so I assume that says it all.)

A single Dollar Lawyer: Aid, I can not quit laughing! Namgoong Min is so a lot enjoyable in this function (although actually, when is he not), and his comic timing is impeccable. I’m only a couple episodes in, considering that I began it as a light watch to appreciate when I’m sick, but I’m enjoying it so far. Also, I totally enjoy the animated opening — I’m not the only 1 who spotted these Ace Lawyer references, suitable?



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Adore in Contract: This factor is turning into a Shakespearian tragedy. I sort of really feel negative for every person involved but then it is also ridiculous to take it seriously. My favourite components are the superficial stuff. Like, final week Sang-eun was drooling more than Yumi and Bobby kissing in the vehicle and this week she got her personal vehicle kiss. Aw, great for her. And actually great for her that she kissed each guys in 1 episode. It is difficult to really feel negative for anyone with all that going on.

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