May I Help You: Episodes 1-2


Could I Support You: Episodes 1-two

An errand girl for the dead teaming up with an errand boy for the living equals a wild ride. And if you have ever wondered what a drama such as Hotel Del Luna would be like if it was set in a funeral household with non-scary ghosts, then Could I Support You can satisfy your morbid curiosity.


May I Help You: Episodes 1-2

If I ever come across a ghost, my initially instinct will be to run and under no circumstances appear back! But that is why I’m not our heroine BAEK DONG-JOO (Hyeri) who is in the company of performing a single final favor for the not too long ago deceased so they can rest in peace. From exposing their cheating husbands to slapping the ideal pals who betrayed them, Dong-joo faithfully does all the things for her ghost consumers.

You’d anticipate that she became a funeral director since that is the all-natural profession path for an individual who can see ghosts. But soon after an ankle injury, the former athlete decided that getting a funeral director was the subsequent ideal job and her capacity to see ghosts came afterwards. Dong-joo is not specifically a fan of this capacity, and even fled the job at the sight of her initially ghost. But on suggestions from a priest, FATHER MICHAEL (Oh Dae-hwan), she returned to obtain out why the capacity was provided to her.

Now Dong-joo has a deal (with God? Or whoever gave her the capacity) to fulfill specifically 21 ghost requests prior to she leaves to pursue her dream job as a civil servant — which is what her dad BAEK DAL-SIK (Park Soo-young) thinks she’s studying for. Only her ideal pals YOON SO-RA (the ever delightful Seo Hye-won) and HYUN JUNG-HWA (Ahn Hyun-ho) know that she’s functioning at the funeral household. Presently, Dong-joo has 15 ghost requests to go.

Becoming a funeral director is not a glamorous job specially in a superstitious society. And when her boss IM IL-SEOB (Tae In-ho) is currently employed to it, Dong-joo’s boyfriend breaks up with her. It is a single factor to be a jerk to an individual who’s creating an sincere living, but the boyfriend is also a coward. I believed breaking up more than text was poor, but this guy in fact got an errand boy to do the breaking up on his behalf!

May I Help You: Episodes 1-2

The errand boy in query is our male lead BUTLER KIM (Jun) and just like Dong-joo, he’s also in the company of assisting (living) folks. He runs a Dime a Job service with his uncle and company companion VINCENT (Lee Kyu-han), and they had the coolest entrance scene which I re-watched numerous occasions! From recycling the trash to walking dogs and swapping out water dispensing bottles, Butler Kim is a total eye candy performing his function, and I’ll gladly spend him to do odd jobs for me also.

By the way, catching cheating partners is a single of their specialties, and it is funny how each the living and the dead demand this unique service. Lol. Essentially, the Dime a Job guys will do something as extended as it is not illegal. But it is not like the nation bumpkin of a police officer SUNG DEOK-HO (Seo Hae-ahn) – who lives in their developing — will catch them if they do anyway.

May I Help You: Episodes 1-2

Immediately after their disaster of a initially meeting, Butler Kim meets Dong-joo once more in her search for the son of a cab driver ghost (cameo by Ahn Nae-sang, who should really truly cease dying in initially episodes). Kim shows up at the funeral soon after getting hired as a chief mourner, and he’s really committed to the function. He even has a equivalent scar on his arm just like ghost dad mentioned about his son, and Dong-joo requires him to be the missing boy.

Butler Kim denies any relation to the cab driver, but Dong-joo does not think him. Not even soon after he finds the true son — who, however, was the final passenger the cab driver dropped off prior to getting killed in an off-screen accident (cameo by the Truck of Doom). Considering the fact that father and son in fact saw every single other prior to he died, and with the son lastly paying his final respects to the dad, Dong-joo’s ghost requests are now down to 14.

Butler Kim and Dong-joo’s third encounter is equally a disaster when they meet at the zebra crossing exactly where he’s on a usual errand to cross the elementary college youngsters. He gets distracted more than a different round of Denial of the Dad and accidentally collides into Dong-joo’s lunch bag, sending the rice and seaweed soup flying out on the road. The seaweed is for her birthday which she under no circumstances celebrates since it is also her mum’s death anniversary.

Kim provides to compensate for the meals, and Dong-joo is upset that he thinks income can resolve all the things. Then once more, didn’t he accept income to attend his personal father’s funeral? He fires back that she’s the a single who kicked him in the shin and then paid him to provide that to her ex-boyfriend! The bickering duo get into a loud back and forth appropriate in the middle of the road, and I wonder if they understand that a man just died at the hands of a Truck of Doom! Sigh.

May I Help You: Episodes 1-2

Anyway, that is the least of Butler Kim’s issues since the road argument goes viral and their errand service is faced with a lot of cancellations. How can he obstruct website traffic? What if a kid had slipped on the seaweed? It is a function crisis, and Vincent says Butler Kim is in the incorrect. Kim is then tasked with apologizing to Dong-joo as nicely as refunding the income she paid him to kick her ex. So Kim is just going to get kicked for cost-free? Occupational hazards everywhere.

Kim runs into Dong-joo’s dad when on an errand at a developing exactly where Dad moonlights as a safety guard. He recognizes Dong-joo’s image on Dad’s telephone, and he’s left to wonder if they have a lying gene in their loved ones since Dad tells Dong-joo more than the telephone that he’s functioning in his shop. And he previously told Kim that his daughter is presently studying for her civil servant exam but Kim knows she’s a funeral director. Lol.

May I Help You: Episodes 1-2

Butler Kim also overhears that it is Dong-joo’s birthday, and when he’s out sharing fliers in a bear costume, he sees her sitting alone in a restaurant. Dong-joo is shocked to see a dancing bear cheering her up outdoors, and when she sees the scar on his arm she realizes it is Butler Kim. This puts her in a fantastic sufficient mood to celebrate her birthday with Dad, and they have cake — which, as we come to study, was in fact provided to Dad by Kim. So sweet!

Dong-joo later sends a message to Butler Kim that she has forgiven him, and she does not have to have a refund. All is partially appropriate with the globe once more, till he’s hired to clean out a dead man’s belongings. And on opening the man’s closet, he goes into shock when he sees Dong-joo crouched inside on an errand of her personal for the man’s ghost. Lol!

May I Help You: Episodes 1-2

This was such a entertaining opening week and I truly enjoyed each episodes, clichés and all. All the characters are endearing, and they appear like such a riot even if we do not know a lot about them but. I enjoy how Butler Kim and Dong-joo are often meeting in the most hijinks-y of conditions, and I cannot wait for them to group up and share trade secrets on how ideal to support the consumers in their respective realms.

But I’m a lot more interested in the folks of Dong-joo’s realm, and why the ghost-seeing capacity was provided to her — also, Butler Kim appears to know Dong-joo’s initially ghost and I wonder what their connection is. Fortunately, none of the ghosts have been scary so far. I hope the drama keeps up with its existing lighthearted pace, and we get a lot more entertaining ghost stories, rather than tearjerker ones, as we count down to Dong-joo’s final ghost request.

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