The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14


The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14

Our top couple’s romance is a pendulum that swings back and forth in between two extremes — sickeningly affectionate and significantly argumentative — and neither mood is attractive to the neighborhood residents. But in in between the ups and downs of our top lady’s partnership, she tackles a new case and sets out to expose a scummy politician.


The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14

Jung-ho and Yuri are officially with each other, and although this is commonly a trigger for celebration in dramaland, my opinion is aligned with that of Joon, Eun-kang, and the neighborhood ajumas: their sugary sweet partnership is fairly dang annoying. I will concede, even though, that their dynamic does have a note of maturity that is refreshing and unconventional (by K-drama requirements). I imply, I’ve absolutely under no circumstances observed a character talk about birth manage and orgasms with Yuri’s level of frankness just before.

In my opinion, the novelty of this specific morning-following conversation was lost in the humorous formality of Yuri’s written partnership contract. When it was fascinating that her blunt discussion of their sex life was her way of overcompensating for partnership insecurities and preemptively avoiding future misunderstandings by fostering open communication and intimacy, I’m not a fan of how her wish to speak about their sex life is immediately ignored in favor of featuring Jung-ho’s “passion” for PDA. The intended humor of the scene — and how immediately it diverts to a far more socially acceptable subject — undercuts the critical part such discussions play in true adult relationships. But, hey, possibly I shouldn’t get so caught up in how the content material is becoming presented and just be satisfied it was incorporated. Child actions, amirite?

The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14

As our couple’s public displays of affection boost in frequency and intensity, the rest of our characters make a decision it is time for an intervention. They can only stomach so a lot of Yuri and Jung-ho’s not-so-secret partnership, and it is time for the couple to tone down the lovey-dovey crap. Sadly, without the need of their former bickering and will-they-will not-they tension, the spark is gone, so what does the drama do? Predictably, they are offered a new case and a recycled cause to commence fighting once again.

Yuri’s subsequent case entails CHOI SONG-HWA (Lee Min-young), a cafe typical and the (single) mother of KANG YI-SEUL (Ahn Se-bin). Yi-seul seeks out Group Cafe for the reason that she fears her mother is terminally ill and will not inform her about it, but the truth is that Song-hwa’s bouts of sickness are a psychological reaction to becoming sexually harassed by her boss Assemblyman CHOI YEO-HWAN (Lee Jae-yong), who is in bed with everyone’s favourite undesirable guy Pyun-woong.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14 The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14

The case stirs up partnership drama in between Yuri and Jung-ho for the reason that — of course — Jung-ho is worried that provoking his uncle (once again) will place Yuri in danger. Didn’t he absorb something she stated the final time they had this argument? Guess not, for the reason that when Yuri’s purse — and the spy pen containing audio of Song-hwa’s covert operation to record Yeon-hwan acting like a pervert — is stolen by 1 of Pyun-woong’s goons, Jung-ho goes into white-knight mode. Yuri, even so, will not permit worry for her private security stop her from in search of justice for her client, so she and Jung-ho commence a new round of fighting that is so uncomfortable for outsiders that our secondary characters host a second intervention.

When Jung-ho realizes that there’s no fighting Yuri on this specific concern and seeks his father’s input on how to bring down Yeo-hwan, Yuri requires a road trip out to a prison and picks up a lately released thief (cameo by Kim Jin-woo), who is type of like a contemporary day Robin Hood with choose-pocket and protected-cracking abilities. He, along with the rest of Group Cafe, execute an elaborate heist to steal back the recording from Pyun-woong’s hotel area, and when they have the audio in hand, they play the recording more than the loudspeaker at an occasion Yeo-hwan is (ironically) hosting in honor of girls.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14

This is only the initially stage of their program, even though, for the reason that Seung-woon’s suggestions to Jung-ho was for him to generate a rift in between Yeo-hwan, Pyun-woong, and the rest of their corrupt boys’ club. They require to give the other members of the group a cause to abandon Yeo-hwan and hang him out to dry, so the sexual harassment allegations against Yeo-hwan require to be irrefutable.

Of course, the villains of this drama attempt to save their buddy by ruining Song-hwa’s reputation, twisting the narrative to paint her as a gold digger who was “asking for it.” Even the investigator for the prosecution is disgustingly sexist, ignoring Song-hwa’s statement that the skirt she’d worn on the day she was sexually assaulted had been modestly knee-length. Alternatively, he frustratingly latches onto the reality that the A-line design and style created it simple to lift up. Yuri and Jung-ho — who are now back to cooperating peacefully — take turns obtaining incensed and reining in each and every other’s urges to throttle the investigator for his certainly biased interpretation of events.

BAEK GUN-MAN (Oh Min-suk), the prosecutor assigned to the case, is not as prejudice as his investigator, but his narcissism blocks him from seeing reality — namely that Yuri, his ex, is more than him. His ambition, even so, operates in Group Cafe’s favor. Jung-ho picks up on the reality that Gun-man has political ambitions, and this is just the type of profession-developing case he requires to take to get his name out to the public. There’s just 1 difficulty: in order for the charges against Yeo-hwan to stick, he’s going to require far more proof that will push it previous a classic case of he-stated-she-stated.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14 The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14

That is exactly where Group Cafe comes into play, and they commence contacting Yeo-hwan’s previous and present workers. When most of them are unwilling to come forward, Eun-kang and Joon — who taps into his personal experiences with sexual harassment in the course of his military service — are in a position to convince 1 of Yeo-hwan’s former workers to come forward. And fortunately, the employee also has dated journal entries chronicling the handsy assemblyman’s molestations.

With a different witness coming forward to corroborate Song-hwa’s accusations, Yeo-hwan’s allies commence distancing themselves from him, and when Yeo-hwan catches wind that they are about to reduce him loose, he turns to Byung-wook for assist. He’s hugely mistaken in pondering Pyun-woong’s father will throw him a bone. Alternatively, Byung-wook not only tells Yeo-hwan to turn himself in, he desires the assemblyman to turn more than a flash drive to the police and take Pyun-woong down with him.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14

With the case largely wrapped up, the concentrate of our story returns to our top couple, and although Yuri and Jung-ho worked harmoniously with each other in the course of the latter half of the sexual assault lawsuit, difficulty of a various type has been steadily brewing. And the supply of that difficulty is Jung-ho’s partnership insecurities.

Very first, Gun-man dismissed Jung-ho as a viable suitor for Yuri. Then, Byung-wook tricks Jung-ho into attending a blind date for the reason that he disapproves of Yuri, and Yuri is — a lot to Jung-ho’s aggravation — completely copacetic with the scenario. Since, you know, it is not like he chose to go on the blind date.

So how does Jung-ho compensate for his unjustified jealousy, anxiousness, and overeagerness? Properly, he decides to adhere to Beyonce’s suggestions and “put a ring on it.” (Oh, Jung-ho, you are flying far more red flags than the flagman at a NASCAR race.)

The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14 The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14

It comes as no surprise that — just as Jung-ho is about to propose — Yuri unknowingly crushes his plans by saying how satisfied she is in the moment. She, in contrast to Jung-ho, has no wish to rush factors. You’d feel that would be the billboard-sized hint he requires to slow down and bear in mind that she is not on the similar timeline as him. But nooooooo, following dinner, Yuri reiterates how blissful and safe she feels in their partnership, and Jung-ho decides her present happiness is the justification he requires to pop the query following all. *Facepalm*

Thanks to this cliffhanger, I have really mixed feelings going into the finale week. Very best case situation, I’m hoping there’s some but-to-be-observed disclaimer that he tacks on to the finish of his proposal. You know, like, “Will you marry me…two years from now?” Yeah, I doubt that will come about. In which case, my preference would be for Yuri to reject the proposal, but do I truly want to endure by way of the inevitable conflict her refusal will trigger? Not specifically.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14

The longer I watch this drama, the far more I recognize I’m not in fact a fan of the Yuri and Jung-ho pairing. Alternatively, I like Yuri, and till lately, her uniqueness — along with the drama’s representation of generally avoided subjects — has effectively overcompensated for Jung-ho’s dumbassery. But now that they’re a couple, the writers have taken measures to prominently function and integrate Jung-ho’s flaws into the plot, and I discover myself regularly siding with Yuri — and increasing increasingly annoyed with Jung-ho’s clinginess. I surely liked him improved when he was attempting to stay away from her.

I’m also a bit disappointed in the side romance in between Eun-kang and Song-hwa. On the 1 hand, offered Song-hwa’s scenario with her boss, it wasn’t the proper time for a flashy like confession, so I do like that Eun-kang expressed his interest in a far more subdued manner. (Jung-ho could study a point or two from Eun-kang.) On the other hand, I nonetheless really feel like Eun-kang didn’t get a lot of a redemption following that entire trapping-a-teenager-in-a-burning-developing fiasco.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14

But I guess Eun-kang nonetheless got a improved deal than poor Joon, who has but to have his personal tiny featurette. I’m resigned to the reality that we will not get to know a lot far more about Joon, which is shame. Right after understanding about his awful expertise in the military, I’m even far more curious to know far more about his character.

A single point I am searching forward to is the final showdown in between our heroes and Pyun-woong. I just hope this is not 1 of these dramas exactly where the complete resolution to their conflict plays out in the courtroom — thanks to what ever proof Byung-wook gave to Yeo-hwan. Certainly, I do not want our excellent guys to go absolutely Vincenzo and set Pyun-woong on fire although blasting jazzercise music, but I at least want a climatic moment exactly where we see Pyun-woong go absolutely off-the-rails just before he is detained by authorities. And primarily based on how we ended factors with him this week, that moment might take place in between him and his father.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 13-14

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