Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 11-12


Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 11-12

This week is all about regret — much less in terms of factors performed in the previous, and additional in terms of factors left unperformed and unsaid. But regrettably, dwelling on “if onlys” does not normally assist us make much better possibilities in the future.


Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 11-12 Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 11-12

As we may count on, Ha-min’s mother responded to getting his artwork by ripping it up in front of him and ordering him to attend the lessons she wanted, getting currently withdrawn him from the art studio. When Ha-min pointed out that she was treating him like a doll as an alternative of a son, she slapped him. Jae-min saw it all, and now as he confronts her, he does not hold back any of the resentment that has constructed up considering the fact that Ha-min’s death.

His mother is remorseful, but redirects with the news that she’s pregnant. She desires to do much better this time about, and she asks that he give her one particular additional possibility and assist her make atonement to Ha-min. All Jae-min can muster is a tiny “congratulations.” And honestly, I cannot blame him.

That stated, Jae-min’s mom does offer So-mang with deeper insight into Jae-min’s internal struggles, which he continues to maintain a tight lid on. Just before moving back to Seoul, she’d identified him seconds away from jumping off the balcony. When she’d tearfully begged him to say she’d mistaken his intention, he’d mumbled with frightening lack of emotion that he just missed Ha-min also significantly. That is why she sent him back to Ha-min’s old college.

Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 11-12

As for Ha-min himself, he place on a brave face for So-mang following his forced departure from the art studio. But even though So-mang attempted to be there for him, factors just kept taking place to maintain him beaten down. His grades plummeted, embarrassing him in front of the other students. A single of So-mang’s mates identified out about her essential to the art space, unknowingly invading Ha-min’s sacred space.

Lastly, he had sufficient. He named So-mang to the art space and grabbed her in a desperate hug to recharge his drained soul. But one particular of the other students saw them embracing, goaded Ha-min into a fight, and reported them for “inappropriate” get in touch with. To guard So-mang from the inevitable rumors, Ha-min claimed he’d been with some other girl, making as proof the art space keys he’d gotten copied.

Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 11-12 Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 11-12

Just like that, Ha-min plunged from college part model to the object of everyone’s disgust, gossip carrying out its usual job of turning an innocent hug into a thing far additional scandalous. Ha-min recommended he and So-mang maintain their distance from one particular an additional till every little thing blew more than, and So-mang agreed, unaware that they wouldn’t speak face-to-face once more for an complete year.

When they ultimately did speak to every single other once more, it was simply because a teacher asked them to carry boxes to the art space. Following confirming that Ha-min had been intentionally ignoring her calls, So-mang’s patience waned. All she wanted was to assistance him, but she was beginning to really feel as even though their time collectively had by no means been something additional than a dream. Ha-min, by means of tears, threw back that she was much better off forgetting it occurred, anyway.

Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 11-12

What occurred subsequent is even additional heartbreaking, and it is one particular of the greatest sources of So-mang’s enduring regret. They relocated to the roof for privacy, exactly where their argument escalated to the point that So-mang named Ha-min a coward for providing up on his personal dreams and stormed off, leaving him alone. Halfway down the stairs, she just about turned back, but didn’t. To this day, So-mang wonders if she could have saved him had she returned to him then.

But it seems that Ha-min jumped from the college roof that quite evening, as evidenced by the story a teacher tells the present-day students to regain their focus on a rainy day. It is a hard moment to watch: it begins out as just a enjoyable ghost story for the distracted students, but swiftly turns dark as we, So-mang, and Jae-min all start off to comprehend the story is about Ha-min. So-mang stops him prior to he can get into also significantly detail, and later Jae-min returns the favor by interrupting when the teacher berates her for it. Then he offers her Ha-min’s diary to study.

Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 11-12

As summer season break approaches, so does the finish of Bo-mi and Jin-young’s fake partnership. Even though it is clear to just about absolutely everyone that Jin-young is head more than heels for Bo-mi, she’s nonetheless unsure of her feelings in basic. Jin-young tells her to take her time deciding what she desires to do as soon as their contract expires, and that he’s fine with what ever she chooses.

Jin-young was by no means overbearing or pushy, and now he pulls back even additional than typical to give Bo-mi space. But ultimately, one particular rainy evening immediately after Bo-mi has decided to keep late at college, Jin-young does what So-mang didn’t — he turns back. No matter whether he’s also late to officially express his feelings remains to be noticed, but he may possibly nonetheless be also late to do it tonight. For the reason that Bo-mi owes Jae-min a want, and now he’s come to gather: will she think him if he says the student who died at the college was his brother?

Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 11-12

The closer we get to the finish, the heavier this story gets, and the additional I dread what’s to come. We’ve noticed all but Ha-min’s actual final moments and the quick aftermath, and when I — and So-mang and Jae-min — require that closure, aspect of me desires to just skip more than that aspect completely when it does come. I maintain getting myself hoping that there may be a way out, so to speak — that it will turn out Ha-min survived somehow, or that his death would be revealed to have been brought on by some external force as an alternative — but none of these strategies out would be accurate to the story that is getting told. Or to the reality of hopelessness that Ha-min, and people today like him in genuine life, seasoned.

So as an alternative, I’ll hope for, effectively, hope. For that significantly-required closure and healing, in particular for So-mang and Jae-min. For our characters to study how to be sincere with themselves and every single other lengthy prior to it is also late. And for these who produced terrible possibilities in the previous to develop from these errors and do much better moving forward so that future Ha-mins will have all the assistance they require.

Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 11-12

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