Film Review: Gyeong-ah’s Daughter (2022) by Kim Jung-eun

Yeon Quickly, a newly hired and devoted philosophy teacher drifts apart from her mother Gyeong-ah, a lonely, but thoughtful caregiver. Their superficial connection reaches deeper levels from the moment Gyeong-ah receives a video message conserning her daughter&amprsquors private life. Each ladies have, firstly, to face a degrading challenge, then, themselves.

Gyeong&amprsquors Ah&amprsquors Daughter screened at Busan International Film Festival

As it can simply inferred from the film&amprsquors title, a Korean &#8220tiger&#8221 mother is completely focused on the kid she raises or the kid she has raised. In specific, the &#8220child&#8221 is a talented, passionate and independent, all-grown-up, young lady. The trouble, although, appears to be that Gyeong-ah isn&amprsquort characterized any longer by the term &#8220focused mother&#8221. She is rather nosey and disrespectul to her daughter&amprsquors privacy. As a outcome, Yeon Quickly decides to give her the least of details she can when it comes to her whereabouts. Gyeong-ah finds out about her daughter&amprsquors life in a disturbing way and when Yeon Quickly tries to deal with the scenario as the level-headed lady she is, her mum does the precise opposite. I can&amprsquort feel of a mother that in the true planet wouldn&amprsquort act like Gyeong-ah in a case like the 1 that is presented right here. The query is, when need to you cease from getting a mother and when you need to start out to turn into a life companion to your kid.

Kim, for his 1st complete function, chooses to pose his inquiries about contemporary life and the lifechanging, unpredictable events that could simply lead to us a mental chaos by disguising them with the appears of a classic, polished Korean drama, swift paced in its 1st aspect, melodramatic and slow in its second, with a sollution that is certainly a crowd-pleaser but nonetheless, it comes as a consequense of the mother&amprsquors tactless behavior (a fantastic gimmick, if the creators did it on goal). The incident that happens in the film is 1 of the most well-liked violating acts of the current years driven from our risky ease with technologies. The troubled mother-daughter connection is a automobile that carries the thoughts of the energy of the unexpected, the limitations of sharing fragments of our life with other people and ultimately, Kim elaborates the notion of revenge and the true use of it. If it seriously is any&#8230



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