Premiere Watch: May I Help You

October 18, 2022October 18, 2022

Premiere Watch: May well I Support You
by missvictrix

Time slot: Wednesday-Thursday
Broadcaster: MBC
Genre: Fantasy, rom-com
Episode count: 16

Factors to watch: It is normally the dramas with the most terrible-sounding premises that turn out to be the most entertaining (how’s that for drama logic!), and I’m asking yourself if that will be the case for MBC’s most current fantasy rom-com May well I Support You. The Korean title references our hero (Jun) and his super low cost butler service, but it is when his path crosses with our ghost-seeing heroine (Hyeri) that points get hijinksy. She sees ghosts and has to fulfill their final wishes or is plagued by negative luck… and if you squint genuinely difficult you can see specifically why her teaming up with our errand-operating butler will be so considerably entertaining. Hyeri is at her most effective when she can just be wacky, and I consider she and Jun will be a lot of entertaining bouncing off every single other right here.
TLDR: Hyeri getting Hyeri, Jun, ghostly shenanigans, need to be superior tropey entertaining
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