Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 11-12


Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 11-12

Relationships get difficult this week in the wake of new challenges, and currently confusing feelings get even a lot more so. How accurate are our feelings? Can we trust our feelings? How can we inform what our heart really desires?


Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 11-12 Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 11-12

There’s just way also significantly going on in this drama, and not in a very good way. When I adore the swift dips into stories of other athletes, it is just also significantly to track our most important characters and add all these single-episode side characters in there also. Even even though the plot does not really feel rushed, it feels out of concentrate. I neglect who I’m supposed to care about most, or whose story this definitely is.

Confusing feelings are the name of the game, even though, for several of our characters this week. Right after her giggly hallway confession and Gil’s clear distress, Mu-gyeol wrist-grabs Ga-eul and drags her off scene. I drastically sympathized with his, “Yah! Cha Ga-eul!” — half betrayed because her heart was supposed to be for him, and half horrified that she’s fallen for the old man mental coach (or just thinks she has?).

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 11-12

Gil tries to clarify — rationally — what is going on in her feelings, and we get a complete lot of concerned chatter involving him and Dr. Park, and him and Ga-eul about emotional transference. And later, counter-transference. Whomp whomp!

For Ga-eul to place all her constructive feelings and gratefulness towards Gil and error it for affection tends to make sense for me, and I can ride out this small plot line all ideal. Except is that what’s going on? I can not inform exactly where the drama is taking this “romance,” and that worries me.

For all of Gil’s distress and balking more than her attachment to him, he does not appear to be in a position to detach himself either, regardless of attempting to be a rational adult. This comes to a head when Ga-eul hits a big crisis (a lot more on that later) and he actually runs off like a lunatic to uncover and embrace her, worried about constantly becoming also late to save people today in his life, and pondering that this is the moment he’s been obtaining premonitions of. But not so. Alternatively, Ga-eul says she’s okay now that he’s close to, and they share an embrace.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 11-12 Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 11-12

Dr. Park watches from afar and holds Gil accountable for his mixed signals to Ga-eul which, to his credit, he’s very good for. It was counter-transference, he explains. And confident sufficient, we saw flashbacks of his most vulnerable moments as a youngster and how he displaced these feelings onto Ga-eul and as a result ran to defend her (like he had wanted to be in a position to do for himself). That is all effectively and very good, but this crush is nonetheless not resolved, and Ga-eul insists at every single turn that she’s so pleased and she’ll just continue to like him from afar and have her feelings for herself.

That would be okay, I guess (?), but she’s a giggley schoolgirl in front of him and not only glomps him when he seems at the rink, but plants a kiss on him also. It is innocent sufficient, but there are two points going on right here: what the heck is with his reaction, and of course the kiss is secretly captured by a nasty teammate of Ga-eul.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 11-12

When this uncomfortable show of affection is going on, it is played against a similarly confused dynamic involving Mu-gyeol and skating sunbae HAN YEO-WOON (Kim Shi-eun), who has been so forgettably tangential that I haven’t had significantly to say about her.

Yeo-woon has a extended-standing friendship with Mu-gyeol, but now he’s confused about his feelings because it is created clear that Yeo-woon feels a lot more for him, but he says he likes Ga-eul. And however — as Ga-eul so fearlessly points out to him — when the two girls had an accident on the ice, which 1 did he run to very first?

Mu-gyeol is confused about his heart, so he runs to our preferred mental coach, who provides very good advice… but also, he appears confused about his personal heart also. And so is Dr. Park, who appears to like Gil. And then there’s Tae-man, who appears to like Dr. Park. But, the weird portion is, all of these attractions and crushes are a bit undermined by the how-do-I-trust-my-heart vibes, so it is challenging to get completely behind any of it, frankly. At least for now.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 11-12

Also, the truth that the Mu-gyeol/Yeo-woon romance tends to make so significantly sense (and I really like them collectively even if the sunbae appears so poorly miscast) worries me, for the reason that it suggests that the Ga-eul crush on Gil will materialize into an actual partnership. This is the final location I wanted the drama to go — for several factors — and I’m hopping as they tease it out we will not finish up with them as a couple. Mainly because I may well have to resort to my personal flying sidekick.

In addition to all of the confused hearts this week, we have all the side plots, which (as I talked about ahead of) are just also significantly. There’s the national fairy gymnast who’s ostracized and miserable and desires to quit her sport. Even with Gil’s counsel she cannot uncover a way out, and winds up purposefully falling in the course of a routine to get herself out of the hell she’s in. Oof.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 11-12

Then there’s the taekwondo athlete who’s the son of 1 of the No Medal Clubbers, and in his match, Gil has big flashbacks of his personal entirely unfair ruling years ago with Tae-man. All the plot beats — the gymnast who gets blatantly favored, the taekwondo athlete who wins immediately after bribing the ref, Coach Oh’s endless match rigging, and even Moo-tae’s betrayal — point to the similar corruption that we began this story with. It is obtaining to the point exactly where it all feels hopeless. Just about every sport appears rigged, every single athlete pressured and manipulated, and the athletes endure when the sponsors and politicians and leaders play their cards and win their games.

Exactly where is it all going to finish? Finding rid of Coach Oh and Tae-man and even the assemblyman is no longer sufficient, so I’m questioning exactly where the drama is going to take all this, with only two a lot more weeks to go. Certainly noping out of specialist athletics and joining the No Medal Club is not the only way to be a genuine victor.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 11-12

So exactly where do we stand at the finish of the episodes? Gil has quit his job in a fury, and also to defend Ga-eul because the photographs of their rink-side kiss have been captured and sent straight to Tae-man. Gil appears pushed to the brink, and he challenges Tae-man to a rematch.

As for Ga-eul, her heart is confused (or is it?), but she’s had a lot of healing with her previous. The infamous evening from 4 years ago, we discover, was heading in the assault path (disgusting!). Coach Oh created a move, but Ga-eul took off, and then poor was created worse when Yeo-woon turned her eye to it, as she says. In the present-day, when Yeo-woon gets her cancer diagnosis and decides to leave the national group to concentrate on therapy, it also serves as a healing moment involving her and Ga-eul. This was sorely required, because Ga-eul had lost everybody and is now gaining them back. And I basically definitely liked this storyline for Yeo-woon, I just do not know why I uncover her character so unlikeable.

Anyway, in the finish I’m flummoxed. I do not know what the drama is attempting to do with their message and most of all with these adore lines and transference crushes. I want to hold faith that the drama will keep accurate to the inner healing it is been about, but I just do not know how they’re going to pull it all collectively. There’s nonetheless a lot of healing to go for all of our characters.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 11-12

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