Shin Ye-eun hunts for her brother

October 18, 2022October 17, 2022

Shin Ye-eun hunts for her brother’s killer in Revenge of Other individuals
by tccolb

The initial promos have dropped for Disney+’s Revenge of Other individuals (a.k.a. Third Particular person Revenge), which includes an action-packed video teaser and a cool new illustrated poster.

The mystery-thriller stars Shin Ye-eun (Yumi’s Cells two) as a shooting athlete named Ok Chan-mi, who transfers to the higher college her twin brother – played by Kang Yul (Ideal Error three) – had attended in order to prove the truth behind his death. Even though her brother had suspiciously fallen from a college window, his death was brushed beneath the rug as a suicide. Now, Chan-mi is determined to discover the killer herself.

The newly released teaser opens with the death of Chan-mi’s brother and Chan-mi cries, asking yourself why her brother would commit suicide. She pleads with the police to discover the culprit, but is basically told that there was no proof of foul play. As she sees a vision of her twin in the hallway, we hear Chan-mi’s inner thoughts: “The explanation that I’m transferring to a college in Seoul is to discover my brother’s murderer.” Utilizing a megaphone, she then loudly announces her intentions to the college.
Park Solomon’s (All of Us Are Dead) Ji Soo-hun reveals that he witnessed the fall and that he was a single who named the police. But we reduce away just before hearing his response to Chan-mi’s query of who he thinks did it. Chan-mi then encounters each Lee Soo-min (Pumpkin Time) and Jung Soo-bin (Juvenile Justice), major to Soo-hun’s reproach: “I warned you. You are going to be facing even far more significant and wrongful points than this.” But Chan-mi does not back down, stating, “Until the culprit is caught, every person is a suspect to me.”
As the music ramps up, we reduce to a text screen that reads: “Choosing to adhere to revenge rather of dreams at nineteen.” In the action sequence that follows, we get a speedy appear at the story’s other players, which includes Seo Ji-hoon (Seasons of Blossoms), Chae Sang-woo (Cash Flower), and Kim Joo-ryung (Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist). The teaser then closes on Chan-mi’s final vow to catch the culprit herself.
Directed by PD Kim Yoo-jin with scripts penned by Lee Hee-myung (Reunited Worlds), Disney+’s Revenge of Other individuals premieres subsequent month on November 9.

Through MBC
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