Hyeri contracts Jun for his services in May I Help You

October 18, 2022

Hyeri contracts Jun for his solutions in May perhaps I Aid You
by tccolb

Squeezing in a single extra promo just before the drama’s premiere tomorrow, we take an additional appear at our helper duo in MBC’s most recent teaser for May perhaps I Aid You.

The fantasy-romance stars Hyeri (Moonshine) as our heroine, Baek Dong-joo. As a funeral director who can speak to the dead, she becomes a butler of sorts for the not too long ago deceased in order to assistance them with their final requests. Enter an actual butler – for the living – Jun (a.k.a. Lee Jun-young) (Let Me Be Your Knight), whose character goes by the name Butler Kim and runs an errand service.
Supporting cast involves Lee Kyu-han (Sunbae, Do not Place on That Lipstick) as Butler Kim’s Uncle Vincent, Song Deok-ho (Hyperlink: Consume, Really like, Kill) playing the neighborhood police officer Seo Hae-ahn, as effectively as the regional priest and Dong-joo’s uncle Oh Dae-hwan (Adamas).
We also have Tae In-ho (Ghost Medical doctor) in the part of Dong-joo’s boss, in addition to Dong-joo’s two besties: nurse Seo Hye-won (Alchemy of Souls) and table tennis instructor Ahn Hyun-ho (Month-to-month Magazine Household).

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The video teaser opens with Dong-joo meeting Butler Kim at a crosswalk and she asks why he’s staring at her like she’s alien. We then flashback to Dong-joo’s confession: “I can see ghosts. It is accurate. They wake up when I touch them.” Kim talks about it afterwards with his sleeping uncle, calling Dong-joo a strange lady and questioning exactly where it all went incorrect.
We then jump back to when Butler Kim gave Dong-joo his small business card and promptly regrets it when she decides to use his errand service to make up for the funds he owes her. In the appearing text screen we study: “Butler for the dead/All-round neighborhood butler.” Despite the fact that Kim tries to dissuade Dong-joo, she’s not prepared to budge and Kim complains afterwards about her intense approaches.
Fortunately, each have their uncles to turn to for encouragement and the subsequent two text screens study, “Rising above life and death,” and “A romance of mutual assistance.” As their connection grows, we see Dong-joo seeking at Butler Kim differently and she admits that this is a single of the happiest days of her life. The teaser then closes on our content duo as they stroll down the street with each other.
Written by Lee Sun-hye (20th Century Boy and Girl) with directing helmed by PD Shim So-yeon (Welcome two Life) and PD Park Sun-young, MBC’s May perhaps I Aid You launches October 19 in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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