Five drama recommendations… for ghostly dramas


5 drama recommendations… for ghostly dramas

It is the time of the year exactly where quite a few individuals like to embrace all points spooky and haunted. Right here in dramaland, even though, “spooky and haunted” ordinarily also implies rife with comedy and romance (why have one particular factor when you can have every thing). Beneath are some of our favored ghostly dramas — some spookier than other individuals, but all assured to hit you in the feels. Or at least tickle your funny bone. Or give you one thing to swoon more than.


Master’s Sun (2013)

Master’s Sun is a classic Cinderella and Chaebol romance with a ghostly twist. And yeah, the ghosts are a tiny extra visually creepy than I’d favor, but I’m prepared to sit via all the horror FX makeup for the really like story involving Gong-shil (Gong Hyo-jin) and Joong-won (So Ji-sub). A prickly, revenue-motivated businessman, Joong-won loves to inform individuals to go away with a trademark wave, and the only factor he hates extra than individuals touching his revenue, is individuals touching him.

The latter does not bode properly for Gong-shil, even though, who desires practically nothing extra than to place her hands on his physique — but not for the explanation you are pondering. Skinship with Joong-won tends to make the scary ghosts go away, and, for apparent causes, seeing ghosts hasn’t been straightforward. So when our heroine discovers that she can come across a slight reprieve just by touching him, she does her greatest to convince him that ghosts are not only actual, but she can see them. What sounds like a crazy choose-up line turns out to be the actual beginnings of a destined really like (and ghost) story. –@daebakgrits


Oh My Ghostess (2015)


When it comes to ghostly K-dramas, I favor my spirits to be of the comedic unfinished-business enterprise range, so it is unsurprising that Oh My Ghostess — and its largely rom-com story — is at the leading of my favorites list. Plus, it stars the usually delightful Kim Seul-gi as Quickly-ae, the lustful virgin ghost who physique-heists Bong-sun (Park Bo-young), a shy assistant chef. And anytime Quickly-ae is in the driver’s seat, hilariousness ensues as she tries to support Bong-sun win more than her celebrity boss: chef Sun-woo (Jo Jung-seok).

Of course, Quickly-ae’s help is not totally altruistic since she died a virgin, and that leaves her with some important unfinished business enterprise that threatens to turn her into a malevolent ghost. There’s also the added mystery of how she died, and that is exactly where points get a tiny spooky — but not so scary that I have to sleep with the lights on. –@daebakgrits


Hotel del Luna (2019)

The idea of a hotel for ghosts on their way to the afterlife is complete of possibility for fantastical globe-developing, striking character style and improvement, and moving storytelling — and Hotel del Luna delivers on all accounts. IU’s hotel owner Man-wol is in all probability my favored of the characters I’ve observed her portray, from her all round fabulousness to her journey to make peace with her previous so she can lastly move on.

Though I love my share of thrills, I favor ghost stories that lean a tiny much less in the horror path as the characters unravel mysteries and pursue justice for themselves and the ghosts they encounter. Once more, Hotel del Luna delivers, as the newly recruited hotel manager (Yeo Jin-gu) learns to see and honor the humanity in even the most frightening of ghosts he wishes he didn’t have the capability to see. In quick, the story is heartwarming, intriguing, romantic, and cathartic. And if the Hong sisters ever make a decision to inform the story of Hotel Blue Moon, I will undoubtedly be tuning in! –@mistyisles


The Excellent Shaman Ga Doo-shim (2021)

If you like your ghostly dramas on the lighter side, The Excellent Ga Doo-shim is a excellent decision. With only 12 episodes at about 20 minutes every, you can safely binge this net drama with out losing a complete weekend. I really like a quick drama that sticks to the plot but nonetheless tends to make time for some excellent character improvement and relationships, and that is precisely what we get right here.

Kim Sae-ron plays the titular Doo-shim, a shaman by birth who was told by her grandmother that she could reside a standard life if she manages to make it previous her 18th birthday. Understandably, Doo-shim finds her shamanism extra a burden than present. Immediately after a spirit-associated death at Doo-shim’s new college, classmate Woo-soo (Nam Da-reum) gains the capability to see ghosts. So naturally, they have to group up to defend their fellow students and rid the college of evil. Nam Da-reum and Kim Sae-ron are usually exciting to watch, and they’re so cute with each other right here. I loved seeing sweet Woo-soo and jaded Doo-shim develop closer as they bravely fight for their classmates.

In spite of the ghostly premise, The Excellent Ga Doo-shim falls extra on the exciting than scary side of points. Yes, there’s some death and spirit shenanigans, but it is not super dark. And there are a lot of cute moments to retain the tone balanced. With ghosts, prophecies, superpowered teens, higher college crushes, and endearing leads, what’s not to like? –@quirkycase


Sell Your Haunted Residence (2021)

As an individual who does not favor ghost themes or case-of-the-week something, this drama was a slam dunk and hit all the proper beats for me. Our badass and prickly exorcist heroine (Jang Nara) rocks her motorcycle boots, heavy eye makeup, and poor attitude all to cover up her fragility and sadness. And even though she meets quite a few distinctive ghosts/subplots more than the course of the drama, the story of her mother’s death progresses the plot as a complete. Throw our hero (Jung Yong-hwa) into the mix to challenge our heroine’s behavior and solutions, and it is a exciting ride filled with ghost-possession, appears that could kill, and amazing moments of vulnerability.

I feel what I liked most about this drama is that whilst the story has a lot of (creepy) specificity about our heroine’s exorcisms, gifting, and objectives (oh, the globe-developing!), it is genuinely about her development as a character. Irrespective of whether that is breaking down her walls and letting individuals in (ish), or just finding out her anger on the punching bag conveniently situated in her “realty workplace,” I really like a drama that can take a supernatural premise and make it delightfully human.

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