Film Review: Can You Hear Me? (2022) by Li Nien-hsu

The idea of a single becoming a ghost and even watching their personal funeral has been explored a quantity of instances in cinema, specifically in Hollywood, with the truths raised about the deceased by the individuals who attend the ceremony lingering someplace among the comedic and the dramatic. Li Nien-hsu presents a 35-minute film focusing on such a idea, primarily based on her loved ones and the genuine-life conversations they had soon after her father’s death.

&#8220Can You Hear Me?&#8221 is screening at Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh

Jhong Er wakes up and realizes that he is dead, as he watches his currently bedridden physique lying in the area he spent the final years of his life, taken care of by his wife. Quickly, his two daughters and his only son arrive, with sadness taking more than them when they understand what has occurred. Not prior to they point some fingers, although, with the son even mentioning that considering that his wife left his death bed though he was alive and returned to come across him dead, she could be accused of manslaughter. As such, the look of a policeman asking about the trigger of death a bit later requires a rather tragicomical shape, even far more so considering that the young man appears to be capable to see and hear the ghost of the deceased. At some point, the name of Zhao, Jhong Er’s childhood pal, also comes to the fore.

Implementing a largely comedic strategy, Li Nien-hsu presents a film that shows how difficult loved ones relations can be, specifically considering that, not even husbands and wives, parents and young children can know every little thing about every single other. The patriarchal tendencies, as exhibited in the truth that the life insurance coverage the father had was to go totally to the son are also highlighted, though the concerns of no matter whether Jhong Er had an affair, and the nature of his partnership with Zhao, also torment the members of the loved ones. A great deal of the humor right here derives from such sorts of misunderstandings, with Li showcasing although, the gap of communication that often seems amongst loved ones members.

As the story progresses, the film becomes far more dramatic, and even melodramatic at points, specifically in the way Li presents how substantially the young children, but specifically the wife, will miss the deceased. The inclusion of Chinese opera, in the movie’s most impressive aspect visually, and the music of the final scene, conclude the wealthy narrative right here, ending the film in a rather optimistic tone.

With regards to the acting, Chin Shih Chieh as the father, and Gui Mei Yang as the mother steal the show with their “shenanigans”, in each the comedic and the dramatic moments.

“Can You Hear Me?” is a really entertaining film that rewards the most by the subtle commentary, the humor, the acting and the all round top quality of the production, which outcome in a brief that is really pleasant to watch on a quantity of levels.



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