Blind: Episodes 9-10


Blind: Episodes 9-ten

The plot continues to thicken with some significant revelations that simultaneously raise new inquiries. Our detective is inching closer to the truth, but the truth might just upend every thing he thinks he knows.


Blind: Episodes 9-10 Blind: Episodes 9-10

As the clock counts down, Tae-ho resigns himself to his fate. Following apologizing for betraying the other youngsters, he kicks the chair out from beneath himself. Sung-hoon arrives not extended just after, and he and Sung-joon scramble to save Tae-ho. Sung-joon pulls on the cable attached to the noose till his hands bleed, but by the time they get Tae-ho down, it is also late.

Prior to they can totally approach Tae-ho’s death, they’re accosted by Moon-kang and his minions. Sung-joon puts up a very good fight, but as soon as Sung-hoon is overpowered, he’s promptly subdued as properly. Wanting to torment Sung-joon as substantially as doable, Moon-kang wraps a gigantic chain about Sung-hoon’s neck to strangle him.

Even though Sung-joon manages to break absolutely free, what actually saves them is the arrival of the police. Moon-kang does not attempt to escape or resist arrest. Neither do the brothers, but when Sung-joon is handcuffed, Sung-hoon is not, and the other detectives stay clear of meeting Sung-joon’s eyes.

Blind: Episodes 9-10

We quickly discover why: it was Sung-hoon who tipped the police off. Sung-hoon lets Eun-ki chew him out for betraying Sung-joon, but he had his factors — he knew Moon-kang would kill them each if the police didn’t intervene. Sadly, the outcome is that each Sung-joon and Moon-kang are detained at the similar police station. Which is specifically why Moon-kang let himself get arrested.

Sung-hoon, it turns out, has been sitting on the CCTV footage of Man-chun’s murder, but now he turns it more than to the detectives. The footage clearly shows Moon-kang pushing Man-chun off the rooftop. As for Man-chun’s son, considering that Sung-joon resuscitated him from Moon-kang’s murder try, Police Chief Ki-nam’s lackey completed him off. Now Ki-nam orders that similar detective to let Moon-kang take Sung-joon out and then do away with Moon-kang, also.

Blind: Episodes 9-10 Blind: Episodes 9-10

Feeling conflicted, the detective tries to double-cross Ki-nam by telling Moon-kang the program and providing to enable him escape. But Moon-kang just bashes his head in against the bathroom sink and goes hunting for Sung-joon, who’s been left alone in the interrogation space. Prior to Sung-joon can react, Moon-kang wraps an electrical cord about his neck.

By the time Sung-hoon and the detectives get word of Moon-kang’s murder spree, Sung-joon has currently tricked Moon-kang by pretending to pass out and reversed their positions so he’s the a single carrying out the strangling. They have to wrestle him off Moon-kang, but there’s adequate proof to clear him of all charges and reinstate him as a detective.

That carried out, the investigation continues. Although poring more than Moon-kang and the detective’s contact logs, Sung-joon finds a single regularly dialed quantity in prevalent: Ki-nam’s. His superior distracts Ki-nam so Sung-joon can swipe his telephone. That is how they locate the video of Hye-jin’s murder, which tells them the killer is targeting family members members of persons related with Hope Welfare.

Blind: Episodes 9-10

Meanwhile, Eun-ki tracks down a nun who remembers sending 3 youngsters to Hope Welfare: A boy named Gabriel (whom we know as #11), Yoon-jae, and Yoon-jae’s older sister. The girl’s whereabouts are unknown, Gabriel was adopted… and Yoon-jae died. His unclaimed ashes have been buried with other folks in a mass grave.

Eun-ki requires Sung-joon to the gravesite, exactly where troubling memories resurface. All this time, he’s remembered incorrect — Yoon-jae was never ever his name, but a couple of other boys did contact him that, about the time of his memory-wiping fall from play gear. This identity crisis is incredibly distressing for Sung-joon, and hearing him mumble about it in his sleep is just as distressing — if not additional so — for Sung-hoon. He runs straight to the bathroom and reaches for a razor… oh. That explains so substantially.

Blind: Episodes 9-10

Considering that a number of jurors have had ties to Hope Welfare, Sung-joon and his group query the remaining ones for additional connections. Initially, there’s news PD BAE CHUL-HO (Jo Seung-yeon), who as soon as shut down a journalistic investigation into Hope Welfare. We know what the detectives do not: Chul-ho identified #11, #12, and Yoon-jae locked in their cells. He’s secretly kept the footage of them begging for enable all these years.

Sushi chef CHARLES (Oh Seung-yoon) had a brother who disappeared 20 years ago. Even though his parents didn’t pay a visit to Hope Welfare personally, Ki-nam had “investigated” on their behalf. Then there’s shaman KWON KYUNG-JA (Choi Ji-yeon), who witnessed Mad Dog dragging #11 and Yoon-jae by way of the woods. When she confesses this to Sung-joon, she receives the similar prophetic word she did back then: if an individual does not kill Yoon-jae, they’ll all die.

Blind: Episodes 9-10 Blind: Episodes 9-10

Lastly, laptop whiz JUNG IN-SUNG (Park Ji-bin) was adopted by Americans as a youngster. When Sung-joon tries to ask about his parents and irrespective of whether he was adopted from Hope Welfare, tears stream down In-sung’s face — his parents are each dead. But that is not all. In-sung also lost his memory in an accident, and it certainly cannot be a coincidence that the restaurant ajumma’s missing son was also named In-sung, can it?

As soon as Sung-joon learns that Eun-ki’s mom was a nurse at Hope Welfare, he realizes Eun-ki could be the subsequent target and races to the children’s center. There, he finds a photo of the 3 Hope Welfare youngsters, which stops him cold. Gabriel — #11 — is Sung-hoon. Who is at present ambushing Eun-ki in the dark when wearing a black cloak.

Blind: Episodes 9-10

I actually appreciate the way Blind sets up and reveals its mysteries. Was I shocked that Sung-hoon was #11? No. But all the issues I wasn’t pretty expecting — like the self-harm and the wooden figures — clicked ideal into spot in a really satisfying (if saddening) way. Alternatively of attempting to throw crazy twists at us for the sake of getting unpredictable, Blind withholds just adequate to nevertheless surprise us even when we guess properly. The reveals really feel like a reward, nearly, as an alternative of the rug getting yanked out from beneath us.

That mentioned, we’ve had a lot of misleading cliffhangers, so I’m not taking this a single as proof that Sung-hoon is also the Joker Killer just but. Offered every thing we now know about him, I see two option possibilities: 1) he actually has, as he mentioned, attempted to reside a typical life till the Joker Killer appeared and he realized it was a single of the youngsters from his previous or two) he’s been operating on his personal revenge plot, which the Joker Killer produced additional complex.

Blind: Episodes 9-10

Either way, I cannot enable asking yourself if him acquiring Sung-joon and Moon-kang detained in the similar spot could have been intentional to get Moon-kang caught in the (murderous) act. We’ve noticed a lot of situations exactly where, as #11, he didn’t hesitate to trigger a little quantity of harm to the other youngsters if it meant saving them from a thing worse.

On yet another note, we now have a number of missing youngsters and/or persons with vague childhoods. Sung-joon, In-sung, Charles’s brother, Yoon-jae (did he die, or was an individual else’s physique labeled as his?), and the but-unnamed #12. I have my guesses for how some of these connect, but with six episodes left, there’s a lot of space for additional shifts in viewpoint.

Blind: Episodes 9-10

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