The Golden Spoon: Episodes 7-8


The Golden Spoon: Episodes 7-eight

Now that he’s a lot more accustomed to his new life, our protagonist requires many strides forward in pursuit of his targets. Having said that, the globe appears determined to drag him down, and he’s faced with the consequences of his spoon counterpart’s actions.




Immediately after all his prior failed attempts, Seung-cheon ultimately figures out how to assist his loved ones in a way that they’ll accept. With Moon-ki’s assist, he pulls some strings behind the scenes — Dad gets scouted by a webtoon enterprise, Mom gets lent the funds she desires, and Seung-ah gets a job promotion.

Seung-cheon is on a roll, and he exposes Yeo-jin’s father for tax fraud by sending pages of proof to the National Tax Service. Turns out it is not a very good notion to preserve your enemies in your house right after all, huh.

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In an try to salvage the scenario, Yeo-jin instructs her father to apologize to Mom, but it backfires spectacularly when Dad and Tae-yong overhear the conversation. Furious to find out about CEO Oh’s harassment, each father and son shed their tempers and beat the sleazy man up. CEO Oh flees to his automobile, but an enraged Tae-yong actually drags his chauffeur out and drives off with CEO Oh clinging on for dear life. Whoa, that escalated promptly.

Fortunately, Seung-cheon arrives prior to Tae-yong can get into an accident with his reckless driving. CEO Oh whines like a massive child, but Seung-cheon threatens him with a list of his crimes — does he want them all forwarded to the prosecution?


Seung-cheon may possibly have resolved the scenario this time, but he knows he can not be cleaning up right after Tae-yong forever. He chastises Tae-yong, telling him that he ought to lie low and keep out of problems given that he can not spend the cost. Having said that, righteous Tae-yong is not obtaining it.

Unable to tolerate the injustice against his loved ones, Tae-yong demands to know if getting poor is a sin, but Seung-cheon yells back that it is. Almost everything comes back as debt. Having said that, Tae-yong counters that he refuses to reside in such a cowardly manner.

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We’re introduced to an intriguing new character this week, in the kind of the wealthy investor ALEX BOO (Lee Dong-hee). He’s the 1 who facilitated Joon-tae’s acquire of UBS shares, but it is tough to ascertain his motivations just but. When Seung-cheon wields his energy as “Tae-yong” to convince Alex to withdraw his funding and side with him rather, Alex yields considerably less difficult than anticipated.

It is clear that Alex is impressed by Seung-cheon’s boldness, even if he does finish up reneging on his selection when CEO Hwang interferes. On paper, it may possibly look like Alex is merely maximizing his prospective acquire, but there’s definitely a lot more to it than that. A short glimpse of Alex’s exhibition gallery reveals a golden spoon — huh, is he also element of the Spoon Squad? Curiouser and curiouser.


Seung-cheon is not the only 1 who’s caught Alex’s notice, although. Immediately after assisting Joo-hee defend her inheritance from her greedy brothers by pointing out their contractual manipulation, Tae-yong recognizes an genuine artwork hung up on the wall of the restaurant. It belongs to a pretty impressed Alex, who notes that Tae-yong is the initial particular person to recognize it in the 3 years he’s place it up.

Alex presents Tae-yong a 50,000 won bill to treat himself to a meal, but cheeky Tae-yong manages to coax a second bill out of him, writing his telephone quantity on his hand with the guarantee that he’ll return the funds sometime. Heh, cute.


Worried for Joo-hee’s wellbeing, Tae-yong packs a complete array of side dishes for her, courtesy of Mom. He’s endeared by how blissfully she’s enjoying the meals, and he impulsively kisses her, but she instinctively pushes him away when he leans in for a further. Hm, did Joo-hee unconsciously understand he’s not the similar Seung-cheon she knew?

Just before either of them can say something, they’re interrupted by the doorbell — ha, it is Seung-cheon, right here to get pleasure from Mom’s cooking. He informs Joo-hee that her father’s debt runs considerably deeper than anticipated not only will she have to give up her inheritance, but she’ll also have to move out of her family’s property. It is a moment of maturity for Joo-hee, who realizes that her fond childhood memories have been constructed upon her father’s wealth.


Believing that her father was murdered, Joo-hee tries to uncover out the truth behind his death. Her father’s ex-housekeeper presents facts in exchange for Joo-hee’s suitcase of funds, and in spite of it getting all Joo-hee has left, she agrees. They arrange a meeting, with Tae-yong accompanying Joo-hee out of concern.

Each parties make it as close as the opposite sides of a crosswalk — then boom, a Truck of Doom requires the housekeeper out of the image. Sigh. Tae-yong has a panic attack at the sight of all that blood, and by the time Joo-hee manages to calm him down, somebody has currently created off with her suitcase of money.


Aside from Joo-hee, nasty uncle Joon-tae has also taken an interest in CEO Na’s murder, although for considerably a lot more nefarious factors. Obtaining discovered out about Tae-yong’s suspicious movements on the evening of the incident, Joon-tae is determined to uncover the truth so he can hold it against his dearest nephew.

“Tae-yong” gets arrested for murder, except it is a fakeout orchestrated by Joon-tae. It is really an introductory hazing to the secret organization known as Amicus, exactly where the young and wealthy congregate to show off and multiply their wealth.

There, Joon-tae drugs Seung-cheon in an try to force him to confess to CEO Na’s murder. It does not perform, but it does get Seung-cheon to blearily admit that he’s not “Tae-yong,” but Seung-cheon. It is such a ridiculous notion that Joon-tae’s just bewildered by it, but it does plant a seed of doubt in him.


Thanks to a housekeeper who place “Tae-yong’s” soiled blazer up for sale rather of burning it like she was instructed to, Joon-tae manages to find out DNA proof belonging to CEO Na on it. Joon-tae blackmails CEO Hwang with it, demanding for “Tae-yong’s” assets and inheritance in exchange for his silence.

Alternatively of investigating additional, CEO Hwang straight away folds to Joon-tae’s threats, presumably to preserve Doshin Group’s reputation. I guess it is not all that surprising, coming from a guy who actually commissioned a Truck of Doom to seal the housekeeper’s lips, but you’d believe he’d do some reality checking initial.


Seung-cheon does some sleuthing of his personal also, and he finds out that Joon-tae attended the similar college as Tae-yong when they have been in the States. Obtaining observed Joon-tae’s violent behavior all this even though, in addition to a loved ones friend’s anecdotes about how Joon-tae generally blamed Tae-yong for his personal misdeeds, Seung-cheon puts two and two with each other — Joon-tae’s a lot more most likely to be a murderer than Tae-yong is.

A flashback reveals that Joon-tae was the actual college shooter, and he murdered all these innocent kids just since they annoyed him with their noise. Afterwards, he conveniently pinned the crime on a traumatized Tae-yong, whom he’s nonetheless gaslighting to this day.


Considering the fact that the truth of his supposed murder has been revealed, Seung-cheon gets forcibly sent to the States as per Joon-tae’s demands. Of course, since this show loves to play up the drama, Joo-hee connects the dots about “Tae-yong’s” alleged murder barely minutes prior to he has to board the plane.

Obtaining noticed Seung-cheon at the intersection exactly where the housekeeper met her finish, Joo-hee accuses him of killing her father. With his flight awaiting, Seung-cheon is forced to leave Joo-hee behind prior to he can clear the misunderstanding.

Time skip to ten years later. Tae-yong walks down the streets in a spiffy new suit, only to quit at the sight of a scruffy man asleep on a public bench, with holes in his socks and a newspaper for a blanket. He nudges the man awake, and who should really it be but Seung-cheon, decked out with a shaggy haircut, silver accessories, and a silly grin.

“The “The

That is it for this week, and I can inform that the drama is attempting to heighten the suspense for subsequent week with a surprising ending, but I have to admit I can not muster up considerably excitement. The drama has a tendency to throw its characters into 1 miserable scenario right after a further, in an try to elicit our tears or our concern. It is just also considerably to deal with.

Alternatively of garnering my sympathy, it is rather obtaining the full opposite impact of alienating me from the characters and creating me really feel largely indifferent towards them. The stakes are continually raised so higher that they just fall flat, given that we know by now that our characters can stroll out of essentially something and nonetheless stay reasonably fine.


Nonetheless, there are fascinating parallels in between our characters when it comes to funds. Don’t forget Joo-hee’s missing suitcase? Turns out Yeo-jin stole it so she could rub it into Joo-hee’s face, given that she nonetheless holds resentment from when she was Na-ra. Joo-hee spoke up in defense of Na-ra’s dignity when the class attempted to raise funds for her, ideal in front of her, but all it did was outcome in Na-ra not obtaining the funds to go on the class field trip. The incident demonstrates Joo-hee’s empathy versus Na-ra’s practicality to the latter, justice does not imply considerably when you are poor.

Tae-yong and Joo-hee have a robust sense of justice, but that is also since their wealth afforded them the luxury of prioritizing their moral compass. On the other hand, Seung-cheon and Yeo-jin know what it is like to reside hand-to-mouth, back when a single dollar bill was worth a lot more than what ever tiny dignity or pride they had left.


We’re currently beginning to see Tae-yong waver although he’s nonetheless striving to reside by his principles, he’s beginning to understand how crushing funds struggles can be. Not only is he unable to assist Joo-hee out of her debt, but he also can not spend for Dad’s wrist remedy. I want the show didn’t just skip more than practically ten years like that, since I would’ve liked to discover Tae-yong’s psyche a lot more — how did he adjust to poverty? Did he ultimately handle to pull his loved ones out of their debt right after ten years (as his luxury brand tie would recommend)? Or is there a further, possibly magical, explanation to it?

On that note, I was rather disappointed in the cliché send-the-protagonist-overseas move till I realized it was the great chance for Seung-cheon to do some hands-on sleuthing about the shooting case — only for the drama to pull the rug out from below me with that timeskip. Sigh, what a wasted chance. I do not commonly get pleasure from a liberal use of flashbacks, but this is the uncommon time I’m really asking for them. Show, you have a lot of explaining to do!


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