Script reading stills for MBC

October 16, 2022October 16, 2022

Script reading stills for MBC’s Please Send a Fan Letter
by Jenzy

Appears like we’ve got a fake-penpals-to-lovers romance on our hands in MBC’s upcoming rom-com Please Send a Fan Letter.

The script, which won the Excellence Award at the MBC Drama Script Contest, centers about our single dad Bang Jun-seok, played by Yoon Park (Forecasting Really like and Climate). He’s absolutely devoted to his function as a father, even providing up his job as a lawyer to care for his terminally-ill daughter. But when 1 day he intercepts a fan letter his daughter sent to her favored actress, he decides to fake a reply letter and spare his small girl’s feelings. Right after all, what’s the harm in a small white lie?
Meanwhile, our actress in query, Han Kang-hee, is played by Sooyoung (If You Want Upon Me). She’s a top rated star in her field, but when Jun-seok’s letter is leaked to the public, she’s sent into crisis-mode to deal with the virality of a letter that is not even hers. Collectively, our key characters will get into Make-A-Want hijinks attempting to please the ever-curious media and Kang-hee’s most significant little fan.
In our supporting cast, we also have Kim Sang-woo (Hello? It is Me!) playing Kang-hee’s manager, and Kang Da-hyun (Stock Struck) playing Kang-hee’s former med college colleague and frenemy.
Written by Park Tae-yang and directed by Jung Sang-hee (Showtime Starts), the four-episode drama Please Send a Fan Letter will premiere on November 26th.

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