Love is for Suckers: Episodes 3-4


Really like is for Suckers: Episodes three-four

If this drama hasn’t currently created you a sucker, I do not know what to say. I appreciate it! We turn down the humor just a tad this week and take a far more melancholic tone. But the theme of late-30s appreciate continues robust with a relatable heroine who desires it all, and lastly feels like she just may possibly get it. If you are seeking for realistic 30s dilemmas, unrealistically very good-seeking pals to lovers, or Choi Siwon in board shorts, you have identified your match.


Love is for Suckers Episodes 3-4

To choose up exactly where we left off, the kiss does not come about (except in Jae-hoon’s head, but we’ll get to that later). Nonetheless, the absent kiss offers us a lot of info about how our leads actually really feel about every other. Yeo-reum puckers correct up, prepared to go for it, even though Jae-hoon gets himself out of there right away (he’s as well tempted). Each are kicking themselves in the morning at how awkward they’ve created every little thing, as they attempt to act standard.

No matter how awkward items may well look, Jae-hoon is nevertheless the initially individual Yeo-reum calls when her father is rushed to the hospital. But Jae-hoon is with a patient and cannot choose up, so Yeo-reum begins to leave on her personal. As luck (or total creepiness) would have it, In-woo is outdoors her home and gives to drive the handful of hours to Chuncheon so she can be with her parents. When Jae-hoon sees his missed calls, he has no hesitation in calling back, but Yeo-reum is as well tied up by then to answer.

Love is for Suckers Episodes 3-4

When her dad is in steady situation, Yeo-reum and In-woo drive back to Seoul and get a handful of items off their chests. In-woo apologizes for the way he left 3 years ago and Yeo-reum says it is no one’s fault, and that they have been each quite emotional. He says he’s regretted it ever because, and Yeo-reum certainly appears far more relaxed with him than she did ahead of.

When they arrive to her home, Jae-hoon watches from upstairs as In-woo comes in at 1AM for ramen (but, like, true ramen). Clearly jealous, Jae-hoon begins generating as a great deal noise as feasible, dropping dumbbells, vacuuming, dancing to hip-hop — and succeeds in disturbing a kiss ahead of it happens. Prior to all the racket, In-woo had just been telling Yeo-reum that he’s watched all her shows, and he hasn’t gotten more than her.

Love is for Suckers Episodes 3-4 Love is for Suckers Episodes 3-4

When In-woo lastly leaves, Yeo-reum marches upstairs to ask Jae-hoon what the hell he’s undertaking and also gets a possibility to inform him about her father becoming in the hospital. Jae-hoon turns really serious quick and apologizes for not becoming in a position to take her get in touch with earlier. The subsequent day, he calls her parents, sends them lunchboxes, and speaks to her dad’s medical professional to make confident all is okay. He also desires to contribute toward the hospital bill. Jae-hoon tells Yeo-reum all this when he’s named her more than to place potato slices on his sunburned back and their awkwardness dissolves into aegyo. It appears for a moment that items are back to standard in between them.

Right after the evening she just about kissed In-woo, Yeo-reum gets excited about the prospect of seeing him once more — squeeing with her pal about it at a jjimjilbang — and not even mentioning the just about-kiss with Jae-hoon. She says she likes the familiarity with In-woo and feels like it is been forever because everyone looked at her like that. Her pal encourages her to get back with In-woo, even though secretly plotting to get her and Jae-hoon collectively by pressing Jae-hoon to confess. Jae-hoon admits he has feelings for Yeo-reum in some cases but it is not adequate to act on.

Love is for Suckers Episodes 3-4

Meanwhile, In-woo is all about acting on his feelings. He invites Yeo-reum to dinner, exactly where she solemnly asks why he hasn’t moved on. On the stroll household, he pulls out a ring and asks her to marry him once more, saying “I’ve usually been in appreciate with you.” She’s shocked and is not prepared to answer. She requires the ring (but does not put on it), needing time to determine. When she tells Jae-hoon, he’s angry, asking exactly where In-woo has been for the final 3 years. But Yeo-reum is far more sensible: she’s 37 and he’s 40 if they’re going to date they ought to do it with marriage in thoughts. Yeo-reum desires to get married — and she knows Jae-hoon does not.

In-woo starts to attempt to woo Yeo-reum by sending gifts to her workplace in the type of giant balloons that say “Marry Me” and pricey footwear “for her to put on when she comes to him” (I imply, the guy’s got game). Yeo-reum goes out of her way to get the balloons household by means of elevators and buses (and I cannot assistance but feel of how she refused the giant bouquet that Jae-hoon purchased her, claiming it was as well massive for the workplace). When her balloons get stuck in a tree, Jae-hoon aids her grab them and walks them household, even although he’s mad about them becoming from In-woo.

Love is for Suckers Episodes 3-4 Love is for Suckers Episodes 3-4

In a quite odd exchange, In-woo goes to see Jae-hoon and says not to get in the way of him and Yeo-reum. He thinks Jae-hoon is living upstairs for the reason that he likes her — he ought to get lost or come at the predicament like a man. Along with the pal who told Jae-hoon to confess, this interaction pushes him additional toward his feelings for Yeo-reum. In a final act, he tells Ji-yeon — who seriously, actually likes him—that he is not interested in her, ending any ambiguity and freeing him up to pursue Yeo-reum.

Ultimately feeling prepared, he goes to meet Yeo-reum immediately after perform on a rainy day, catching her below an umbrella. And, oh, the appear! (What are you undertaking to me, Siwon?). But In-woo shows up at the identical time with an umbrella and a giant teddy bear (why is every little thing oversized?). Yeo-reum goes with In-woo and says she’ll get ahold of Jae-hoon later. In the vehicle, she learns that In-woo does not think in friendship in between guys and ladies, so if she chooses to marry him, she’ll be providing up Jae-hoon as well.

Love is for Suckers Episodes 3-4

She says yes. They begin to strategy their wedding and Yeo-reum appears so delighted that I cannot assistance but smile as well, even if I’m rooting for Jae-hoon. And Jae-hoon has the identical difficulty. He desires to inform her how he feels, but how can he? She’s radiant with In-woo. A single evening, he runs to her, pondering of all the items he ought to have mentioned and completed to inform her how he feels (and we get to see what that kiss would have looked like), but when he arrives, she and In-woo are delighted and laughing and he cannot.

On the wedding day, when the ceremony is about to start, Yeo-reum tearfully stands in front of all the guests in her bridal gear and calls the entire issue off. We do not know why, but there are only two true selections. Either she’s had a modify of heart about Jae-hoon, or the random New York lady that showed up to see In-woo has triggered a important complication. I will go with the latter provided that we had a lesson on the appreciate life of Klimt in the middle of these episodes. Ji-yeon’s professorial query to her art students was, “Why did he appreciate her and however hurt her?”

Love is for Suckers Episodes 3-4 Love is for Suckers Episodes 3-4

If it is feasible, I feel I liked these episodes even far more than final week. They really feel quite self-contained and could even stand alone as a film. In between Episodes three and four, we get all the beats of a typical romantic comedy, from the forever pals disrupting their connection with an just about-kiss, to the male lead actually operating to inform the female lead how he feels. Even that appear at the finish in between Jae-hoon and Yeo-reum was adequate to be the begin of anything in between them. Though, do not get me incorrect, I’m nevertheless on the edge of my seat for far more episodes!

I appreciate that this drama is seriously hitting the correct notes for late-30s dilemmas, and I was moved by almost every little thing that occurred. When Jae-hoon told Ji-yeon he’s not interested, immediately after she was pursuing him so really hard (and so sweetly), I felt for each of them. And when In-woo proposed to Yeo-reum, it created total sense to me why she would want that. The appreciate of her life reappears and nevertheless loves her. Now she gets her profession and the man she wanted to marry with no deciding on in between them. I realize why she says yes.

At the identical time, the drama is also playing on other elements of finding older. Yeo-reum’s dad gets sick, she goes by means of a traumatic occasion by rushing to the hospital to be with him, and her parents begin worrying about her becoming alone when they’re gone. She’s worrying about it as well. Even although she admits she’s believed about Jae-hoon in the previous romantically, she’s pondering virtually. And, I have to say, my preferred line is when Yeo-reum is attempting to win a stuffed animal from a claw machine and says, “I’m attempting to adopt a pet bear for the reason that my life is so lonely.” It may possibly have been a throwaway line — or seriously sad sounding — but I laughed uncontrollably, for the reason that it just rang accurate.

Love is for Suckers Episodes 3-4

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