Kim Young-dae faces Park Joo-hyun’s lies in The Forbidden Marriage

October 15, 2022October 14, 2022

Kim Young-dae faces Park Joo-hyun’s lies in The Forbidden Marriage
by solstices

If you lost your beloved, could you ever get more than that grief? MBC’s upcoming romantic sageuk The Forbidden Marriage tells the tale of the widowed Prince Lee Heon, played by Kim Young-dae (Shooting Stars). Devastated by his wife’s death, he has refused to remarry for the previous seven years. As a final-ditch try to have the country’s king wedded once again, the royal household has enacted a decree that forbids all single females from marrying till the king does — but to no avail.

Enter Ye So-rang, played by Park Joo-hyun (Enjoy All Play). She’s a swindler who earns a living by claiming to study marital fortunes, till she gets caught by inspector Lee Shin-won, played by Kim Woo-seok (Military Prosecutor Doberman). Considering on her feet, So-rang bluffs that she can see the spirit of the late crown princess in the palace.
So-rang’s ruse does get her out of jail, but it lands her in the palace — correct in front of the king, whom she’ll have to fool if she desires to survive. As her lies spiral out of manage, she ends up pretending to be possessed by the late crown princess. Will Heon’s grief cloud his judgment, or will he see via So-rang’s bluff?
Rounding out the massive cast, we also have Yang Dong-geun, Park Sun-young, Choi Deok-moon, and Kim Min-joo, amongst other individuals.
Directed by Park Sang-woo (By no means Twice) and Jung Hoon, The Forbidden Marriage is primarily based off the internet novel of the similar name, with the novel’s author Chun Ji-hye penning the script. The drama is slated to premiere this December.

By way of iMBC
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