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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for much more (or agonizing when there was no much more), and what produced you want to throw your remote by means of the screen? Time to weigh in…



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Seasons of Blossom: This drama continues to trample upon my heart. Seriously, the flashback sequences are some of the loveliest and most delicate filmmaking I have observed in a whilst. I cannot wait for somebody to edit these sections of the story into its personal mini drama, mainly because I will be rewatching these scenes on a regular basis. Most likely forever.

Adore is for Suckers: I didn’t want to get sucked into a different drama, but I liked the very first two episodes so significantly that I blasted by means of all 4, and now I’m sad I have nothing at all to watch (*AGONY*). I adore Siwon and Lee Da-hee collectively as significantly as I believed I would, and perhaps even much more. Even though the drama is not performing something new (omg, kill me with the returning penitent-but-also-cheating exes), the leads are so beautiful that I am addicted. Yeo-reum, in certain, is painfully relatable, and I feel it is the realness of her character and her feelings that has me hooked. (I’m a significant Jo Soo-hyang fan, also, particularly following Adore All Play. She can go so seamlessly from arrogant wench to vulnerable human, and I hope we get that arc for her right here. Also, what fantastic hair!)



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Adore is for Suckers: THIS! This is what I need to have appropriate now. A couple in their mid-thirties falling in adore following years of becoming platonic close friends. I adore a superior rom-com meet-cute as significantly as the subsequent individual, but there’s also some thing genuinely enjoyable about watching two characters who are currently comfy with a single a different gradually evolving and seeing every single other in a new light. Plus, it is freaking hilarious. Favored at present airing drama.

Cheer Up: I have a mighty need to have for a single of these cheer uniforms! What can I say? I’m a sucker for a horsehair braid mini-skirt, and these outfits make me want to dress up and prance about my residence. Other than the costumes, although, I’m attempting to set aside my Americanized perception of cheerleading (a la Bring It On style), and temper my expectations. When Hae-yi did a difficult backflip throughout her audition for the group, I was hoping for much more acrobatics. I’ve normally admired the strength of gymnastics athletes, so I’m a wee bit disappointed that this certain cheer squad is much more of the choreographed dancing range. It is nevertheless exciting and intriguing in its personal way, although.

Adore in Contract: I continue to watch this drama for Go Kyung-pyo — to the extent that I want Sang-eun to finish up with Hae-jin so I can have Ji-ho all to myself. I joke, but I honestly feel Sang-eun and Hae-jin make an objectively superior couple, and I wasn’t a significant fan of how this week’s episodes inadvertently downplayed the added benefits of Sang-eun becoming in the presence of somebody who produced her really feel relaxed. Yes, comfortableness can be a marker for a superior friendship — not just a romantic partnership — but it is not precisely the opposite of the nervous excitement of attraction and a new romance, which is sort of what was recommended. In my opinion, the only superior point about the Sang-eun and Ji-ho pairing is that Ji-ho gets much more screen time.



Presently covering: Adore in Contract

Mental Coach Jegal: I was appropriate there with Gil when he stated his head hurts at the finish of Episode ten. I genuinely hoped this drama wasn’t going to include things like a adore line involving Gil and Ga-eul, and I was rooting for Gil × Dr. Park and Mu-gyeol × Ga-eul pairings as an alternative. I legit squealed at Mu-gyeol’s declaration of adore prior to his bungee jump, but what is this existing circumstance? They really should just scrap the romance in its entirety if this is how it is going to be. By the way, Ga-eul’s brother genuinely got on my nerves this week. It is not adequate to group up with his sister’s abusive coach, he had to hit her also? In the finish it is not about his sister’s happiness, it is all about that damned gold medal. Pfft.

A single Dollar Lawyer: This final murder case went on for also lengthy, and halfway in, I was currently more than it. I’m contemplating dropping the drama, and the only point holding me back is that we ultimately got a preview into Ji-hoon’s life.

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