Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 9-10


Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 9-ten

This week is complete of warm, fuzzy feelings and new beginnings. But since we know what awaits our characters down the road, most of the giddy moments are colored in shades of sorrow.


Just before Bo-mi can respond to Jae-min’s query of irrespective of whether she and Jin-young are truly dating, Jae-min admits he overheard them calling the partnership fake. Rather than wanting an explanation, having said that, he’s just letting her know she does not have to carry her secret all alone. Likewise, she does not press for answers about his secret, but tends to make it clear she desires to listen anytime he’s prepared to share.

In the meantime, Jin-young and Bo-mi are finding closer, and even though Bo-mi tries to remain in denial, she’s becoming conscious that their partnership — actual, fake, or otherwise — has changed ever so slightly. The initially sign is when So-mang mentions mastering to like mint chocolate since of the individual she liked (Ha-min, of course). Bo-mi had been providing Jin-young chocolate milk with no realizing he didn’t like chocolate, but now he says he does not thoughts it so considerably, and her eyes bug out adorably as she puts two and two collectively.

Then Bo-mi and Jin-young are selected to represent their class in a couple dance battle. That, of course, suggests they get up close and individual. Bo-mi begins out in the lead, but following she actions on his foot, he requires more than, ending with a dip that leaves them each feeling shy.

The additional Bo-mi tries to deny her increasing feelings, the additional frustrated and confused she gets. Sooner or later, following a small heart-to-heart with So-mang, she functions up the courage to text Jin-young a casual, “What’s up?” Jin-young instantly calls her, but her mom calls her away ahead of she can get brave adequate to answer.

When she apologizes for it later, Jin-young shrugs it off — she needn’t clarify if she does not want to. But Bo-mi does want to, and all of a sudden she’s word-vomiting all about her mom yelling at her for her grades slipping, which occurred since she’s been so busy worrying about her good friends, and how disappointed she is in herself for not handling every thing additional gracefully.

Alternatively of adding to the criticism, Jin-young counters that he finds her impressive. Positive, at initially, he believed she was crazy to make points so complex for no purpose, but now he understands and admires how considerably she cares about her friends’ feelings. It is sweet that he’s supporting her when she feels low, but it nonetheless sort of glosses more than the challenge with her choice to lie to her good friends.

Meanwhile, summer season is approaching, and for So-mang, that suggests the feelings stirred up by memories of Ha-min are finding stronger. Ha-min made use of to hate summer season since the humidity produced him really feel like he was suffocating. But the summer season following they surreptitiously held hands on the rooftop, points changed. Alternatively of attending the lecture his parents wanted him to, Ha-min secretly signed up for lessons at So-mang’s art studio so they could commit additional time collectively.

His initially assignment was to draw something he wanted, and for a lengthy time he just stared sadly at the blank canvas in front of him. Then he designed the most heartbreakingly lovely image of a man sitting hunched more than and ankle-deep in water with gigantic butterfly wings.

A single afternoon, So-mang and Ha-min have been caught in a downpour when leaving the studio. Ha-min rolled his eyes in annoyance, but So-mang was struck with sudden giddiness. Tossing each of their umbrellas aside, she grabbed his hand and pulled him down the street at a run till he was smiling and laughing along with her.

They circled back to the studio to dry off, wrapping themselves in the only blanket. What with the rain and the happiness and the close speak to, Ha-min was virtually glowing as he thanked So-mang for teaching him the joy of carrying out what he wanted as an alternative of what he was supposed to do.

So-mang discovered herself caressing his hair, and gradually, following checking that she was okay with it, he leaned in and kissed her. Then they kissed once again and once again, and giggled, and held hands, each shyly admitting this was their initially kiss. In the present day, So-mang once again drops her umbrella and lets the rain fall on her face, but the valuable memories of that summer season are as painful as they are fantastic now.

In the following days, So-mang couldn’t get the kiss out of her head. She couldn’t even be close to Ha-min with no finding shaky and fluttery, but he seemed so calm that she feared he could not share her feelings. But when Ha-min got the truth out of her, he assured her he was just uncertain how to navigate his personal feelings. She’d opened his eyes to a complete new way of living, and he felt as even though he could face something if they have been collectively.

Though So-mang reminisces and Bo-mi puzzles more than her feelings, Jae-min deliberates irrespective of whether to grant his mother’s request to meet up. In the end, he does, but it is additional a confrontation than a reunion. He’s been reading Ha-min’s diary, he explains, and Ha-min wrote about an individual named Han So-mang. Initially, Jae-min blamed So-mang for Ha-min’s death, but now he understands that So-mang was the a single individual who could have offered Ha-min the hope he required to preserve going.

It is not really hard to guess exactly where this is going, but it is nonetheless gut-wrenching, in particular interspersed with scenes of So-mang and Ha-min cuddling, blissfully unaware that Ha-min’s art studio enrollment had been found. Jae-min’s mother is overcome with horror and grief as she realizes what he’s saying. And Jae-min’s eyes fill with angry tears as he spells it out anyway: their mother personally destroyed Ha-min’s only assistance method.

Oof. These episodes felt like a single gut punch following yet another. I believed Ha-min’s struggle to assume of something to draw was sad, till I saw what he came up with, and that hit even tougher. And then So-mang gave him a purpose to like each rain and summer season. And then the kiss occurred. And then — effectively, you get the thought.

On leading of the anticipated discomfort of watching all the delighted moments when recognizing ahead of time how Ha-min’s story ends, I didn’t anticipate becoming struck so really hard by that ending sequence with Ha-min and Jae-min’s mother. Ha-min knew she was incorrect to treat them the way she did, and he knew she’d probably by no means comprehend till it was as well late, but nonetheless he empathized with her motivations and hoped she could someday fully grasp how blinded she’d been by grief more than the loss of her personal dreams. Maybe he was proper, but he’ll by no means know that, and no quantity of remorse on her component can reverse the harm that was performed.

As soon as once again, I’m drawn to the parallels involving Ha-min and Bo-mi. Even even though their situations have been pretty various, they each wrestled with external and internal expectations. They each required — and discovered — an individual to confide in outdoors of their usual circles, gaining at the identical time the freedom to see themselves differently.

And that is the tragedy of it all, since Ha-min presumably got only a modest taste of that freedom ahead of his future was reduce quick. Bo-mi, on the other hand, nonetheless has time to develop into complete self-assurance in who she desires to turn out to be.

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