Dramatic synopsis reading from the cast of JTBC

October 14, 2022October 14, 2022

Dramatic synopsis reading from the cast of JTBC’s Reborn Wealthy
by missvictrix

Just before providing us an actual appear at the drama, JTBC is providing up a dramatized (or is that dramatic) synopsis reading by the major cast: Song Joong-ki, Shin Hyun-bin, and Lee Sung-min.
It is shot beautifully, complete of warm tones and Really serious Acting, and tends to make me feel possibly the drama will be a tiny far more artful than just straight melo… and now all I want to see is that precise factor: an artsy melo makjang higher-price range cornucopia of drama.

The teaser opens with our 3 major characters — every single on a gorgeous set — reading from the Reborn Wealthy synopsis. The narration seamlessly transfers amongst the 3 actors as they study the following:
This story is about the revenge of a man who was born into a poor loved ones and sacrificed his life to serve a chaebol loved ones.
No, truly, it is about the youngest son of that chaebol loved ones who swallowed up the small business with his greed.
The accurate colors of the chaebol.
The invisible war of inheritance.
Filthy bribery.
And a man who was reborn as a new particular person.
Is he controlled by vengeance, or is it just the selfish desires of human nature?
Is it a blessing to start out a new life?
Or is it just yet another nightmare…
Oh boy, you can just squeeze the drama from the air like a sponge, and I’m loving each minute of it. My preferred Song Joong-ki drama has generally been Good Guy, so if this is the 2022 version of hand-wringing and revenge and bitter adore, I’m so in.
Directed by PD Jung Dae-yoon (I’m Not a Robot, W-Two Worlds), with scripts by Kim Tae-hee (Designated Survivor: 60 Days, Sungkyunkwan Scandal) and Jang Eun-jae, Reborn Wealthy premieres on November 18, and will air in a new Friday-Saturday-Sunday sequence.

By means of JTBC, News1
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