Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 9-10


Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 9-ten

As our mental coach continues to do what he does most effective and mentor athletes sorely in want of him, an old enemy boomerangs back to the ice rink (once more). Meanwhile, like is in the air, and the confessions are not subtle.


Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 9-10

I’m starting to drop track of what this show’s actual plot is — because it appears like the identical simple arc every week on repeat — but I’m nonetheless enjoying our wacky warm-hearted Gil get proper to the soul of the matter with the athletes he assists.

This week opens with the education trip promised to Dr. Park, Gil, Ga-eul and Mu-gyeol at the finish of final week’s episodes. They’re tagging along with the archery group although, so it indicates scary trust education, all-nighters, and the like — but do not be concerned, there’s nonetheless space for comedy and a fantastic pep speak. For instance, when they check out their very first quit and take pictures in that giant nest — I was dying! There was some thing about Jung Woo and that caw sound impact that killed me. I rewinded that scene way also quite a few instances.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 9-10

But laughs aside, the “trip” is truly about hardcore mental education. We see Dr. Park attempt to get by means of to Ga-eul as she trains, Medical professional SONG (Cha Quickly-bae) attempt to get by means of to archery star SHIN YE-JI (Song Ji-won), and of course we have Gil attempting to get Mu-gyeol to make it by means of his water trauma education. All the athletes have heavy duty emotional baggage about their fathers, and our mental coach is to the rescue!

Gil is the a single Ga-eul now trusts and cries to — coming face to face with her sadness and guilt about her father. Gil also assists Mu-gyeol to recognize that his personal trauma is about his (horrible) step-father and childhood. And it is the identical for Ye-ji, who has her personal guilt about her father’s death and need to come to terms with it and let herself to grieve. What ever the problem at hand, Gil appears to have the warmth and encouragement to get these little ones to address their shiz and find out what it is that is really blocking them. Even Ga-eul now shares with other people what she’s discovered from him: we develop when we’re at our weakest.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 9-10

1 of the events through the trip is a bungee jump, and prior to Mu-gyeol jumps, he screams out: “I like you, Ga-eul!” He’s been not-so-subtly hovering about her like an adoring puppy, and desires to date her once more. I so like this smitten version of our swim star! His kiss may possibly not come to fruition, but his selfless care for Ga-eul gets him into the water once more (yay!) when he rescue-dives to save her.

Whilst all this healing is going on, although, the scheming is nonetheless going sturdy, and Tae-man is at it once more with the boring blur of unions, committees, and energy-hungry guys that are rubbing their palms collectively for a scheme superior than the final. The extended and quick of it is this: Coach Oh is back in charge of the quick-track group (once more)(for the third time), and Tae-man resigns his spot at the Human Rights Committee only to also boomerang back as head of the skating union. Huh? I am not amused by any of this it is finding old, and I would rather these guys get beaten currently so we can concentrate on the healing and all the other, far more exciting characters.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 9-10 Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 9-10

Coach Oh, of course, is back to his usual crap. He sets up yet another choice race, torments the girls, pits them against every other, and tries to repair the race however once more. But by this third time (although it feels like the 500th time!), the girls are lastly beginning to stand up to him. They skate their race the way they want to — like actual athletes — and we see the worth of that in Ga-eul’s beaming smile afterwards. She may possibly have fallen and gotten disqualified, but she skated freely, and that is the answer to the query that is been haunting her: what is it I actually want?

But that is not the finish of Ga-eul’s jubilant moment. Just after standing up to the Coach and finding saved by however yet another epic Gil slo-mo punch, she bursts out with: “I like you, coach!” And I do not know who is far more horrified: Mu-gyeol, standing down the hall Dr. Park, standing beside him like she’s seeking at the wreck she saw coming or Gil, who is just standing there in shock, only to grab his face in torment that is comedic genius. Roll credits.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 9-10 Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 9-10

I absolutely didn’t anticipate them to go this way with the Gil/Ga-eul rapport, but I really should have — it is functioning so effectively and feels so smooth due to the fact it is bringing hints and jabs from earlier in the drama complete circle. Our early episodes had these jokes about Gil’s age and the blind date misunderstanding, but far more current episodes (and this week’s in specific) leaned a lot on the identical, as if telling us what was going to come about subsequent.

We not only saw Mu-gyeol finding a small jealous of Ga-eul’s clear easiness when she’s with Gil, but balking at his friendly physical affection, and mistaking the word “rapport” for “ppo ppo” (a rapid kiss). Then, there was the scene exactly where Dr. Park solemnly warned Gil that she believed Ga-eul was establishing a crush on him. Gil had laughed it off as absurd, but they agreed to watch out for any emotional transference going on. I bet that conversation was rolling by means of Gil’s horrified thoughts following Ga-eul’s hallway confession lol.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 9-10

As significantly as I catch myself asking yourself why this drama requires 16 episodes if we’ve currently been by means of 3 rounds with the identical villain, I actually did get pleasure from this week’s episodes. The drama is at its most effective when Gil is absolutely free to be sweet and encouraging, and I like his wacky strategies and pep talks and improv music concerts for the little ones.

The drama is wealthy and exciting sufficient without the need of the redundant villain plot arcs, so I’m hoping we can lean a small significantly less on Coach Oh’s whiny voice and Tae-man’s tantrums and/or threats and rather devote far more time with our athletes and their coaches. Though, I will say, the small dip into Tae-man’s crush on Dr. Park was strangely amusing. It does not appear to match his character at all — all of a sudden he gets derpy and likeable — which is what produced it really feel all the far more entertaining when the drama committed to it. (But nonetheless, Kwon Yul, why’d you choose this function?)

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 9-10

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