Glitch: Episodes 2-10 (Series Review)


Glitch: Episodes two-ten (Series Overview)

Glitch is a quick series that covers a lot of ground. It is about aliens. It is about cults. It is about gleefully believing in the not possible. It is about getting a directionless millennial with a bunch of weird hobbies that you pursue with your weird good friends, only half of whom know how to drive (badly). But, most of all, it is about these intense, borderline-romantic girl friendships that never ever genuinely die.


EPISODES two-ten Overview

Following Shi-guk disappears, Ji-hyo goes from zero to conspiracy in a matter of hours. She tumbles down a rabbit hole she’s pursued in the past… alien abduction. Following all, with the police seeking skeptical, and Shi-guk’s clever-watch tracker suggesting he fell off the face of the planet, someone’s got to take into consideration outdoors choices. So, she joins a UFO forum, urgently messages its moderator, Moonhole, and drops perform to crash their subsequent meetup. Hovering at the doorway, she bums a cigarette light from a rakishly wonderful lady outdoors: all ripped jeans, insouciant sunglasses, and eleventy-billion tattoos. Meet Moonhole (Nana), our co-star!

If only Ji-hyo had identified her identity ahead of she loudly derided the club as a bunch of greasy otakus. Now, she can only cringe as she’s introduced to a motley gaggle of adorkable nerds. There’s CAPTAIN Price tag (Tae Won-seok), a gentle giant notorious for obtaining been a military man, although at present much more invested in protein shakes than war stories. There’s CHO PHILLIP (Park Won-seok), whose hair is as extended as his potential to lie is abysmal. Lastly, there’s the infant of the group, KIM DONG-HYUK (Lee Min-goo), most probably to be discovered painstakingly informing his mother that he cannot attend college now, as he’s busy exploring the mysteries of the universe.

Ji-hyo pays for her faux pas when the UFO club starts its most crucial duty: playing Mafia. (Ah, Mafia: the staple of each and every nerd society! For a show that is mostly about aliens, they confident do not skimp on the realism.) Right here, Moonhole angrily denounces Ji-hyo as a liar, ahead of beating a swift retreat on her scooter — while Ji-hyo tears up the pavement in pursuit. Turns out, the two have history. Ji-hyo lastly recognizes Moonhole as HEO BO-RA, the pal she broke up with in higher college. Back in the day, Ji-hyo was a UFO fiend. Hiding out in an old van, the girls bonded more than tales of the extraterrestrial — till Bo-ra convinced Ji-hyo to huff glue. Ji-hyo blamed the subsequent stupor, in which she went missing for various days, on this. Nevertheless, these aliens she sees? They resemble a drawing the girls created with each other Bo-ra was the inspiration behind the green helmet.

Bo-ra’s not eager to forgive, but, her viewers are hungry for prime paranormal content material, and Ji-hyo, with her tales of preternatural boyfriend-loss, is a veritable money cow. She’s prepared to investigate — camera in hand. Their initial port of contact is Shi-guk’s apartment, which has been mysteriously cleared. Our heroines nab the keycode by posing as would-be purchasers. Nonetheless, Bo-ra barely has time to break out her trusty elecromagnetic scanner (a should-have accessory for each and every alien-hunting expert) ahead of their estate agent (Baek Joo-hee) returns, with consumers in tow.

The girls heroically squish themselves into the loft, but the newcomers are busy with their… cult ritual? Yep, you study that appropriate. Lights dim. Projected stars flash, as the EMI device squeals. In heavy VR visors, the ritualists commence to chant: a prayer for ascension, followed by a harmonic, rallying cry of, “Sella!” So, you know. Just your frequent landlord stuff.

Obtaining hit the conspiracy jackpot, Bo-ra has her eyes on a larger prize. The subsequent step is clear: tail the realtor. Wait — what does Ji-hyo imply, let’s contact the cops? Bo-ra sputters in disbelief, as Ji-hyo loftily declares she cannot be trusted. Following all, she has the world’s most boring man alive to find. But, Bo-ra refuses to let Ji-hyo blame a various-day disappearance on glue she didn’t even sniff. In actuality, Bo-ra stumbled by means of the field for hours in search of her pal. Upon her return, she was slapped, blamed, and ditched. Now, Bo-ra turns her back on Ji-hyo.

But, not the investigation. On that, she’s going complete throttle, roping the Captain in as replacement sidekick. Stalking their quarry, they study that the realtor is SISTER SEO, secret cultist of the Church of the Divine Light: a satisfied-clappy congregation who appreciate to laugh, and pray, and sing… in honor of their alien deity. Or rather, as they say, “The Light” — the words “UFO” and “aliens” getting far also gauche. Determined that the globe should know what weirdness goes on behind locked doors, Bo-ra poses as a churchgoer to infiltrate a ritual, video-streaming all the although. It is much more than even she, connoisseur of weird, was banking on. It absolutely floors Ji-hyo, who gapes at the stream, equal components impressed and terrified. As starlight flickers in darkness, Sister Seo chants ahead of a rapturous crowd. Strange light halos her face as she appears up — and levitates into the air.

Ji-hyo is outraged that Bo-ra would place herself in peril, but her pal is triumphant: they’ve gained a new lead. His name is KIM CHAN-WOO (Go Chang-seok), supposed member of the cult — but, he’s greater identified in the UFO neighborhood by his deal with, DIRECT KIM. Years ago, his daughter was kidnapped by the New Beginnings Peace Corp (NPC), a sub-group of the Church of Divine Light. He’s terse on the particulars, but he does have 1 point going for him… he’s laughably uncomplicated to rob. Ji-hyo, obtaining completely committed to the madness, nabs his difficult drive, and the girls beat a laughing retreat by way of scooter. The drive includes copies of pencil drawings — 1 of which depicts the bridge exactly where Shi-guk vanished.

It is on: our heroines, armed with hastily-gleaned suggestions from YouTube (the initial step to any crime is a can-do attitude), break into Sister Seo’s vehicle to retrieve the dashcam. This would be less complicated if either of them had much more than notional understanding of how vehicles perform. Also unhelpful is the sudden look of Sister Seo and her very good chum Chan-woo. The latter has the appear of a man watching toddlers finger-paint more than the Mona Lisa — or, alternatively, a really tired infiltration agent witnessing two inept millennials grind his finest-laid plans beneath their heels. As well negative: our heroines are relentless! As Sister Seo drives off in the vehicle, the girls lie low in the trunk.

They quit at an out-of-the-way property. This is exactly where Sister Seo appears immediately after her dementia-ridden mother (Sohn Sook), who devours Television with wide eyes as our intrepid explorers strategy. In the back area are the drawings from the difficult drive. There’s also a photo album, which Bo-ra swipes. From this, they study that Sister Seo’s charge is BAEK YOON-SEO, who was supposedly abducted by aliens in the 1970s. The drawings are hers… and she’s nevertheless prolific. Following our heroines leave, the NPCs collect to witness a miracle — the holy mother has sketched the face of their messiah! You guessed it: it is Ji-hyo.

Meanwhile, properly-which means cop Byung-jo is chasing the coattails of this mystery, aided by Se-hee. There will not be substantially of them in this plot summary, mostly due to the truth that they’re invariably two actions behind every person else. Nonetheless, I want it on record that their interactions are adorable: from their relentless squabbling, to Se-hee’s insistence that she’s practically a cop by dint of proximity. At present, they’ve arrived at a related conclusion to our leads: the NPC hideout seems to be at New Hope Psychiatric Hospital, the spot in which Yoon-seo was treated.

Time for a field trip! The UFO Club — and Ji-hyo — squeeze into the Captain’s death-trap of a vehicle, plugging along merrily at half the speed limit. Turns out, Ji-hyo has all the road rage of a geriatric snail. At the hospital, they are confronted by what will prove to be the group’s nemesis going forward: a shortish gate. Fortunately, Philip is in a position to distract the guards with his deeply unconvincing depiction of a man whose vehicle has broken down. Maybe inevitably, this deception crumbles when he comes face to face with the NPC’s finest soldier, SISTER ABIGAIL (Jung Da-bin): a fervent-eyed, gun-toting girl whose each and every move screams “child of a cult.”

Our heroines are forced to split while Bo-ra explores the half-deserted hospital. Their functioning theory is that the NPC have been kidnapping men and women who have been abducted by aliens this guess is confirmed when she stumbles upon a area complete of captives in VR masks. Quickly, she’s rumbled by the Chairman of the Church, MOON HYUNG-TAE (Kim Myung-gon): the light-worshiping husband of Yoon-seo. She barely escapes with her life. Meanwhile, Ji-hyo has broken into a truck, which the girls try to use as an escape automobile. Sadly, they are scuppered by their greatest enemy, the gate. Ji-hyo is taken hostage she cries out for Bo-ra to save herself.

Far, far elsewhere, a really confused man in Thailand receives the worst wake-up contact imaginable, immediately after an apparent suicide try. It is Shi-guk.

The NPC topic Ji-hyo to the virtual reality equivalent of a prybar, in the hopes of accessing her memories of the evening she disappeared. She’s just like Yoon-seo, whose writings about her alien abduction offered the church with its holy text. But, Ji-hyo resists this psychological attack: the subtle strategy has failed. However, when all you have is health-related gear, each and every dilemma appears like an chance for invasive surgery. Messiahs, says Hyung-tae, exist to be sacrificed. Ji-hyo wakes to glaring disorientation and a bandaged scalp.

Also — to Sister Seo. At Bo-ra’s insistence, Chan-woo lastly took action, persuading his cultist pal to pay a visit to the messiah. With the tenuous grasp on reality of somebody anesthetized about ten minutes ago, Ji-hyo manages to fake-threaten Chan-woo with a scalpel, persuading the cultists to aspect in her wake. From right here, she runs — straight into Bo-ra, against whom she later collapses into a messy hug. Chan-woo, meanwhile collides with somebody else: Sister Abigail. Or, much more accurately… his daughter, KIM YOUNG-GI.

Ji-hyo has a newfound hole in her head, and a lot of unanswered concerns. Arguably, the remedy is a health-related verify-up, but our heroines opt for the subsequent finest point: hypnotism. With the assistance of her therapist, MA HYUNG-WOO (Kim Nam-hee), Ji-hyo accesses her sealed-off memories. The evening she disappeared, she encountered her father canoodling with her quickly-to-be stepmother. Anguished, she fled to the van. Right here, she encountered a vibrant light — a force that invaded her head, and left a chip behind. The aliens, it appears, chose her. Later, she learns that she kept repeating 1 point when she returned: come back.

Meanwhile, Shi-guk has returned to Korea. Ji-hyo listens, horrified, as he explains how he attempted to kill himself… he thinks. He cannot recall. He desires to obtain his cat. Guiltily, Ji-hyo realizes that 1 could draw unflattering parallels with her quest to obtain him. Meanwhile, Chang-woo returns to the UFO club, dragging a belligerent Young-gi. She insists that she wanted to warn the messiah the church have announced that Ji-hyo is dead, and they’re eager to make this lie a reality. Quickly, they’ll hold a funeral — properly, much more like a celebration — in which their followers abandon their inferior meat-bodies and ascend. Chang-woo scoffs. He’s heard that ahead of. What they imply is mass suicide.

Ji-hyo realizes they intend to use her alien chip like a beacon. Could it genuinely have the energy to attract UFOs? Fearing the fate of the Earth, Ji-hyo convinces Young-gi to take her to the memorial.

Meanwhile, the Church of Divine Light prepare for the finish of the globe. It is normal formal occasion stuff, genuinely: flower arrangements, choir recitals, poison capsules… Ji-hyo arrives in time to interrupt Hyung-tae’s announcement of her death. It is a weird moment for her worshipers, but she’s got a completely plausible explanation. She… was resurrected! Let’s go with that! Following a moment’s hesitation, the crowd goes wild. With flawless poise, Ji-hyo insists that she is prepared to get “the gospel” in order to contact down Father Light and bring salvation.

Bo-ra elbows her way into an audience with the messiah. She’s terrified for Ji-hyo. Does she genuinely believe that she’s saving the globe from destruction? Stung, Ji-yo recoils. Was Bo-ra lying when she mentioned that she believed her about the aliens? In a spectacularly touching style, Bo-ra curses. She does not care if the globe ends. She just desires to save Ji-hyo. But, Ji-hyo will not have it: she orders her newly-acquired flunkies to exile Bo-ra. Flung onto the incorrect side of a really quick gate, Bo-ra appears sadly to the sky… as her face is bathed in otherworldly light.

Bo-ra plunges into the woods, in pursuit of the light. She crashes into Young-gi, who joins her in the chase. Frantically, they tear by means of the trees, only to come across the supply. It is a man-created drone. Elsewhere, Ji-hyo is presented with the gospel: an intricate box, containing… certainly nothing at all. There was no chip in her head, explains Hyung-tae. He’s disappointed also. He genuinely had hoped that she was the messiah. But, now that she’s complicit in the deception, the least she can do is usher her followers to a satisfied death. With this, Ji-hyo falls to the floor, drugged, obtaining committed the cardinal sin of K-drama: drinking a beverage in the presence of the enemy.

She wakes chained to the stage, in a luminescent dress that’d place a Barbie doll to shame, as Hyung-tae preaches mass suicide to a drugged-up crowd. Just as they raise the poison to their lips, she dazedly finds her voice. She’s not the messiah! Moments later, there’s a gunshot, and the light dies. Young-gi has shot down the drone. Following this, it gets messy: Byung-jo enters the scene, gun blaring. Some run. Numerous, on the other hand, stay, to punish the fake messiah. Now, Bo-ra intercedes, shielding Ji-hyo as she tries to unchain her.

Amid the chaos, all remaining lights flicker out. Initially, in the field. Then, the blackout bleeds across the city. Splitting the darkness is an unearthly light, coming from… an unidentified flying object. Ji-hyo and Bo-ra are submerged in radiance, opening their eyes to a vibrant white globe. Involving them floats a gigantic, extended-limbed creature with staring eyes. It swims toward Ji-hyo, lumpy finger outstretched — and extracts a piece of matter from her head. As the girls wake, they face 1 one more and grin. They know what they saw.

In the finish, the ringleaders of the church are arrested. All, that is, except Hyung-tae. He meets his finish ahead of Chan-woo’s rifle — although, not ahead of Chan-woo tells his daughter to contact her mother, and be properly. Meanwhile, Ji-hyo is not necessarily okay, but, she’s happier than ever ahead of. She and Shi-guk have broken up for very good — amicably, this time. She’s moving away from residence, into a new flat her parents are determined to get, with Bo-ra at her side. Perhaps they’ll investigate Bigfoot with each other.

Shi-guk, meanwhile, is carrying out great… apart from the property-sized alien staring down at him. That may well take some time to get utilised to.

Glitch is an unbelievably exciting drama, with buckets of appreciate for its characters. Its strongest point is the sparkling chemistry involving its leads. Jeon Yeo-bin and Nana play off every single other with glee, but they can rip your heart to pieces when the scenario calls for it. I’m nevertheless feeling fairly emotional about the aspect exactly where Bo-ra tells Ji-hyo that the church may well be fake, but they can carry on seeking for UFOs with each other. It is as if, just as the magic was ripped away, the two of them have been in a position to preserve it for themselves, maintaining the wonder alive in their personal private globe. These characters appreciate every single other, so substantially that they’re inexorably drawn inside every single other’s — sorry about this — orbit. It is visible each and every time we see a shot of them sitting apart, only to move closer with each other. It is clear each and every time they exchange appears of total understanding.

This show also managed to satisfyingly have its cake and consume it. Yes, the cult was constructed on lies. Nevertheless, UFOs exist. Ji-hyo’s aliens have been a mashed-up series of childhood recollections that served to emphasize her emotional detachment, and to highlight the Bo-ra-shaped hole in her life. But they have been also, the show suggests, a way for her brain to comprehend the unknown by replacing it with the familiar. In quick, they’re an absence: a symbol of half-recollected trauma, but also a symbol of prospective — the prospective of the unknown and the alien, but also the prospective for appreciate and familiarity.

Ji-hyo’s explanation for the alien interference in her life is an analogy: when humans rescue sturgeons, they add a tracker ahead of setting them free of charge. Not to recapture them. Just to see how far they’ll go. It is a beautiful metaphor for a young lady realizing that her life does not have to comply with a certain program. She can make new good friends, and reconnect with old. She can ditch her boring boyfriend (sorry, Shi-guk). She can infiltrate cults! She can quit her job at thirty, and move out of her parents’ property — immediately after realizing, lastly, that her parents are just men and women, who appreciate her much more than she knows. Rather of straining to ignore the aliens in her peripheral vision, she can wave a hand more than an electromagnetic scanner and hope to see the needle spike.

I want there’d been a small much more about Ji-hyo’s parents. For all that her connection with them appears central to her character, their screentime is oddly peripheral. Likewise, Byung-jo and Se-hee exist at the edges of the drama — which would be fine, except for the continual sense that there’s much more to them than we’re seeing. What, for instance, is the narrative objective of Se-hee’s friendship with Ji-hyo? Is Se-hee merely a busybody, or does she take into consideration her friendship with Ji-hyo much more profound than it is? The story appears to waver on this point. The writers had lots to cram into these ten episodes, so I cannot totally fault them, but these background characters intrigue me precisely due to the fact they do not usually remain in the background.

In any case, that is a tiny quibble, due to the fact I had a blast watching Glitch. Maybe this drama about ridiculous millennials resonated so substantially with me due to the fact I, also, am a ridiculous millennial. Ji-hyo is at such a relatable in-involving period in life. On the 1 hand, she has a steady job on the other hand, she hates it and would rather quit. She nevertheless lives with her parents. She feels enormous stress to get married, but she also cannot pretty think it when her peers really do it — are not they all nevertheless also young?

Then, she comes out of her shell and meets a series of bizarre and excellent men and women who also do not measure their lives by standard requirements. They have impractical jobs, and take Mafia way also seriously, and delight in their personal enthusiasm and nerdiness. In this drama, getting thirty is about starting to obtain freedom — not the least, the freedom to be weird.

The excellent point about these characters is that they are not competent. They devote most of their time overwhelmed, they’re typically just carrying out their finest, and often they’re type of useless. And that is okay! We’re all fumbling our way by means of life. Just about every so generally, metaphorically speaking, we all struggle to scale a completely climbable gate. Even Chan-woo, whose practicality is typically juxtaposed with our heroines’ devil-may well-care strategy to forward preparing, has his troubles with getting decisive. Nevertheless, the show appears to say, often it is adequate to watch a Youtube tutorial, cross your fingers, and hope nothing at all explodes. It is all you can do, in life and in cult-scuppering.

On that note, the humor of this show is certainly killer. As a faintly slapstick buddy comedy, this show functions extremely properly. The vehicle-connected incompetence created me giggle each and every time. The dialogue is masterful due to the fact of its simultaneous weirdness and mundanity: each and every so generally, a character will say one thing that is such a non-sequitur, but so affordable, that it cracks me up totally. In quick? This is a show that desires to entertain — and it does so with tongue-in-cheek flair.

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