Premiere Watch: Yonder, Under the Queen

October 12, 2022October 11, 2022

Premiere Watch: Yonder, Beneath the Queen’s Umbrella
by missvictrix

We have two exciting dramas premiering this week — a single the brainchild of a famed film director that is obtaining a lot of essential interest, and the other a excellent mix of sageuk and black comedy, starring the ever-excellent Kim Hye-soo.

Time slot: Fridays
Broadcaster: TVING
Genre: Drama, sci-fi
Episode count: six
Factors to watch: With an awesome cast and an awesome director behind it, Yonder undoubtedly offers off the feeling of getting some thing completely new in the dramaverse. Yonder follows the story of a man (Shin Ha-kyun) who is broken more than the loss of his wife (Han Ji-min) and offered a likelihood to meet her once again by means of a strange spot/dimension referred to as Yonder. If it sounds like an art film, that is simply because it in all probability would have been specifically that a handful of years ago, but now, OTT solutions have opened up so quite a few doors, and we are seeing a lot far more “K-drama” productions that are mimicking the film space in terms of what they want to do and want to discover. Yonder is undoubtedly a single of these.
TLDR: Film director Lee Jun-ik, BIFF buzz, Shin Ha-kyun + Han Ji-min pairing, dreamy/surreal sci-fi components
Beneath the Queen’s Umbrella

Time slot: Saturday-Sunday
Broadcaster: tvN
Genre: Sageuk, black comedy
Episode count: 16
Factors to watch: Kim Hye-soo may be all you necessary to hear, but this sageuk — which appears artful and beautiful but promises to be a black comedy as well — also stars Kim Hae-sook and Choi Won-young. The usual battle for succession and heirship is on in Joseon, but Beneath the Queen’s Umbrella requires a decidedly motherly method, as the queen (Kim Hye-soo) should whip her personal sons into shape so the illegitimate sons (by means of concubines) do not usurp their spot. Really rightly, the drama has a lot of cute puppy-like boys as all the palace princes, and there’s just some thing about the believed of Kim Hye-soo operating about in hanbok attempting to wrangle them that tends to make this premise irresistible.
TLDR: Queen Kim Hye-soo, black comedy sageuk, production high-quality appears beautiful
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