Cheer Up: Episodes 3-4


Cheer Up: Episodes three-four

These episodes packed a bit extra pep than the premiere, having our group prepared to execute. As the Theia newbies take a danger to outdo their rivals, our heroine appears prepared to danger her heart as properly. But with a campus menace attempting to kill her, she’s got larger troubles than a possibly unrequited college crush.


Cheer Up Episodes 3-4

We drop back into the scene with Hae-yi and Jung-woo locked in the storage area exactly where Hae-yi is getting a panic attack. Jung-woo tries to enable her breathe, whilst Sun-ho and vice cheer captain TAE CHO-HEE (Jang Gyuri) function to get the door open. After inside, Cho-hee moves to enable Jung-woo calm Hae-yi and Sun-ho stands back, nevertheless jealous that his crush was locked up with a further guy. Afterward, they learn super glue on the doorknob and Cho-hee mentions, “It’s just like that other time” — reduce to a creepy flashback of a girl locked in a area.

In day-to-day life, Hae-yi appears unfazed by what occurred, even whilst getting threatening texts like, “One of the members will die. It is going to be you.” She just shrugs them off and goes about her small business, not noticing a persistent individual in a Yonhee varsity jacket following her about.

Cheer Up Episodes 3-4

Alongside the mystery threads, the enjoy lines are nevertheless going powerful. Sun-ho has not offered up interest in Hae-yi and desires to know exactly where she stands. He asks her straight if she likes their cheer captain. She says no, but it sparks one thing in her and she spends her nights questioning why he asked her that — and her days seeking at Jung-woo and asking, “Do I like him?” A single day on duty at the library, she sees Jung-woo asleep at a desk close to a window and holds up a book to block the sun from hitting his face. In that moment, it appears she (and we) have the answer.

Back at cheer practice, the new recruits are amping up for the joint pep rally with Hokyung University. Hokyung’s cheer squad, Ignis, is their rival but the two teams will execute on the very same stage. In preparation, they have to create lyrics for 50 “diss songs” — one particular to go with every of their competitor’s genuine songs, considering the fact that they do not know which songs Ignis will sing at the occasion. To get out of the further function, the Theia newbies determine to break into Hokyung and steal their set list.

Cheer Up Episodes 3-4 Cheer Up Episodes 3-4

Sun-ho gets the group Hokyung jackets so they’ll match in when they sneak into the other school’s campus, but they all appear suspicious AF as they rapidly stroll down the hallways seeking for the cheer area. When Hae-yi and Sun-ja lastly uncover the set list, it is beneath the sleeping head of one particular of their rivals, but the larger challenge is that the Ignis cheer captain is on her way into the area. Sun-ja escapes whilst Hae-yi stays the course, prying the list out and hiding beneath a table. When the cheer captain enters, she wakes up the sleeping guy and the two begin producing out. Hae-yi — constantly hungry — has a horribly timed stomach rumble and gets caught red handed.

Fortunately the cheer captain LEE HA-JIN (Jung Shin-hye) is super friendly. She tells Hae-yi the teams steal every other’s set lists all the time, and then the two bond more than how uptight Jung-woo is. When Jung-woo shows up to “take the hostage” Ha-jin says she desires Theia’s set list in return. Jung-woo agrees effortlessly and leaves with Hae-yi.

But when they get outdoors and she tries to apologize, Jung-woo is angry and yells at her, asking why she does not just quit, considering the fact that carrying out this could hurt the entire group. She cries and tells him he’s becoming also harsh, just like he is with cheer instruction. She agrees to quit, and as she’s leaving, her teammates seem producing Jung-woo recognize she didn’t act alone.

Cheer Up Episodes 3-4

Later, Jung-woo apologizes, saying he felt terrible to know that his teammates had been suffering for the reason that of his harshness. In accurate college style, he and Hae-yi take shots collectively to make amends and finish up 5 soju bottles deep in drunkenness. Entirely wasted, Jung-woo holds her hand at the bus cease as his pal comes by to enable her get Jung-woo dwelling. The pal thinks Hae-yi and Jung-woo are dating and Hae-yi clearly likes the thought.

In the morning, she’s all psyched to see him once again when Ha-jin drives up at their practice and acts quite comfy with Jung-woo. Hae-yi’s face falls and Sun-ja guesses they’re dating. It is generally confirmed when a further teammate is amazed that Sun-ja could make that guess with so tiny data (of course, this has to be a misunderstanding, suitable?).

In the midst of all this who likes who, our group nevertheless has to prepare for their major functionality. Hae-yi is so excited she tries carrying out a routine whilst in bed and smacks her mom awake by accident, lol. She puts on her uniform for the 1st time and loves it — and is quite into it when Jung-woo laces it up in the back for her. She catches herself, although, snatching the laces away and telling him his girlfriend will most likely be mad.

Cheer Up Episodes 3-4

When the major day lastly comes, there are a couple of mishaps. Jung-woo gets punched in the face by some former Theia sunbaes who could or could not have misappropriated funds final year. The books do not match up and Jung-woo has asked for an investigation. He’s undeterred by the punch, believing he’s carrying out the suitable factor.

Afterward, Ha-jin is quite concerned about Jung-woo and it is revealed they had been dating up till 3 months ago (I did not see that coming!). We understand that their partnership ended for the reason that she cheated on him and she tells him she’s dating somebody new now (the make out guy from the other day). She tells Jung-woo she was lonely when she was with him and he didn’t even appear hurt when she cheated. (I’m genuinely interested in the backstory right here and would be entirely into a story with secretly dating cheer captains from rival schools.)

Cheer Up Episodes 3-4

Anyway, the second mishap (nearly) happens when Hae-yi leaves her uniform unattended and a further member of Theia purposefully tries to spill coffee on it. Sun-ho stops her but does not inform Hae-yi. As an alternative, he tells Jung-woo, who sits the girl down and asks her why. It turns out she likes Sun-ho and she does not fully grasp why he likes Hae-yi.

Jung-woo tells her there’s no excuse, and there will be repercussions, but says he will not inform the rest of the group, which appears genuinely out of character for him. Not only is he a stickler for guidelines, but he produced Hae-yi apologize to the group when she skipped practice and even told her to quit when she stole the set list. This appears extra extreme, but I guess the drama desires to maintain some loose cannons about with varying motives as we head down the mystery line.

Cheer Up Episodes 3-4 Cheer Up Episodes 3-4

Which brings me to the third mishap. The pep rally starts and Ignis rocks the crowd with Ha-jin at the helm. When it is Theia’s turn, all the boys up their eyeliner game and Hae-yi beats her initial stage fright. By the finish of the 1st routine, Hae-yi’s enjoy for functionality is written all more than her face and it does not appear she’ll be quitting when her month is up.

Soon after dark, Theia and Ignis execute a dance collectively — that is way larger power and extra exciting than something we’ve noticed prior to — but the drama forgets there had been supposed to be diss songs and moves on to other troubles. The individual that is been following Hae-yi enters a handle area and loosens the stage light more than Hae-yi’s head, saying “repeat” prior to letting it go. Ha-jin sees it wobble and screams out a warning. Hae-yi appears up, the light falls, and Sun-ho snatches her out of the way as it crashes down. Soon after a moment of shock, Jung-woo runs toward the handle area to see who is behind it and we’re left to wait a further week to obtain out.

Cheer Up Episodes 3-4

There’s a side thread operating to all this about these kids’ moms that I hope will be as fascinating as it appears. Hae-yi’s operating-class mom, Chun-yang, runs into Sun-ho’s wealthy mother, HWANG JIN-HEE (played by Baek Ji-won who is just everywhere suitable now), and the two currently know every other. Jin-hee pretends she does not try to remember Chun-yang, but when they see every other once again whilst Jin-hee is attempting to hide the alcohol she’s carrying with her, Jin-hee puts the bottle in Chun-yang’s purse. The drama does a parallel in between the mothers, exactly where Jin-hee drinks and Chun-yang smokes, and each are attempting to hide it from their youngsters who disapprove.

We also briefly meet Jung-woo’s mom, who’s “playing cards once again,” and see 3 mothers with 3 addictions, with their youngsters attempting to intervene. We currently know that each Hae-yi and Jung-woo have single mothers, and I’m questioning what road the drama will take us down with this theme. There is a moment when Sun-ho asks Hae-yi why she does not want to go out with him and she answers that he has anything. He responds by saying he does not have anything — leaving me to wonder if his father is absent also. Whilst the enjoy lines and campus mystery are intriguing, I’d be content if the drama can pull off one thing deeper by exploring these young adults who’ve constantly had to act older than their age.

Cheer Up Episodes 3-4

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