The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6


The Golden Spoon: Episodes five-six

A complete array of predicaments assail our protagonists this week, sending them spiraling into dilemmas at breakneck speed. Caught in the crosshairs of a single another’s conflicting motivations, they’ll want their wits about them if they want to navigate by means of the increasingly entangled net of schemes and lies.


The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6 The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

Just after calling the incorrect father “Dad,” Seung-cheon stammers out a flimsy excuse to CEO Hwang, just barely defusing the predicament. He stays by Dad’s side on the pretext of boosting Doshin Group’s image, but his heart breaks when when Dad reaches out to hold Tae-yong’s hand alternatively — and breaks but once more when Dad abruptly coughs up blood.

Overwhelmed by guilt and regret, Seung-cheon believes that this ought to be his punishment for swapping lives and forsaking his household. He seeks out the peddler grandma, who rejuvenates his spoon and provides him the opportunity to switch back — he just has to consume a single meal at his original residence. Seung-ah returns dwelling to catch him consuming straight out of the rice cooker, and to Seung-cheon’s tearful relief, she calls him by his actual name.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

Regrettably, much more issues arise for Seung-cheon’s household. Dad sustained his injuries by falling off a constructing and onto the subcontractor’s car or truck, which signifies the household finds themselves even additional in debt when Dad’s jerk of a boss demands an exorbitant car or truck repair charge.

Swallowing his pride, Seung-cheon goes to Doshin Group and humbly asks CEO Hwang to lend him the revenue. Of course, it does not perform, because CEO Hwang sneers that Seung-cheon does not have any collateral worth the loan — not even his life.

Sweetheart Joo-hee sells her luxury bags to raise revenue for Seung-cheon, but she’s a single step as well late. Yeo-jin tends to make it to him initial, supplying him a verify and slyly embracing him in a hug in complete view of Joo-hee. Ugh, she’s so cunning!

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

1 year later. Our key cast has all graduated higher college and moved on to prestigious universities, except for Seung-cheon, who has to retake his entrance exams. In the meantime, he’s back to operating odd jobs, which contains becoming at Yeo-jin’s beck and get in touch with.

That is her value for the loan she gave him — Seung-cheon’s whole household now functions at Yeo-jin’s residence, serving the snobbish father-daughter pair. They’re at present living in the dingy basement space that Na-ra utilised to occupy, and Yeo-jin is not hesitant about exposing Seung-cheon’s humiliating living predicament in front of Joo-hee.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

Except that has the comprehensive opposite impact from what Yeo-jin anticipated, because Seung-cheon overhears and decides to personal up to his situations — he candidly admits that he hid the embarrassing truth from Joo-hee due to the fact he likes her. Omg, he mentioned it! In front of each Tae-yong and Yeo-jin, as well!

Seung-cheon leaves and Joo-hee runs out just after him to confess that she likes him back, and the two embrace in a tearful hug. Yeo-jin witnesses this heartfelt scene, which is a good parallel to the hug a single year ago — except this time, it is with the correct particular person, and it is genuine.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

To no one’s surprise, Yeo-jin refuses to take this lying down. Possessing figured out that Seung-cheon switched back to his original spot, she concocts but yet another scheme — a single that has her confronting Seung-cheon with his golden spoon and throwing it into the lake.

Of course, it is a fake-out, just to test if Seung-cheon really desires to keep in poverty as he claims. His panicked reaction clearly says otherwise, and Yeo-jin declares that he requirements to switch once more so that she can marry him as “Tae-yong” and take more than Doshin Group. Yikes.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

Seung-cheon could be inundated with difficulty just after difficulty, but that does not quit him from reaching out to Joo-hee in her time of want. When he finds out that her father’s corporation is facing a monetary crisis due to poor choices produced by his incompetent sons, he requires her out on a cute date to get her thoughts off the predicament.

As the date winds down, Joo-hee requires Seung-cheon to the church that she usually goes to anytime she requirements to clear her thoughts. They reaffirm their assistance and gratitude for each and every other, and Seung-cheon vows to hang in there for her sake.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

To my chagrin, that does not final pretty lengthy. In order to stress Seung-cheon into swapping lives, Yeo-jin convinces her father to chase Seung-cheon’s household out of the residence and demand they repay their debt.

At his wit’s finish, Seung-cheon invests a massive sum of revenue in stocks, and just as I’m questioning why he didn’t do this prior to — the shares he purchased plummet drastically in worth. Welp, there goes Seung-cheon’s revenue, as nicely as the final of his hope.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

Seung-cheon is not the only a single facing important upheaval this week — his spoon counterpart is, as well. Tae-yong’s traumatic memories are starting to resurface, but just about every single write-up about the college shooting has been deleted off search portals.

With Moon-ki’s enable, Tae-yong manages to sneak into Stepmom’s space, exactly where he finds a complete binder complete of newspaper clippings. The reports say the culprit committed suicide, but Tae-yong remembers witnessing him acquiring shot — so who killed him, and why was it covered up?

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

It turns out the reporter worked at UBS — the corporation owned by Joo-hee’s father, CEO Na — prior to going missing. It is the only lead Tae-yong has, so he follows up on it by paying a go to to CEO Na and asking him about the case.

To Tae-yong’s shock, CEO Na accuses him of becoming the murderer, and he covered it up as a favor to CEO Hwang. What?? CEO Na says he has some thing much more to inform him, and we do not get to hear what it is, but it sends Tae-yong operating out of the residence in a panic.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6 The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

That evening, Joo-hee returns dwelling to a dark residence and a bloodstained floor — her father is dead. Then Tae-yong jerks awake. Oh phew, it was just a nightmare — or was it? CEO Hwang is in the space as nicely, and he reveals that CEO Na was certainly identified dead the preceding evening. Oh no, the fearful appear in Tae-yong’s eyes…

Tae-yong cannot keep in mind something, which is not helped by CEO Hwang’s firm declarations that Tae-yong was brought dwelling drunk out of his thoughts, and that he never ever went to CEO Na’s residence. Beneath the impression that his father is covering up his crimes to save the company’s reputation, Tae-yong is left to spiral deeper into the worry that he’s a murderer.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

Seung-cheon and Joo-hee meet at the church once more, exactly where Seung-cheon prays for Joo-hee to recognize him even if he appeared in front of her as a person else. Smiling, she tells him that she generally will, and Seung-cheon pulls her into a kiss. When they break apart, she pulls him back in for yet another kiss, except she’s smiling and he is not. Oh no, this is goodbye, is not it?

The subsequent morning, Seung-cheon sprints straight into Tae-yong’s residence with a singular objective in thoughts. Grabbing a bowl of rice correct out of the housekeeper’s hands, he gulps it down frantically prior to everyone can quit him. And just like that, he’s back to becoming the wealthy young master once more — but the query is, will this time be any unique from prior to?

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

This week’s episodes had been relentless in pushing Seung-cheon even additional into a corner, and when some plot points did appear a tiny overwrought, they additional highlighted the cruel sacrifices that the poor have to make.

Seung-cheon’s household does not have the luxury of dignity, not when they have their poverty to contend with. Not only did they have to serve Seung-cheon’s mates like residence servants, but Mom also had to deal with undesirable advances from Yeo-jin’s sleazeball of a father.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

In addition, nasty uncle Joon-tae continues to be a complete piece of perform this week. Not only does he continue to harass Tae-yong (and “Tae-yong”), but he also swaps out Tae-yong’s watches for counterfeits, taking the costly ones for himself. I believed he was wealthy sufficient currently, but I suppose a gold digger knows no bounds.

There’s no proof other than the truth that Joon-tae was when in the States, but I’m nevertheless betting that he was involved in the college shooting incident somehow — maybe he was the a single who shot the killer, and blamed it on Tae-yong alternatively? Taking into consideration Joon-tae was acquiring UBS stocks prior to CEO Na’s death, I wouldn’t place it previous him to be accountable for this current murder, as well.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

Perhaps I’m just biased, but I have faith that Tae-yong is not a murderer. I suppose his memory lapses do present space for doubt, but the Tae-yong I’ve come to know does not appear like a person who could stomach the believed of hurting other individuals. Even just after our spoon boys switched back, it is clear that Tae-yong has a very good heart underneath all his privileged upbringing.

Not only did post-switch Tae-yong wake up missing Mom (aww, my heart), but he’s also created empathy for other individuals. He defended Seung-cheon’s parents more than dinner with the nasty Hwang household, and he even spoke up when he realized Yeo-jin’s father was taking benefit of them. It is sweet how Tae-yong is instinctively protective of Mom and Dad, even if he cannot keep in mind or figure out why.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

I definitely felt for Seung-cheon this week, specifically when he could only watch from the sidelines as his household suffered. Seung-cheon’s caught involving a rock and a really hard spot, and when he does not generally make the smartest choices, his struggle is a compelling a single. If he could bring his whole household more than to the wealthy side with his golden spoon, I’m certain he’d do so in a heartbeat but as issues stand now, he has to be selfish if he desires to survive.

Seung-cheon is an intriguing anti-hero, due to the fact he (largely) has his heart in the correct spot, but he usually fumbles the execution or sacrifices issues he shouldn’t. Now that he’s back to becoming wealthy and effective, I wonder if he’ll lean additional into the gray side of his morality in order to exploit the method and enable his household. In addition, Tae-yong and Joo-hee identified Yeo-jin’s golden spoon — will they uncover the mystery and additional complicate matters, or will the secret keep buried for now?

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 5-6

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