Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4


Gaus Electronics: Episodes three-four

It is all heartbreak, hilarity, and confusion this week as our characters stumble along in operate and life. Our sunny lead puts his all into what ever he does, but his dedication and work may well not be sufficient to succeed in adore. Meanwhile, our barely secret chaebol continues his quest to discover the approaches of the popular folk and finds himself extra entangled with 1 such commoner than he’d like.


Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

I’m actually liking the 45-minute episodes for a comedy like this. It keeps items moving and does not really feel like we’re finding lots of filler to pad the episodes out. We get a theme for each and every episode – that contains entertaining tiny “commercials” in the epilogue for a associated Gaus solution – and a feeling of intentionality.

This week, we get a lot of concentrate on Ma-tan adjusting to what he believes is peasant life. He continues to hilariously act like a martyr for performing items like living in a studio and taking the bus to operate, even though he clearly does not have an understanding of either idea. His “studio” is a multi-story glass structure that could comfortably residence a household of 5, and his version of taking the bus is to charter a VIP bus that ferries him to operate like a private chauffeur service.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

We naturally get some misunderstandings as his coworkers attempt to make sense of Ma-tan’s odd behavior like when yells at the sky, telling his parents not to be concerned about him. That leads MANAGER GI (Baek Hyun-jin) to feel he’s an orphan when, in reality, Ma-tan was speaking to the surveillance drone his parents are employing to verify up on him.

Then, Manager Gi sees Ma-tan’s guys pull up in a van, prepared to take him dwelling. Manager Gi thinks they’re loan sharks about to kidnap a poor orphan for late payments, so he runs more than to save the day. The way he swoops Ma-tan up and princess carries him to security is gold.

Manager Gi continues to error Ma-tan’s unfamiliarity with fundamental Korean foods and etiquette as proof that he grew up in poverty. He treats him to meals and gifts him the stash of Gaus tissues he stole from the workplace, patting himself on the back for getting so caring.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

Only GEON KANG-MI (Kang Min-ah) – whose name signifies “healthy beauty,” a nod to her adore of martial arts and physical exercise – is privy to Ma-tan’s actual social status via a series of mishaps. Their initial encounter occurred prior to he came to operate for Gaus and involved a drunken incident exactly where Kang-mi ruined his highly-priced clothing and traumatized him with her uncouth behavior. He demands damages, so they come to an agreement: he’ll knock off a portion of her debt anytime she assists him.

That is how she ends up at his “studio” to aid him unpack and runs into his mother. Thanks to each Ma-tan, his mother, and their driver getting horribly unsubtle, Ma-tan is outed as the heir to the Energy Group. I just adore how Ma-tan requires his secret identity so seriously as if he’s some superhero saving the planet rather than the out-of-touch chaebol he is.

Kang-mi leverages his secret for debt repayment and promises to maintain quiet, but she’s nearly as terrible as Ma-tan at maintaining the secret. Every single time a person says the word “power” in the workplace, she flinches. Among her and Ma-tan, it is astounding the complete workplace does not know currently.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

Then, we have the other concentrate of the week: Sang-shik’s pitiful adore life. Soon after Hae-young sees Na-rae hugging Sang-shik for dear life thanks to her worry of spiders, Sang-shik panics that she’ll misunderstand him. He ropes Na-rae into assisting him clear items up with Hae-young who clearly couldn’t care significantly less.

A single issue this drama does actually effectively are the tiny moments like when Sang-shik and Na-rae are possessing an angry hallway conversation but have to maintain waving to turn the motion lights back on, or when Ma-tan claps in his empty studio to summon his non-existent servants. It is typically these modest beats that crack me up.

In spite of Na-rae’s insistence that she hates Sang-shik, she’s awfully worried that he’ll get his heart broken. She has a really hard time not finding involved when she sees him about to embarrass himself once more by confessing for tenth (!) time to Hae-young who utilizes him but has no interest in dating him. But Sang-shik is so unfailingly optimistic that he thinks the nine preceding confessions had been merely failures due to circumstance.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

Sang-shik ignores Na-rae’s half-hearted attempts to dissuade him and prepares for his subsequent grand gesture that includes a giant cutesy bear costume. It is painful to watch as Hae-young approaches, but when once more his confession is crashed, this time by Hae-young’s present boyfriend.

Na-rae gets angry when she sees sad bear Sang-shik all dejected soon after his final, failed confession and rants about how unfeeling and selfish Hae-young is. And what’s heartbreak devoid of a tiny rain? As Sang-shik sits alone and cries in the rain, Na-rae pulls the romantic hero move of waltzing up and covering Sang-shik with her umbrella.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

I believed this would be the finish of the Hae-young saga, but we’re not completed however. In a twist I didn’t anticipate, Hae-young reveals to Sang-shik that she’s polyamorous and sounds like she’s interested in dating him also.

Suitable off the bat, I was nervous that it’d be played for laughs, and sadly, that is largely what takes place. Sang-shik’s colleagues contact polyamory glorified cheating, even though he imagines a harem and is grossed out by the thought that there could be several guys in his partnership.

The problematic remedy of polyamory with a side of homophobia is quite uncomfortable, but then Sang-shik calms down and requires the predicament extra seriously. He talks to Hae-young, saying they’re just wired differently – he’s the monogamous kind. So he turns down her offer… only to comprehend she was under no circumstances producing an give in the initial spot. She merely wanted to be truthful in hopes that he’d continue to be pals with her, in spite of her preferences.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

Rather than getting a decent particular person and leaving it at that, Hae-young hammers dwelling that Sang-shik is not up to her requirements. To save his roommate from additional embarrassment, Aziz intercedes and says that Sang-shik currently has a companion anyway. He points to Na-rae, and we finish on what appears to be the start off of some reputation-saving fake dating.

Although I was glad Sang-shik sooner or later took Hae-young seriously with regards to the polyamory, I didn’t like that the drama treated it like an excuse for Hae-young to date a bunch of hot guys devoid of consequence. It seemed like the drama was employing the predicament to show Sang-shik’s empathetic and sort nature rather than in fact respecting non-monogamous relationships.

On yet another note, I’m content that they toned down the bullying this week – it produced Na-rae and Sang-shik’s interactions extra enjoyable. Now that Na-rae is softening toward Sang-shik, it appears like they’re moving into the bickering-even though-secretly-caring-for-each and every-other stage. We’ve even got possible fake dating in the mix to develop them closer. If they’re going to finish up with each other, I want to see Na-rae fall for him initial and have to operate further really hard to win him more than soon after hating on him for so extended.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

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