Blind: Episodes 7-8


Blind: Episodes 7-eight

As our investigative group pursues a new lead, their enemies stick to the similar trail, every single side determined to uncover the answers they will need very first. Anything — and everybody — appears connected by the similar internet, but not everybody is sharing all that they know.

EPISODES 7-eight

Possessing identified the limping juror, AHN TAE-HO (Chae Dong-hyun), as the chief suspect, Sung-joon proposes looking his property for proof. Sung-hoon, having said that, orders him to keep place. They argue about it till Eun-ki intervenes, and Sung-hoon leaves in a huff. On his way out, he privately advises Eun-ki not to trust any individual — not Sung-joon, and not even him.

Eun-ki decides to test Sung-joon by pretending to fall asleep. Positive sufficient, he begins sneaking out with an intense appear on his face, checking more than his shoulder to make certain she does not wake up. He pauses at the best of the stairs and turns back toward her, generating her cringe in worry, but all he does is drape a blanket more than her shoulders prior to leaving.

Tae-ho’s address leads Sung-hoon to a shipping container on the edge of a building web page. Tae-ho is not there, but his individual belongings are. As Sung-hoon pokes about, Moon-kang’s minions arrive to kidnap Tae-ho. Either they do not know what he appears like, having said that, or they just do not get a very good appear at Sung-hoon’s face, due to the fact they assume he’s Tae-ho and drag him out of the container.

Just as they’re about to stuff him into their automobile, Sung-joon rides up on his motorcycle. He tends to make certain Sung-hoon knows it is him, and collectively they fight off Sung-hoon’s assailants and flee. Needless to say, Moon-kang is furious at however a further failure. He does ultimately capture Tae-ho and try to bury him alive, but the subsequent day the intended grave is dug up and empty.

Recognizing that Sung-hoon’s arm was hurt in the fight, Sung-joon stops by the Han River and drops Sung-hoon off so he can go obtain some medicine. But by the time he returns, Sung-hoon is nowhere to be observed. That is due to the fact Sung-hoon is tending to his personal wound in a dark bathroom, and by the quantity of scars crisscrossing his arms, this wasn’t his very first close contact.

Quickly just after, our heroes get some a lot-required very good news: the DNA from Hye-jin’s fingernail did, in truth, belong to Quickly-gil and not Sung-joon. Eun-ki is elated, but Sung-joon deflates — he discovered the fingernail on his personal, which means it is contaminated proof.

Speaking of Quickly-gil, it turns out he is not dead. He’s in the hospital with a fractured skull. Fractured in two areas, that is, from two various attacks. Sung-joon and Eun-ki uncover that the recording from Quickly-gil’s telephone is a lot longer than they realized, and that a second anonymous visitor attempted to finish the murder Tae-ho began.

At that similar moment, Sung-hoon is going to Quickly-gil. We do not hear all of their conversation, but it ends with Quickly-gil getting into a sudden and extreme state of distress and Sung-hoon standing calmly by as Quickly-gil flatlines.

Sung-hoon stays quiet whilst Sung-joon and Eun-ki ponder the 3 separate attacks on Quickly-gil, then casually mentions that Quickly-gil identified the second attacker as #13. (That is correct, but he says it in a verrry dodgy way.) Sung-joon’s face falls, but he also keeps his thoughts to himself.

Later, Eun-ki gently prods Sung-joon for far more facts — she’s worked with sufficient teens to know when somebody is hiding items. Hesitantly, he explains that he lost his memory in an accident as a youngster, and all he remembers is that his name was Yoon-jae and his quantity was 13. But he swears he’s not the killer, and Eun-ki can inform he’s sincere.

Meanwhile, it is becoming clear that every single juror is somehow linked to Hope Welfare. For instance, KANG YOUNG-KI (Kim Ha-kyun) delivered meals to Hope Welfare — high priced meat on paper, but potatoes in actuality — for a handsome profit.

Now, Young-ki is a profitable businessman whose daughter is about to be married. On the day of the wedding, Sung-joon returns to Tae-ho’s container and finds Tae-ho’s invitation covered in bloody handprints. Because Eun-ki had talked about all the jurors had been invited, he calls to warn her and rushes more than himself.

The moment Young-ki requires a sip of his champagne, he falls to the ground, unable to breathe. But it is just a distraction: by the time somebody goes to inform the bride, they locate her dead, the telltale Joker smile carved into her face. Sung-joon arrives just then and spots Tae-ho… and also Sung-hoon. He loses them each, and Sung-hoon once more retreats to a dark bathroom, exactly where he sobs as he washes blood off his hands. Oh nooooo.

Because Sung-joon will not be deterred from investigating, Sung-hoon swipes the motorcycle keys and drives him about to appear for clues on Tae-ho’s whereabouts. For the duration of lunch, they bicker more than memories of the additional-salty ramen Sung-hoon made use of to cook for Sung-joon anytime he had to clean up difficulty Sung-joon had brought on.

Sung-joon bashfully confesses that he only acted out due to the fact he wanted Sung-hoon’s focus. These had been the only instances Sung-hoon cooked for him, and it created him really feel like they had been a true household. Subsequent issue we know, they’re facing every single other and consuming cup ramen in silence. And I’m a puddle on the floor.

Their investigation does not yield a lot, except that Tae-ho was injured whilst saving a pregnant lady from a Truck of Doom (so not through the Hope Welfare escape). But a couple of days later, everybody — Sung-joon, Sung-hoon, and the jurors — acquire a text that appears like spam with a hyperlink labeled “saveantaeho.” That hyperlink pulls up a reside feed of Tae-ho, beaten and bound, with a noose about his neck that lifts a tiny greater every single hour.

Now it is a race against the clock, and they do not have a lot to go on. Only just after Tae-ho confesses to betraying the other little ones does a curtain fall in the video background, revealing a clue that leads the group to the now-abandoned Hope Welfare. Sung-joon rushes more than there alone and is ambushed by a mysterious, black-clad figure who sticks a needle in his neck. As he sinks to the ground, Tae-ho’s time runs out.

Final week I mentioned Sung-hoon wasn’t off my suspect list however, and now he’s undoubtedly on it. But I’m nevertheless holding out hope for a further explanation, if only due to the fact him becoming the Joker killer would crush Sung-joon. Regardless, understanding the truth about Hope Welfare — like not only his personal lost memories, but also his mother’s involvement — is going to be devastating for him. But I’d appreciate for him to prove himself to the hyung he idolizes, get the affection he’s craved for so lengthy, and for them to take down the killer collectively.

On the other hand, a lot of Sung-joon’s insecurities and damaging self-speak come straight from the way Sung-hoon talks to and about him. Like when he parroted Sung-hoon’s term “contaminated proof,” hunting as although he interpreted the contaminant to be himself rather than the (false) accusations against him.

Perhaps in the finish, it’ll be Sung-hoon who’ll will need to prove himself to a disillusioned younger brother, and Sung-joon who’ll study he’s far smarter and far more capable than specific folks in his life would have him think.

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