Kang Hae-rim and Kim Young-kwang find Somebody just like themselves

October eight, 2022October eight, 2022

Kang Hae-rim and Kim Young-kwang discover Somebody just like themselves
by solstices

Whoa, Netflix’s newest original Somebody appears intense in a downright spine-chilling way. The crime-thriller revolves about the developer of a social app, a murder linked to the app, and the mysterious man who appears involved with each.

Kang Hae-rim (Reside On) plays Kim Seom, the app developer. The drama’s teaser opens with her, and it is clear how she lives her life — detached and distant from every person else. She thinks of herself as distinct from other people today, imitating them just to match in.
Seom’s monologue sounds eerily related to that of the bespectacled man swiping via profiles on her app, who sneers that he detests people today who place on airs. This man with an unhinged grin and a murderous streak is Sung Yoon-oh, played by Kim Young-kwang (Hello? It is Me!). By way of the app, he seduces a girl into bed, only to kill her — leaving no fingerprints on her corpse.

Realizing that the murderer utilised her app to discover his victim, Seom starts to take an interest in him, and that is how she and Yoon-oh get entangled. They connect quickly, each on a physical level and an emotional 1. Not only does she know about his homicidal tendencies — she even appears to encourage them.
The teaser ends with Seom musing that she’s lastly located somebody just like her, as she and Yoon-oh exchange happy smiles. They envelop every other in a tight hug, and Seom says that she does not ever want to shed him. Shivers, they each give me the creeps!
Directed and written by PD Jung Ji-woo (Tune in for Really like), alongside scriptwriter Han Ji-wan (The Killer’s Buying List), Somebody drops on November 18.

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