Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 7-8


Seasons of Blossom: Episodes 7-eight

A college occasion brings up far more memories of the previous that are portion blissful, portion painful. Meanwhile, our fake couple are beginning to get to know every other on a deeper level than they’d very first intended.

EPISODES 7-eight

Realizing that she hasn’t taken the time to definitely attempt receiving to know Jin-young, Bo-mi sets about performing just that. Although her initial motivation is to make their fake connection appear far more realistic, the outcome is that she and Jin-young each start out warming up to every other far more than ever, and perhaps even enjoying every other’s enterprise.

Jin-young waits for her on the stroll to college, for instance, and begins a tiny game on scraps of paper throughout class. When he wins stated game, Bo-mi’s competitiveness kicks in, and she spends the complete class period demanding rematch right after rematch.

Meanwhile, the college gears up for a huge sports day. In fitness center class, badminton pairs are assigned by height, which means Bo-mi ends up with Jae-min and Sun-hee with Jin-young. Jae-min requires benefit of the alone time to ask Bo-mi what type of particular person Jin-young is, and Bo-mi very first expresses annoyance at his stubbornness, but then softens and adds that his lack of pretentiousness is reassuring.

The factor about Jin-young is that I really feel we’re told about his supposed flaws far far more than we really see them in action. The other students paint him as rude and insensitive, but he’s definitely just simple and matter-of-truth. He even convinces a couple of bullies to leave him alone by calmly laying out the flaws in their logic to show that it would be a waste of time to mess with him.

Sports day arrives, along with the tradition of sending affection in the kind of flowers. Bo-mi’s buddies tsk that her boyfriend is not acting really concerned about all the flowers she’s received, adding that to their list of criticisms against him. Bo-mi appears to agree (at least to a point), but when she goes to assistance him in the video game competitors, she begins to see him in a new light.

He and his buddies are clearly in their element right here, and greet her enthusiastically for after. Bo-mi listens to the friends’ commentary when Jin-young competes so she can compliment him utilizing their lingo, only for him to deadpan that she needn’t say issues she does not imply. But then his face lights up in a substantial smile — he was just joking. Aw, he’s genuinely content she came.

Bo-mi does not get to watch him win given that she has to leave for her badminton match, but that indicates he gets to proudly show her his trophy afterward. Then, as they say goodbye at the college gate and Bo-mi turns to stroll property with Jae-min, Jin-young musters his resolve and offers her a flower himself, taking the ones other boys have sent her to give to his tiny sister rather. Then he calls her familiarly by very first name for the very first time, breaking into a different smile as he does.

Jae-min, right after watching all of this, also musters his resolve. As soon as Jin-young leaves, he asks Bo-mi the million-dollar query: are she and Jin-young definitely dating?

As for So-mang, the far more time she spends with Jae-min, the far more she continues to see Ha-min in him. Contrary to his quick smile, Jae-min wrestles privately with the grief and resentment So-mang’s presence has stirred up, when simultaneously hanging on her each and every word. When So-mang recalls discovering Ha-min in tears one particular afternoon, Jae-min claims there wasn’t something going on at property at that time, but it is a lie.

Their parents had decided to send Jae-min (nonetheless in elementary college then) to an academy for gifted students. Ha-min had argued against it. Frightened by the resulting screaming match, tiny Jae-min had begged Ha-min to let it go, and in his anger, Ha-min had pushed Jae-min aside, causing him to fall and hit his head.

Now Jae-min has Ha-min’s diary, which particulars how guilty Ha-min had felt about it, and how ashamed he’d come to be of his personal duplicity right after So-mang saw him crying. Even though So-mang had no concept why, he pulled away from her right after that, afraid of becoming also dependent on her for assistance and understanding.

Nevertheless, So-mang under no circumstances gave up on him, and kept providing assistance in her personal way — namely, with an adorable tiny drawing of a bunny holding an umbrella more than a fox and an encouraging note. In the present day, Jae-min finds that image tucked into Ha-min’s diary and offers it to So-mang. Even though So-mang is shocked that Ha-min kept it, Ha-min’s diary entries clarify that her gesture acted as an “umbrella” for him, assisting him preserve going at least a tiny longer.

That was why, throughout their personal sports day, Ha-min lastly reached back out to So-mang. He volunteered her to do face painting (and she got her revenge for the haircut by painting the cutest tiny fox on his cheek), assisting her make a handful of new buddies in the method. Then he admitted he’d kept their friendship secret simply because he knew everybody would like her after they got to know her — and he wanted her all to himself. And as the other students cheered their teams on from the rooftop, he reached more than and held her hand in the middle of the crowd.

The mixture of sports day, speaking with Jae-min, and the method of summer season — the season of Ha-min’s death — fills So-mang with each content memories and regret. In hindsight, all the warning indicators she’d missed are crystal clear, and she blames herself for not recognizing Ha-min’s silent cries for assist.

As she explains to her fellow student teacher, it might be in the previous, but the memories and feelings are as fresh and true as if Ha-min had been nonetheless physically present in the college — and that is not going to modify overnight. If something, as the anniversary of losing him gets closer, these feelings are likely only going to get stronger.

Although the present-day like triangle (quadrangle?) does not have the identical emotional pull as the previous storyline, I’m thankful for the bits of lightheartedness it brings, like sunshine peeking out from heavy, albeit wonderful, rain clouds. Without having it, So-mang’s longing and Seo Ji-hoon’s portrayal of sadness masked with a smile would probably have me in a total emotional mess currently.

That stated, I do not necessarily care which boy Bo-mi eventually ends up with (or if she eventually ends up with either one particular) — as extended as what ever choice she tends to make is created in honesty to herself and to them, and it is what she definitely desires, not just what she thinks everybody else would favor.

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