Kang Haneul and Ha Ji-won fulfill Go Du-shim

October 7, 2022October six, 2022

Kang Haneul and Ha Ji-won fulfill Go Du-shim’s final want in KBS’s Curtain Contact
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The very first teaser has dropped for KBS’s Curtain Contact and I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m currently teary-eyed from the flashbacks of Granny Go Du-shim’s (Our Blues) tragic previous. Her character survived the Korean War, but that was also the final time she saw her (very first) husband and kid, and she nevertheless dreams of seeing them once more just before it is also late.

Enter our story’s vibrant-eyed hero Yoo Jae-hun – played by Kang Haneul (Insider) – a struggling, no-name theater actor who’s just attempting to reside his greatest. But one particular day he’s supplied an “acting” job he under no circumstances anticipated – requiring him to act as Granny’s lengthy lost grandson.
Our heroine is Park Se-yeon – played by Ha Ji-won (Chocolate) – who is Granny’s youngest granddaughter. She is also the basic manager of Granny’s Hotel Paradise, which has given that grown into a big and prosperous small business more than these previous lengthy years.

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The new teaser starts with Granny peering at old pictures and we flashback to when she and her husband (played by Ha Ji-won and Kang Haneul, respectively) had been fleeing to the south for the duration of the Korean War. We then reduce back to the present, exactly where our hero Jae-hun is acting as a North Korean soldier in a play. He is approached afterwards by Granny’s close confidante Sung Dong-il (If You Want Upon Me), who delivers Jae-hun an acting job.
In the appearing text screen, we study, “Grandmother’s final wish…” just before jumping to Se-yeon discussing the hotel small business with her eldest brother Ji Seung-hyun (Why Her). Granny reveals that, “I wanted my hotel to be like a lighthouse,” and we get a curious cutaway to the mysterious Noh Sang-hyun (Pachinko). We then transition to Jae-hun’s very first meeting with the family members.
Se-yeon’s brothers are suspicious of Jae-hun, but second brother Choi Dae-hoon (The Superior Detective two) is immediately won more than following he and Jae-hun go out for drinks collectively. Despite the fact that she wonders afterwards if she created a error, Se-yeon shows a flustered Jae-hun about at the hotel, exactly where they run into chaebol Kwon Sang-woo (Vital X).
Jae-hun reassures Se-yeon with a smile that, “I’m going to go back to my life following Granny leaves us. In the meantime, you can make use of me by providing me lots of operate to do.” He waves at her cutely just before beginning his doorman duties and the teaser comes to a close as the two share a content telephone get in touch with.
Directed by PD Yoon Sang-ho (Jinxed at Initially, River Exactly where the Moon Rises) with scripts by screenwriter Jo Sung-keol (The Target), KBS’s Curtain Contact premieres October 31 in the Monday-Tuesday slot.

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