Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions)


Glitch: Episode 1 (Very first Impressions)

“Unsettling” is the word I’d use to describe Glitch — and I imply it as a compliment. With its offbeat humor and its glorious commitment to weirdness, this initial episode was absolutely entertaining. Our heroine, stuck in a dead-finish connection and an uneasy dynamic with her parents, fights to hide what she thinks are hallucinations. Even so, when she begins seeing aliens all about her, she knows she can not go on ignoring her fears — specifically when her visions turn out to be the crucial to a significantly darker mystery.

Editor’s note: Coverage will continue with a second complete assessment, so please refrain from discussing any plot points beyond Episode 1 in this post.


Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

Our heroine, HONG JI-HYO (Jeon Yeo-bin), blends classic mid-twenties malaise with some uncommon neuroses all her personal. On the face of it, she’s your typical Joe: a quiet, bespectacled workplace worker with a modest profession (courtesy of her father), and a boyfriend of 4 years. Her finest buddy, OH SE-HEE (Choi Soo-im), is deeply enamored by the believed of Ji-hyo and her image-fantastic life. She’s prone to acquiring tipsy and touchy-feely, while waxing rhapsodic more than Ji-hyo’s beauty, coolness and all round good results — and bemoaning her personal single status.

In spite of getting effectively filled each verify box for the standard life her pals covet (profession: verify boyfriend and future husband: verify no-nonsense method to providing out tech help: verify), Ji-hyo can not appear to muster significantly enthusiasm. At least, not with no taking standard breaks from the perfectness of it all in order to devote time vaping sadly in the corner. She tends to make it by means of the day with the disassociative resolve of a shell-shocked soldier approaching a battlefield. She stays in handle. She does not drink. Each and every morning, she starts with an uncommon mantra: Hong Ji-hyo is rational. Hong Ji-hyo is sensible. Hong Ji-hyo does not think in something that has no scientific substance.

Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions) Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

On balance, this is most likely to do with the aliens she sees on a standard basis. As a kid, she witnessed some thing inexplicable: the vibrant light of a spacecraft emerging from the evening sky. Ever because, she’s been haunted by inexplicable visions — and it is acquiring worse. In the grocery shop, she’s stopped brief by the look of a gloriously cliché CGI alien: all squat, gray physique, substantial black eyes, and incongruous green helmet. Gritting her teeth, she ignores it.

What’s tougher to ignore is the unsettling behavior of her laptop. Back at the workplace, as she functions into the evening, the screen flickers oddly, tuning in to a baseball game with the Hyundai Unicorns. Then, it fizzles of its personal accord onto a cloyingly cheerful children’s show. Then, a public speech about how we need to all face the truth. A nature plan. The wide-eyed stare of an alien. As she slams the laptop shut, each laptop or computer in the area flares into life, blaring brightly-colored nonsense as she staggers in disorientation. It is deliciously trippy — the fantastic mood for light psychological horror.

Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

Ji-hyo’s extraterrestrial woes are juxtaposed by her connection with the most boring man alive, LEE SHI-KOOK (Lee Dong-hwi). In a belated manner that is neatly representative of his status as an afterthought in her life, he is introduced halfway by means of the episode, in a sex scene that… definitely has to be noticed to be believed. Ji-hyo lies vacant and completely nevertheless — also apathetic to even register annoyance — as Shi-kook approaches his activity with all the enthusiasm and ardor of a man functioning a toilet plunger. Incredibly memorable. Also, excruciating.

A single wonders no matter if they are each beneath the impression that a typical connection entails flat indifference. Even so, even Shi-kook is taken aback by Ji-hyo’s utterly noncommittal response when he asks her to move in with him. To be fair, he does not ask so significantly as treat it as a fait accompli… but then, to be even fairer, Ji-hyo is preoccupied with functioning out why she would have hallucinated an whole pro baseball group. In the end, even though, she knows what her answer need to be. She’s decided her father and stepmother prioritize normalcy more than her happiness. Marriage and young children are just element and parcel of these expectations. As they meet the couple more than dinner, her household alludes to her strange behavior as a kid — behavior they are glad she has seemingly place behind her.

Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions) Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

Ji-hyo abruptly nopes out of dinner in order to brood. She’s interrupted by a horrific sight. There on the street, invisible to all bystanders, is a gigantic version of the alien she saw prior to: tall as a skyscraper, and groping towards her. She runs. As she evades the massive arm, she finds herself not in the city, but in a crop field, approaching a van. Inside, female voices overlap and giggle. It is a memory from childhood. As she approaches the door, she is blown back — appearing atop a tall developing, feet poised on the incredibly edge of the roof.

According to KIM BYUNG-JO (Ryu Kyung-soo), a cheerful police officer who aids track her by CCTV, she by no means left the city. Rather, she ran towards the developing and paused, as if in deep believed. When he threatens her with prosecution, she dissolves into tears — rubbing her cheeks, as if shocked at her personal emotional capacity. Backpedaling, Byung-jo provides her an ineffectual but heartfelt pep speak, attempting to dissuade her from suicide. Shi-kook, when he catches up, concerns a far significantly less endearing admonishment. Without the need of a fraction of a clue how to deal with every other’s feelings, they snipe at every other sadly.

Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions) Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

It is all also significantly for our heroine. Why is she seeing aliens once more? And, significantly less pertinent, but no significantly less confusingly — exactly where do the Unicorns match in with all of this? A terse conversation with her stepmother, followed by a reproachful lecture from her father, act as two swift emotional kicks to a person who’s currently down. It is no wonder she ends up collapsed in a bar, knocked flat by a single bottle of soju. Right here, Shi-kook discovers her.

Drunk and resigned, she realizes she has no hope of creating him comprehend. She tries, even though. She asks him if he’d nevertheless want to move in with her if she was crazy. You are not, even though, he replies. Yes, she says, but what if I was. Hypothetically. He pauses. Considers. You are not, even though, he says. Possessing cycled by means of this twice, she suggests they break up. Then, for excellent measure, she says it once more.

Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

Shi-kook wanders the streets alone, pausing to morosely contemplate his digital watch. It tells him he’s reached his suggested quantity of methods for the day. It is mark of how excellent this drama is at capturing mundane moments of tragicomedy that this is an act of considerable pathos.

As he mopes, he notices a vibrant light coming from the sky. It intensifies. Standing, he moves for a clearer view, only for the light to overwhelm him. Wind whips by means of his hair as he brings out his telephone camera — only for the screen to blank at the glare. The telephone drops. Shi-kook disappears.

Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

The initial episode’s final blow is a short, post-credit segment flickering into action: the voice of our co-star, Nana. She’s telling us to like and subscribe to her alien-spotting Youtube channel… Moonhole Television.

That is it for Episode 1! I’m officially intrigued. Jeon Yeo-bin’s understated but precise acting is a delight to watch. In spite of — or since of — her contained air of repression, Ji-hyo is a compelling character. Fearing her family’s judgement, she’s been hiding a vast quantity of suffering and anxiousness. It is no wonder she appears on each day life as a higher-stakes efficiency: one particular in which she need to score complete marks, or face humiliation.

Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions) Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

This initial episode was one particular of gradual make, but it by no means felt boring. It does not really feel generically Netflixy in its narrative beats to me, it feels like genuine experimentation. I’m currently fond of its subtle, slightly twisted sense of humor. The awkward, nineties-inspired alien style the deadpan take on Ji-hyo’s stultifying connection with Shi-kook the slightly offbeat dialogue… it all tends to make for an entertaining commence. Here’s hoping it gains a small momentum as it goes, even though — I’m additional than prepared for items to speed up.

I’m also quite excited by this show’s vague queer undertones. Se-hee’s friendship with Ji-hyo is fascinating according to the latter, the former acts like an “ex-girlfriend” about her. Ji-hyo, no matter if she is straight or not, represents a square peg in the round hole of compulsory heterosexuality. She clearly chafes against the want to conform as a future wife and mother. Netflix, meanwhile, categorizes this show mystifyingly as “Offbeat,” “Sci-Fi,” and “Gal Pals” — the final of which carries a wealth of implications! I can not wait to see Ji-hyo and Nana’s character interact. At minimum, I suspect this is going to be a show about complicated relationships involving women… probably the female equivalent of bromance?

Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

If there’s one particular point I appreciate, it is a drama that tends to make its characters really feel believably weird, in methods that highlight their humanity. Ji-hyo is this to a T. Shi-kook is so boring as to really feel very sympathetic — in a way, his incredibly dullness loops straight back about into creating him fascinating. What small we saw of Byung-jo confirmed that he is also quite strange. That awkward monologue in which he attempted to console Ji-hyo — and her puzzled indifference — had me giggling. The only characters who really feel a small flat are Ji-hyo’s parents, each of whom really feel additional like stock characters than human beings. If this is deliberate, it wants to be additional exaggerated if not, they could use some improvement. Nonetheless, with nine complete episodes to go, I can not judge the initial one particular also harshly.

All round, I’m delighted to get the possibility to binge-watch this drama more than the subsequent couple of days! Irrespective of whether or not the series lives up to its initial prospective, I’m betting it’ll be a entertaining ride.

Glitch: Episode 1 (First Impressions)
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